The Garden -water

The Garden – Water

You’ve chosen your beautiful view!
For centuries of building and developing the land, the garden has been incorporated into the landscape as a pleasure. Yours to create, to relax in, to enjoy. The garden is so important to us that it brings with it many professionals. The nurseries, the landscape architect, the designer, the gardener and building trades who help you to create that perfect place.
Gardens with their flowers, their trees, the pathways, rock formations, the type of fencing, the garden gate, the fountains, statues, the water! The fabulous garden, with all of the creatures that it entices into your life. The butterflies, the hummingbirds and the other kinds of birds and animals. The garden is a home to many.
The importance of the garden cannot be underestimated. There are ancient world heritage gardens one of which can be visited at (look at his specially created view!)
There are also many botanical gardens in Canada, which tourist flock to see. A look at one of our most famous is Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC at Go to the virtual tour and click on the photo for an interactive map of the garden.
Don’t forget the water! A waterfall, a fountain or the garden pond add to the pleasure of the garden.
Listen to the soothing sound of the water. The playful melody of the rushing sound that delights, refreshes, soothes your nerves and cools the air. Water is an important feature that can be incorporated in many ways. From a simple fountain that doesn’t take up much room, to a cascading waterfall that takes your breath away. Water in the garden is a curiosity, a enticement. It’s enchanting! People gravitate to the cool pools for another sense of wonder.
Are there fish? What are the plants? The water feature has a powerful effect on your senses. People wander off the paths to gaze into the water. They sit on the benches to watch the display of the fountain.
Is water a part of your garden? It can be. One site to visit for water feature equipment is
The garden pond can be an important focus for aquatic life. Since it can be small, it can be added to a small space. Garden ponds can be built in tubs with plants added. This adds another dimension to your garden.
Ponds are a life giving element. In nature, these sometimes small areas play host to a wide variety of plant, bird, animal, insect and amphibian life. Some species spend their entire life cycle in the confines of the small space that is the pond.
Frogs, in particular, love the pond. So do ducks, herons, turtles and other birds. To conserve the pond, as an environmentalist, is to conserve a complete ecosystem. All of that life, in that small space. Ponds thrive with life! That life is necessary to the planet and necessary to us as humans. Those areas are our water supply. The vegatation helps the Earth to breathe. The wildlife needs it’s sanctuary just as much as we do.
How do you incorporate that beautiful view into your own world? Build your fabulous garden! Protect and preserve your own fabulous space.
Your call to action: Share this post and consider a wild life protection agency. The ponds need your help. Wetlands and marshlands are diminishing world wide. You can help.
Please visit for wetland conservation efforts.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 16, 2013


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