Good morning Brave hearts.
Welcome to this wonderful day.
The fragrant flowers are turning their nodding, colourful heads into seeds to scatter for next years seedlings. A well planned decision, well timed and well orchestrated. The fall, the harvesting of crops and the harvesting of seeds for next spring. A time to collect the berries, bring in the crops and to celebrate the abundance of the earth.
The obvious is the joy of cooking. New recipes, fresh produce, the taste of newly harvested fruits and vegetables. Your own garden an oasis of earthly delight, filled with the joy of your own labour and love of food. Your garden, be it a patch in your yard, a window box, or a collection of plants on your balcony is ripe and ready .
The seeds that you’re able to harvest from your garden produce will contribute to your plantings next spring. Some will give up hundreds of seeds for you and for sharing. The seeds that you collect this fall will save you the time and expense of purchasing seeds next spring.
Your beautiful fragrant flowers, for perfumes and aromatherapy, will give you hundreds of seeds as well.
Your garden is a treasure.
Properly planted and maintained your garden sustains you with food, scent, decoration, privacy, relaxation and well being. Your garden is your own creation of sustainability and your own access to organic produce. It is your healthy choice to add organic vegetables, herbs, spices and fruit to your daily diet.
The scent of your beautiful flowers takes you into a profession of earthly delight. Perfumes, aromatherapy, massage. Awaken your senses to the fragrance of the planet. The smell of the ocean and the rain, the cut grass, the meadow, the fragrant breezes. For you, almighty human, have it all.

The delightful planet provides an array of product in its various scents. Soaps and herbology, the tastes, the smell, the medicine. Your casual plantings are more than food to you. They are also your fragrance, your home remedies and part of your prosperity.
Your conversations turn to earthly delights. Your garden has become a more prominent focus. More than just a pastime or a passing glance, the garden adds more to your life than just an open space. It adds to your nutrients, your cleanliness, your personal fragrance, your well being and your happiness.
Your garden is your meditative retreat, your constant calm, your uninterrupted quiet. The busy insects, pollinating the flowers, taking the last of the sweet nectar for their own food source. The bees and butterflies, so intent and focused. The cross pollinization, from one flower to another will produce fruit from this plant. The essential insect, necessary in this chain of life.
Your garden, a sanctuary for you and for the earth as well.
In the fabric of life that the earth weaves, the garden plays an important role for the lower life forms. Insects abound and with them, comes the birds. A healthy environment in your own yard, producing food for you, the insects, the birds and perhaps some wildlife.
Praises to you almighty man, you have it all.
Written by Dr. Louise Hayes
September 15,2013


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