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Happy new year to all of you.
As the issues present themselves, knowledge is key. The understanding of past reasoning and past achievement which protects us is vital to the common sense that surrounds our lives. All of us benefit from a sound minded, qualified source which examines the evidence and presents high quality product to the consumer. An educated public is a consumer consious public who demand the safety in all products for all of us.
Our healthy food products can’t be tampered with. The processes that are required to keep food producst contaminant free and consequently prevent the outbreak of disease cannot be undermined. Milk as a whole food source is regulated to protect the public.
Pasteurization kills bacteria in milk that would cause disease.
Homogenization processes the milk to make it the same consistency. As a food source, milk is a highly nutritious food product. Pasteurization has prevented dangerous bacteria from causing disease in beverages for 150 years. 150 years of a safe food product that is wholesome and healthy and highly nutritious and that is safe to consume.
Tampering with the product could result in a product that is no longer safe, healthy and a benefit to consume.
Homogenization processes the beverage to ensure uniformity in taste, texture and food content. It does not interfere with the nutritional value of the food and does not change the product, it only makes the product consistent from one drink to another. A homogenized product will always taste the same. Homogenization is used in the processing of milk, but also drinks such as colas and alcohols.


The process that milk goes through to present a safe and healthy food source to the public is a process to protect the public and does not interfere with the wholesome beneficial food source.

written by Louise Hayes
January 5, 2014


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