modified foods

Good morning, great ones.

The superiority of the human is not in question. A brilliant mind, a superior, versatile body, genius and ingenuity, immensely skilled, powerful and full of grace. The genius, with their intuition and curiosity, negotiation and cleverness. Be the skills of the mind, the body or the soul, the genius unwraps the tangle of secrecy and the marvel of invention, comes to light. Brilliant mankind, full of conquest, conquer the earth, the seas, the stars, the universe and the human body as well. Invention is so clever, it has saved us constantly.
Invent, refine, advance. The world spins on more and more invention, technology and advancement. Advancement for the human race, is progress. How the world changes to support more and more invention for the ever changing world of human advancement.
A new technology, a new construction, a new design in living. Constant change, constant invention. Changing gardens, improving food production, increasing yield and providing international trade. Food is changing. The earth is being challenged. Organic, nutritious food, fresh from the earth.
Pesticides have increased food production, by eliminating harmful insects. Genetically modified food product has been with us for a long time. Food, for longer shelf life, longer travel with less damage or rot, preservatives that keep it safe for human consumption, long after it would have naturally deteriorated.
With international markets providing more and more food for us, the demand for longer shelf life has risen. Food product picked too young, before the healthy, nutritious bonus of fully ripening occurs. Long travel to distant markets with much waste. The demand is for an invention to cure the wilting vegetable, to pluck it from it’s fading, withering life and restore it to wholesome food, accepted in the marketplace. GMO’s
The inventor is so clever. Harness mother nature and produce a crop of genetically perfect food that can withstand the long journey to a distant store shelf. The need is high and the climate opposes us. Short growing seasons, unfertile soil, less land for crop production. Urban sprawl captures the farmers fields and shopping malls fill our world. A changing world of high profile markets, demanding high consumer consumption. The agricultural land fades into the past and an era known as bygone, resides in some memory.
Clever human, the organic garden is still an opportunity to access the goodness of the earth. Container gardens, garden plots, a vegetable garden in your yard. Clever human, to tackle the obstacle of food scarcity and to provide an organic harvest for yourselves. The need is there, spring is here.
Hail to your adventure in wholesome eating.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
May 4, 2014


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