Good Day. Brave hearts
This day is a day of adventure. Follow your pursuits. A grand day of living, of joy, of praises to you, almighty human for your gifts and treasures, for the great gift of spirit and mind. Praises to you for dedication, for curiosity, for belief and daring. To never stop, to accept the challenge and to use the mind for the purpose that it was intended. To use that intellect for the greater good of mankind and of the great planet. What benefits that one persistent intellect will benefit us all.
Praises, brave hearts, to the heroes among us. We live longer, we live better, we are healthier and more prosperous. Praises to you for that great gift, the gift of a great mind.
In Canada, the food industry protects the consumer from the ravages of disease caused by unhealthy food sources. Unsuspecting victims of contaminants in food products, strains of bacteria that cause disease. The work of thinkers and doers, of persistent curiosity and well educated intellect. The work of determination, of perseverance, of never accepting defeat. The work of years of dedication to task. The thought process of I will, I can, I must. This is the thinking that brings about revolutionary ideas, discovery and cure. Brilliant mankind, who lives forever, for genius never dies.
From the lowly life of a pauper rises the aptitude of a shining star. A brilliant mind from an obscure family. A mind of inspiration, of imagination, of toil, of diligence, of perspective. An unusual twist of an average student to rise to the fame of a doctorate in science. A brilliant doctorate of science and microbiology.
Hail, Louis Pasteur for the gift of your aptitude that brings cure to us all.

The work is the constant diligence that resolved the problem of bacterial contaminants in milk. Bacterial contaminants that cause disease and spoil the product.
Hail, Louis Pasteur for the invention of pasteurization. Nearly two hundred years ago when a brilliant mind focused on the need for a cure to a deadly disease that spread throughout Europe. Milk is a widely consumed whole food that was the cause of this disease. Pasteur invented a method of bringing milk to a high degree then cooling it quickly to kill off the contaminating bacteria. This was also done with alcohol, since it had also become contaminated.
An astute observation brought about an immediate cure. A simple process, easily done, but not so easily conceived.
Pasteurization is still used today, to eliminate deadly bacteria in foods such as milk and other beverages. Pasteurization is required in Canada to prevent the milk from spoiling and becoming a deadly food.
Milk is labelled according to the fat content of the product, such as Whole, Skim, or Partly skimmed 1% or 2% milk, never as raw milk. It is also labelled as pasteurized and homogenized.

Pasteur also invented a cure for rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera and a disease that was killing silk worms and ruining the silk industry. He also invented vaccines.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
December 20, 2013