Good morning, brave hearts
What was all the fuss about? To practice a religion in a land of religious tolerance. To assume that there would be no objection to faith in the Lord, a Protestant Lord, a divinity known, just an interpretation.
The great minds of great philosophers call to the people. Listen to the word, listen to the teachings, pass it on, spread the scripture. So the dutiful head the call to worship and the obedient participate.
But who was this lofty disciple of such articulate words? A great mind, a noble character, a disciple of gospel and interpreter of scripture. Such a mind that stimulates others, such a mind that compels belief. Such a philosopher, an undisputed intellectual, a masterpiece of thinking and diagnosing. An interpretation of scripture to capture the imagination of the moral man. Great human, listen to these words. The words of John Calvin as it ignites the mind, the imagination and the intelligence of 16th century man.
A human of great force, for without a weapon except his words, he influenced the character of man and spread his worship throughout Europe. The lofty minded intellectual was at the heart and soul of the religious turmoil that the Pilgrims encountered.

So lofty bravehearts with great imagination. The world was such a small place. Only a boatride of a few short weeks to a world unknown and to perils unfortunate. The lives of a very small group of people who chose the destiny of the Almighty over the plight of constant comment.
To the Americas. To freedom! To grand ideas. To wholesome dignity and prosperity. To rule and not be ruled.
The Presbyterian founders of a colony of saved souls. Peace and agreement. Amen.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 27,2013

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