To your good health

Good morning Brave hearts!
Wake up to the aroma of a highly nutritious breakfast brew. Energy packed, vitamin filled, the morning dose of body and mind rejuvenating food that boosts your body and starts your day off running.
The national past times are coffee and tea. But what about you brave hearts? Do you feel the power of an uplifted mind in your morning consumption? Is your blended cocktail of fruits and juices starting your day off right. Does your body say to you, feed me well so that I can perform well. Listen to your body, it speaks to you in so many ways. Your body will ask for proper nutrition, water, exercise and meditation. It will ask for relaxation and exertion.
Your beautiful body, so graceful and perfect, the vessel for your mind and soul. So well-tuned, so flexible, so strong and well-muscled. A high performance body, diligently exercised by the command of a controlling mind.
Eat properly, speaks the wise and your body will be healthy. Exercise regularly, speaks the diva and your body will perform well and you will live longer. Care for your spirit, says the saint and your mind will be at peace.
To start your day off with the typical boost of caffeine is short term gain. A healthy start to the day, will take you through the day at a happier, more enlivened pace. A boost to your mind and a boost to your spirit. The wholesome nutrition of vitamin packed foods to launch you off on your awesome day. A day of work, of worthwhile endevour. A day of skills and sharp aptitudes. A day of socializing and play. The energy to take you throughout the day, combating fatigue and stress, is connected to your good health and your diet.
Awesome human, the demands of your body are not that high, just proper diet, proper exercise, congenial social circles.
What your body can do for you, if you care for it properly, is your life fulfilled in so many ways. More agility, more stamina, more strength, more daring, more adventure. A properly nourished body helps to focus the mind, think more clearly, sharpen skills.
It could start with something simple, like your morning breakfast brew.

#1 Morning Drink Boosts Energy…(AND Kills Belly Flab)

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 15, 2014


Good morning, you brilliant ones.
The stars shine upon you and the sun casts it’s warmth to you and you are saved.
Hail, brave hearts, rise to the glory of this day, for this is a day for you, for your being, for adventure and play. Cast out the curse of the devil and the downtrodden, the debilitating foe of criticism and malice. The tormentor, whose evil plays on your self- esteem and discourages your ambition. Don’t take chances, whispers the devil, stay home, it says, don’t go out to play.
Sometimes, for your safety, those words are correct, but too often the fears of the devil make us weak. Too often that voice penetrates the mind and reduces enthusiasm or motivation. Too often the devil speaks with cunning, undermining criticism. Beware the devil, oh brilliant ones, he speaks to everyone and he speaks with abuse. To truly achieve, the devil must be silenced and the strong will of a determined mind, obeyed.
The devil will tell you to sleep in, that your body isn’t strong, that your mind is poor, that your destiny is shallow and eventually, that you are a slave.
Courage, oh brilliant ones. Stay on your course, no success was ever achieved by listening to the belittling remarks of the devil.
Sleep, oh dreamy heads, calls the devil. Eat and gorge yourselves, plunder and kill. For what is might but to be mighty. What is strength, but to be strong. To wield a weapon and to be feared.
The inner devil is a debilitating master. A foe of persistent and domineering presence who commands laziness, asks for cake, don’t run, only drive. Don’t recycle, says the devil, cast it on the ground. Let the earth clean itself, to the growing number of human inhabitants.
The devil tempts with short term gain, a treat for the taste buds, but a mind boggling danger to the body. Too much sugar, too much alcohol, too many vices. The body aches and grows old in weary intolerance of the growing number of contaminates the body consumes. Poor food quality, poor water quality, poor air quality. Plunder and abuse, the earth, the water, the animals and the humans. Fell the forest, burn it to the ground. Our common sense is confused by the contradictions of experts. Loss of property, loss of habitat, pollution, over development. Kill, says the devil, and down it comes. Murder, says the devil and plunder calls us. Death says the devil and society rocks in turmoil and crime.
Flea,says the devil, arm yourselves, the enemy is everywhere. Hysteria and hardship follow the devil and he speaks a language of destruction and despair. War to the planet, victims everywhere. No mercy, no life.
The brave will come forward and cast out the devil. Be strong, oh brave hearts, it persists everywhere. Take charge of your mind and overrule the persistent devil that entraps you into complacency and weakness. The devil, who wastes your days and fills your time with idleness. The devil, who ignores your health, who causes inferiority, who develops life reducing habits.
Silence the devil, oh brave hearts and build your strong and healthy lives.
To your success.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 9, 2014

To Be or Not To Be

Hail, brilliant mankind

Your worldly destiny awaits you. Your brilliant mind shows you your finest aptitude, it looms in your conscience, it directs your intellect. Your motivation comes from that fine image. The mind, conjuring a course of destiny for you. It’s ingrained in your being, it’s part of your living, it becons to you and persists. Listen to the call of your brilliant mind, oh wise ones. That fine image that’s conjured in your mind, is the aptitude of your finest being. This is where your life is, this is your goal, set out for you. Pursue this to fulfill the destiny of your genetics. Pursue this so that your mind tells you, this is being.
To live is to set your life in motion. Not the stagnant, I am , but the motion, I am being. I am being, who I am. Not who I will become, but who I am being.
Is it enough for your aptitude? When you say to yourself, I am being, does your mind respond favorably, or does your mind cringe. Do you have that positive support for your being, or do you need to revampt your skills, your social circles, your connections, your workplace, your goals. Do you need a change in lifestyles, a change in location, a change in connections? How to fulfill that pressing destiny, the inspired aptitude that haunts you. It creeps into your conscious and waves it’s hand. Brilliant mankind, follow me, to the path of your destiny. Cast out the evil that persists to topple you, the critics and the abusers. Their names are irrelevant. No more the harsh criticism that prevents your achievement, the harsh accusers that block your way. No more the bullies with no aptitudes. You choose the support, not the critics. The kind, not the callous. The ones that will help you to fulfill the persistent calling of your fine mind.
Cast out the evil in your life. Cast out the devil that intrudes and diminishes you. Your precious life is for being. Is your being enough? Does your mind respond with favour? Have you chosen properly?
Brilliant mankind, whose destiny calls to you from the finest source of your highest aptitude, follow the course set out by your fine mind. The achievement of your life awaits.
For the success of your living, to be is a verb, the constant action taking place. The like-mindedness is only professional, not for casual aquaintences, or casual relations. Your life is for you to live, not for the intrusions of the curious. Do you have time in your life for failure and despair. There will be some, but not of the kind of permanent failure. Save yourselves, oh brave hearts.
Regardless of everything, only bring the positive, kind and compassionate people into your lives. No deceit, no knives in your back, no maliciousness. Only the intelligent, life supporting people that help you find your way. That is the strength of your being, that is your mutual sharing, that is your life support system. These are your friends.
To your success, oh brilliant ones.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 6, 2014

A Day for World Wildlife

Hail brave hearts
Peace amongst you on this day of celebration. A day for the earth to sing its songs of gladness and to fill our hearts with joy.
This is a day for us to take action against the plunder of the environment, against the devastation of habitat loss and against the vanishing land and the precious wild lives that it contains. The earth sings its songs of gladness for all of the lives it creates, for all of the creatures that inhabit this globe and live in the balance of the natural world. A predator, a prey, a tree or a flower, all are victims of habitat loss and environmental destruction. They are victims of pollution, of over development, of starvation and poaching. The wide variety of life forms becomes more and more limited as sensitive species perish from over harvesting, starvation, habitat loss and over development. They call out their names as they vanish into the archives. Lists of animals and plant life, gone forever into the unknown world of perished species.

Endangered wild life, rare species, animals struggling to survive in a world already so overpopulated with people that the sparse land can house no more.
Dead land, desert, rock, dead lakes, pollution, plastics, fuel, contaminants. Too much for the wild life of the world to bear. No where to find clean water to drink, no where to find fresh grass to eat. Insecticides, pesticides, poison. Contaminated food, contaminated soil, contaminated water. Forest fires, shale, rock and clearing. No where to find shelter, no where to birth this offspring. No where to live.
The sound of the earth mover rumbles in the distance. Run from the machinery of habitat destruction, fire and smoke, it sears our eyes and burns our lungs. The forest is gone, the thickets are cleared, our bellies are swollen from pregnancy, but where to go to birth this calf. What to eat, as the grasses die, where to lie down as there is no shade.
The tiny ones can run no more. Their new legs so awkward, struggle to move. Their tiny hearts and panting breath, they cannot take another step. Their weary bodies, from too much exertion, lie down and rest to sleep some more. Where to find that needed shelter, shrubs and thickets to curl up in. Hours old, the tiny ones can only rest. Run? They can’t run. Hide? Where can they hide. The warm thickets that protect their small bodies die of harvesting and disease and the babies have no where to go.
Tiny offspring, who struggle to survive, your lives are hard enough. The natural balance of predator and prey, fills your lives with fear and hardship. But now, where to birth that new offspring, where to protect that tiny life?
The starving mother lies in stillness as her body consumes that tiny embreo. No food for this offspring, it won’t be born.
One day to celebrate the salvation of the planet. A day for world wildlife and environmental protection. Hear us almighty human, as we raise our voices, for the call of the wild.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 3, 2014

A Hand of Friendship

A Hand of Friendship

Good morning to you Brave hearts.

Hail the moral almighty human, whose words and deeds resound in peace. Oh moral human from ages past, with intellect of humanity, sharing and courage. Rise to the daunting challenge of the new world as it encroaches upon you. Brave hands extended in friendship, in peace, in mutual prosperity. Brave strangers, who dared peace not war, who dared conversation and negotiation. A peaceful assimilation, a marriage, an entrepreneur.
The voices of our ancestors call to us. We saved you, oh brave hearts, we became the almighty human. Legends are made of our feats of daring, of our collaboration and of our courage. Our prosperity and privilege from honest words and honest deeds and honest labour. The exchange of nationalities, the intertwining of spirits, the flesh of the mortal man, cast in iron and honed to steel.
The land has no mercy, conquer the land, the peoples are saved.
The brave accepted a challenge of rigorous duty. The call to nationhood in a land so vast and uncompromising. The stalwart rising each day to fulfill a quest of enterprise and trade. Mutual sharing, mutual trust, a negotiation so appealing to win the sides of the earthly human, to win the war without a battle, to win the fight for nationhood, to win the rights for freedom, to win the adventure of your lives.
The lives saved by skilled exchange, the communication for mutual prosperity, acceptance, dignity and trust. The contracts signed, mutually held. A bargain of trade, the prospect of riches, a business of grand proportions and a nation won and saved.
The hand of friendship extended in trust.
Worthy brave hearts whose daily toil was the hardship of the land. To rise each day to the battle of the elements, the hardship of the weather and the uncompromising, tedious toil and endless, difficult land. The dawn of nationhood carved from the elements of cold and snow, all for the beauty of the fabulous beast.
Adorn yourselves, you earthly spirits. Capture the heart of the European world. The new found gold is a treasure for us. A ready commodity of wealth and prosperity.
The land calls us, beckons and entices and the peoples are friendly. They extend a hand in friendship, no arrows cast or mean disputes. No terror and no war.
Come to the new world, calls the land, come to the adventure, you daring human. Rise to the challenge of the harsh endeavour, rise to the glory of this one day. For this is the day when time stands still, awaiting in anticipation, the outcome of change. The awesome human in conquest and daring, rose to the challenge of this day. For might was right among the negotiators and the powerful decreed the peace of the land.
Peace. Our fashion dictates the merchants greed and our people spy the valued need. Fur and trade, mutual sharing, compassion and kindness.
The land itself will take it’s toil in injury and lives lost. The inclement weather, the frostbite and the cold. Hearty human, gather around, our story of nationhood will unfold.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 1, 2014