The Anti-Poverty Campaigne

The Anti-Poverty Campaigne

Social Reform – the anti-poverty campaigne
Dr Louise Hayes
May 12, 2013
Save Your Wealth!
The wealth building module is an initiative to increase the prosperity of the family. Keep the family intact. Keep your family size small. Know yourselves. The gossip doesn’t belong to you. Don’t let them drive you to distraction. Beware of the guilt of the sources, even if they are members of your own family.
Part of wealth building is the security of the property and the people who live on the premises. It is better for the entire family if the elderly members of the family reside with their children. Parents and grandparents together raising children, provide more support and protection for each other and the property, than if they become divided and live separately.
The support of the grandparents income also provides economic wealth, especially during times of hardship. The grandparent earns a pension which they can use to help to support the family income. Their own money belongs to them, but it is by far better for everyone, society included, for grandparents to live with their children and grandchildren.
Grandparents provide after school care for school age children and can provide childcare for younger children. This gives the family time to work and play together. Rather than pay for daycare, the grandparents can run small errands or watch the children while the parents run errands and buy groceries.
Grandparents at home, help to prevent theft and other property crimes. When children have someone to go home to, there’s less bullying and abuse of the children. This reduces the need for after school care, not just for young children, but for adolescents as well. The child and adolescent has someone at home who is watching out for them. They have a place to go while their parents are working. They can go home. There’s someone to help them and supervise with their homework, someone who can teach them how to cook, someone who can supervise them with their friends.
The involvement of the grandparent absolves society of the resposibility of providing after school care to children and adolescents.
We are constantly building, constantly destroying the land. More and more people are building residences for fewer and fewer people to live in. Family homes with only two people living in them is wasteful and society is pressured to provide larger and larger homes for fewer people to live in. The strain on our natural resources is high and prices are rising accordingly. More and more people are seeking additional avenues of wealth generation and income to support themselves while the easiest means of support is to invite the family to live together.
Parents are becoming workaholics, just to survive and purchase unnecessary square footage for prestige. Workaholism is a detriment to the family. Parents are forced to find childcare and forced to accept the involvement of third parties. The involvement of the grandparent allows for some leisure time, with time for activities other than work and for some people, leisure time is a luxury.
A lot of families are mortgaged to the banks. Where does the inheritace go? Does it go to the banks in unpaid mortgage or to seniors residences for the care of the elderly? Duplexes, fourplexes, attached dwellings, apartments and estates all allow for the family to integrate with each other. The entire family, brothers, sisters, grandparents and children can all share one dwelling or group of dwellings. If the family is large, they can purchase an apartment and renovate it to meet their requirements, or buy an estate and all share the fabulous property The surrounding grounds have enough land for the garden part, or all of the Sustainability Plan.
Smaller families can share duplexes, fourplexes or attached dwellings. They can renovate larger homes according to the needs of the family.
They can use the Sustainability Plan to help feed their families and offset some budget concerns.

The Cultural Exchange – Page 3

From this special tie will rise the spirit of centuries old man. Brilliant humankind, those daring people. What was their brilliant past, this present, the awesome future. Their civilizations to build or rebuild and preserve.
Seek likeminded people in your chosen nation to befriend and they will help you live your great adventure. Seek professional contacts as well. You need to try to understand all of their society. The easiest way is to make connections in your own country first, then travel. Set up a support group of people who will help you, give you encouragement, help you with your presentations. You will become an expert. The world needs your wholesome, intelligent communications.
You can choose any culture you like. That is your constitutional right. You are not strictly obliged to your own ancestral roots. You don`t need to be confined to your ancestral cultural heritage, but it will increase your worldly experience if you have more to share and more that you understand.
Now, for your adventure, keep in mind, we are not the conqueror, no warfaring. This is all negotiation.
For instance, if you are a merchant, find a contact in your chosen country to be your international buyer. This provides employment in that nation. Specify, only the best. Your buyer knows where to purchase, what the proper prices are and when these products go on sale. As your employee, he is also your manager. Pay him according to his management level and expertise. He`s doing you a valuable service at a level that you might not be able to attain yourself. He will shop for you and make recommendations of what you should buy. You`ve developed an international allay. Teach him your own culture. Give him a gift of a book from your area and seeds for his garden. You`re mutual prosperity is in both of you`re best interests. If you have multiple displays, from different nations, for instance wool, help the people from these nations, to interconnect. They should know each other. Mutual sharing is for everyone.
Stock your shelves. Visit your friends in your chosen country. Make short videos to air on a screen in your store. A video of the factory where the product was made, or a video of the countryside to show off their national wealth. This introduces your clientele to the people and to the nation. Introduce the people in your video by name. They aren`t strangers, they are your friends. Your store becomes an educational facility as well. Your cultural exchange, not just the merchandise, helps your clientele explore your world. It encourages people to visit, increases world awareness, increases your own connections and helps other people become connected to that nation. Do disaster relief if you feel the need Change your videos from time to time to bring in more clientele.  They can`t possibly learn enough. Become allies in the name of peacekeeping, prosperity, growth and development.
Indulge yourselves in the bounties of your adopted land, the music, the dance, the food, the clothing, the furnishings, the way of life, the architecture, the fabulous good Earth. Show off the people, show off the land. Show off the country from your finest aptitude.
Show photos and slideshows. Educate as many people as you can. Find these people in your own nation to increase ties and international relations. There`s so much to do. Peace amongst us is imperative for the survival of the Earth. Knowing each other well dispels animosities and builds alliances. Focus on what realities are. Explore theories and confront issues.
Confront so that you know what realities are. Don`t be mislead. Bring witnesses. be careful, don`t abuse. Avoid conflict, but don`t walk away from it.
The acceptance and understanding of each others cultures is imperative. Each of you has a mission, to help to resolve world poverty and hunger. To help developing nations advance themselves according to their own brilliant ways. To free the planet of starvation. The Earth can`t sustain more war, it`s too small, too fragile. The Earth has needs. It needs seeds and the people need understanding.
Gifts of seeds, to replenish their gardens. Gifts of seeds for their harvest.
Social reform is a cultural exchange. Give a book about your country and seeds for the Earth.
May 1st is Global Love Day. please visit
Written by Louise Hayes
March 12

The Cultural Exchange – Page 2

The Cultural Exchange – Page 2

What can you learn about this ancient man. From what aspect will you explore, multi-faceted man?
Always, from your aptitude, adopt a nation, investigate their culture, food, music, art, dance, architecture, special and protected places. Their philosophies, civilizations and environments. Are they prosperous? Are they balanced? Population vs environment. Are they starving? Is the Earth able to provide for their needs? Do they need the Sustainability Plan for Food? If they do, help with gifts of seeds for their plantings. Are they able to save the Earth so that it can survive? All of the protected environments save the Earth. The Earth needs it space to breathe.
Strengthening international ties boosts morale, it excites new interests.
Share this culture with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and whoever else you can. Seek likeminded people in your own country to establish a strong network and to increase your exposure and support group. This will increase your international support and fellowship as well.
Don’t become distracted. The world needs your focused, intelligent mind. Don’t get caught up in scandals, scams or dare. Don’t allow prostitutes. No requests against us. Your peacekeeping efforts must reflect your goodwill at home and with the world beyond your doors.
The world is to be explored. Rejoice! Live your lives with great joy! Celebrate often. Share with your fellows. Even the joy of a birthday celebration, should be shared with as many as possible. Don’t overlook the opportunity for joy, fellowship and goodwill.
From your very best aptitude, research, explore and educate. What stories will they share? Learn and exchange. What lies beneath the surface of this modern man? What is this great place? How do we save these great landscapes, so the Earth won’t perish? We save the Earth, so that the Earth will save us. Is there pollution? Is there disease? These are also key areas to address.
Oh, this great human being, who walks so proudly, taming animals, harvesting crops , building empires. Productivity, education. All individually, all united, all of one mind, all of one species, all over the world. So much the same.
Here, you peacekeepers, the differences are zero. Adopt a culture, present your own.
Help them to rebuild in their own nation. Don`t encourage immigration. It is better for the world for each nation to cultivate their own civilization. Keep people in their own country so that there’s no inferiority, A wholesome exchange to increase prosperity without interfering with or becoming judgmental towards their culture. Perhaps they have a sustainable nation, without obvious displays of wealth, but not as much poverty either.
No man in isolation. Everyone has friends, family, connections The inter-connected world is a small, better understood and more harmonious world.
The land they live in belongs to them. The Earth helped these people create the country that they have. They are better off to try to thrive in the country that they live in, than to leave. Don’t encourage immigration.  Don`t criticize, help them to nurture their own world.
The sharing of cultures is a gift. From your aptitude learn from them, but share as well. Your goal is no more poverty, no more starvation, no slaves, save the environment. Don`t be judgmental. The cultural exchange is a nurturing process. It`s care. Care to build hope, care to follow through, care to develop and foster a kindred spirit that will light your life forever.
May 1st is Global Love Day. please visit
written by Louise Hayes
March 12,

The Cultural Exchange – Page 1

The Cultural Exchange – Page 1


Dr Louise Hayes,
March 12, 2013
Praises humankind! Praises to all of your nations! Beauty surrounds you. It is beauty that we crave and beauty itself is a luxury to behold. Praises you great nations. Praises great planet Earth!
Luxury is required to prevent people from poverty. If the impoverished state has never existed, people can’t be returned to it. No more slaves, no more poor. Everyone is from affluence.
For you, the mighty human, have earned your luxury. Be it the beautiful landscape, the well prepared meal, the beauty of the Earth. For the great, good Earth provides all things to people and all things to the creatures of the planet. Poverty is an evil to avoid.
Choose your leaders wisely, or they will choose themselves. Follow the member of your family with the highest leadership and education.  This can be anyone in your families history.  This is the person who’s character and intellect is esteemed.  Follow their path, they know the way.
The intelligent person is not a dropout. Don’t be naive, education is necessary. Pursue your education to the highest attainable level. To prove IQ the educated level needs to match the IQ level claimed. This is to reduce intellectual theft. No vouching, only what can be proven. We do what realities are.
A high school education is one aptitude and a 115 IQ. A diploma is two aptitudes and an IQ of 116 to 119. A degree is three aptitudes and an IQ of 120 to 124. A masters degree and some doctorates is four aptitudes and an IQ of 125 to 129. All other doctorates are five aptitudes and an IQ of 130+. Choose an educational level or IQ level that you won’t drop below.  If your family is currently all at the degree level, you might decide not to drop below a 120 IQ, so that you will always remain at the degree level.  If you choose to try to advance to further education, you might decide to try to find spouses with the same IQ.  This will help your family progress more quickly and you might move from diplomas to degrees in one generation.  Degrees to Master, Masters to Doctorates.  Avoid incest, it will ruin the process, since incest causes intellectual decline and can lead to disabilities.  With incest you can loose all of your hard work to advance yourselves in one generation.
All aptitudes are good aptitudes. Nurture all of them, each is a gift with its own reward. Choose people with your aptitudes to help you along.  A larger circle of like minded comrades can help you to work wonders in your chosen field.  You can choose to elect your own leaders to represent you and help you to lobby for your political rights.

Look into your mind. What do you see? Your journey awaits you there. Is it nature? Natural science? The peoples of the Earth? A building? What is your own journey? This is the adventure of your life! Your aptitude awaits you in your deep, mysterious mind. Look there. All of your life awaits you there!
Now choose your destination. For some, it’s chosen for you, for others, there are choices to be made. Pick a nation, where you’re aptitude applies. You will do a cultural exchange. Befriend them. Be kind. Don’t criticize. All of the world is full of great nations, future, present and past. All of the world’s people have brilliant stories to tell, their current world, their past, their future, their ancient peoples, landscapes and their beautiful country, their aspirations, their joys, their needs. Don’t destroy or belittle. They built their great nations from what the Earth gave them, help the Earth to give it back to them. Some nations are devastated by war and natural disaster.
You are the peacekeepers, enter with gladness. Delve into their histories. The modern man is a presentation of thousands of years of the souls of his ancestors. What a fabulous story to tell! Each one is a worthwhile being. All of the culture and all of the beauty of the world, forever into the past and future it goes.
All of the world’s peoples are created for the landscapes they inhabit. They share their habitat with the creatures and ecosystems of the Earth. Don’t plunder. Plunder is not wealth. Plunder is greed. We live forever, nurture and care.
The Earth chooses the natural inhabitants of each landscape, each nation, each continent. The Earth needs what it creates to survive. The human being, in their moral and humane way, saves the Earth and all of what the Earth provides.
May 1st is Global Love Day. Please visit


Good morning, bravehearts. Another fabulous day, you daring, you courageous, you infathomable being. Good day, you awesome creation.
You, who know no boundaries in your quest for excellence. Stretch your bodies and you have wings. Stretch your minds and you have unlimited curiosity and knowledge.
This is who you are, you fabulous creation. Visit, and pick your favourite extreme sport from the selection of sporting videos.
This is who we are. That immensely talented, athletic, enthusiastic hero, who challenges himself to stretch his limits, his mind, his body, his soul.
Brilliant mankind, this is You!
It’s awesome and isn’t it fun? All of this world, just for you.
So you, you daring expert, how do we save you?
The Earth,created just for us.
Beware fabulous human, you awesome athelete. You brilliant mind, you creative being. The world is your oasis in this void of universe. Beware mankind of the insructions to the Earth. The Earth has gifts of creation and instructions to cover all of its surfaces with life forms. The fabulous good Earth has always complied. It brings nutrition and that is good health, it brings oil and gas for warmth, it brings energy for fuel and forest and wildlife for its own sustenance.
Beware, you almighty, fabulous human! You wonder of creation! The Earth has to survive and the forest, waters,air and wildlife help the Earth to breathe and regenereate itself.
Beware, you fabulous creation! This awesome playground has to be shared with all of the Earths creation for the survival of all of us.
The Earth covers its surfaces with life, for its own survival. The Earth needs its own creation to survive.
Fabulous expert, marvelous mankind, brilliant mind, who will save this great planet Earth?
Only you. Only you. Only you.
Please visit: and read an article on environmental protection.
There are other aspects to your brilliant mind, but the Earth chooses those enchanted places, the oasis of its own creation, the birds, the fishes the much trodden landscape, the wildlife that needs to survive there.
Lucky are we to be the coveted and cared for species, the species of man, with no natural enemies. Mankind, who is the ruler here.
Beware, you awesome creation, you fabulous man. Beware.
All of creation, all of life forces, all of abundance and glory will follow you to the end of time. Immortal time, oh lofty being?
Our population is at 7 billion, who on Earth can save us? No plunder. No war. No destruction.
The Earth needs its wild landscapes and its wild creatures for it’s own survival. Survive we must, you awesome being. The heavens and the earth created just for you.
Care, you awesome conqueror, you extreme adventurer. Don’t stifle this great planet. There’s nowhere else to go.
The Earth filled its oceans with sealife and its skies with flying creatures. The desserts are filled with plant and animal life and so are all of the ecosystems of the world. Life everywhere! The Earth fills this globe with everything that it needs for its own survival. You too, oh almighty one, needs these life forms also. Forests for clean air, watersheds for clean water, uncontaminated lands to prevent disease.
Take charge, you awesome wonder. With you, brilliant mankind. Only with you, can we change the destructive path to planetary starvation. The last stand of the Amazon rainforest could be our own last breath, the depleated boreal forest could suffocate all of us, the destruction of the Congo could just asphixiate us. The forest is needed just to breathe.
Breathe mankind. All of the world needs the forest just to breathe.
Save us, you awesome wonder. Breathe.
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Continue to read below for the nutritional value of some of our food products.

Written by Louise Hayes
April 25, 2013

Health Benefits of Red Currants: •Increased Immune Function
•Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention
•Antioxidant Protection
•Prevention of Epileptic Seizures
•Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)

Health Benefits of Apples: •Increased Immune Function
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention

*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Apples, and may not necessarily be related to Apples.
Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Apples: Vitamin C | Dietary Fiber | Potassium | Read more at



Good day, you awesome human! Good day, brilliant mankind!
The fascinating world of this wonderous creation, the great planet Earth awaits you.
Here, great human, sighs the wonderous planet, I give you another quest. A quest of discovery and delight. A quest of knowledge. A quest of food, of medicine, of adventure.
Here, great human, unfold the mysteries of my world, sighs the great planet. Delve into the mystique. A path to follow with findings so rare. Listen, mankind. Do you hear it? Do you hear my earth song?
visit for the earth song of the pond.
The creatures of the Earth sing to us with all of their might. They sing with joy for life neverending. They sing with gratitude for life itself. To the creatures of the Earth, the praises for the planet are immense. Thank you, great good Earth, they sing out loud.
Thank you for life giving forces that fill our world with fascinating discovery, fabulous music, breathtaking scenery and wonder.
The Earth creates from its own life giving resources. This wide variety of life, encompases the entire planet.
Hear the planet. It sings to us with thousands of songs, billions of voices.
What is your instruction, great planet? is it to fill the universe with song? is it to fill the universe with praises and gratitude for life itself?
Lucky are we to be the chosen ones. The ones who are entrusted with the care of this great planet. Lucky are we, for the discovery, the wonder, the awe. Lucky are we, to be the humans.
Our paths unfold before us with the richness of the earth. Lucky are we for the invitation to travel to the depths of the oceans, the pinacles of mountain tops, the trails of the great forests. The Earth opens paths for us to follow. It encourages our minds, our hearts, our souls. It creates curiousity and imagination.
It speaks to us. Rise almighty human. Look into my world with the eyes of the Almighty. No plunder, no destruction. Only the immense, the beauty, the wonder, the unspoken reality of the gift of life itself.
Hear us mankind. Save us.
The task of the great planet is to create unlimited varieties of life forms. The planet slaves to fulfill its duty. It’s burden is immense. Life forms on all of its surfaces. What lives there? What grows there?
Brilliant mankind, the Earth needs you.
Do you hear them? The songs of the Earths creatures sing to you with great joy, with gladness. They sing for the joy of life itself.
Praises, brilliant mankind. You save us.
Your call to action. Share this blog. There are many wildlife organizations to join. visit, for a look into the lives of some of the experts. Also, for some beautiful wildlife photography, visit ,
And, more medicinal, nutritional facts from our food experts.
Health Benefits of Bell Peppers: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections
•Increased Immune Function
•Reduced Cancer Risk
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Alzheimer’s Protection
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Antioxidant Protection
•Prevention of Epileptic Seizures
•Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)
The capsaicin in peppers is known to help increase blood flow, aid in alcohol metabolism, and is an expectorant that alleviates bronchitis and emphysema.
*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Bell Peppers, and may not necessarily be related to Bell Peppers.
Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Bell Peppers: Vitamin A | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Dietary Fiber | Manganese |

Health Benefits of Broccoli: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections
•Increased Immune Function
•Reduced Cancer Risk
•Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Slowing Aging
•DNA Repair and Protection
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Alzheimer’s Protection
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention
•Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes
•Reduced Frequency of Migraine Headaches
•Alleviation of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
•Antioxidant Protection
•Prevention of Epileptic Seizures
•Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)
High in antioxidants and flavonoids broccoli helps to prevent both cancer and heart disease, high in calcium, broccoli can help strengthen bones.
*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Broccoli, and may not necessarily be related to Broccoli.
Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Broccoli: Vitamin A | Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) | Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) | Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin B9 (Folate, Folic Acid) | Vitamin C | Vitamin K | Calcium | Magnesium | Phosphorus | Manganese | Iron | Potassium |

Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts: •Increased Protection from Bacterial and Viral Infections
•Increased Immune Function
•Reduced Cancer Risk
•Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Slowing Aging
•DNA Repair and Protection
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Alzheimer’s Protection
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention
•Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes
•Reduced Frequency of Migraine Headaches
•Alleviation of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
•Antioxidant Protection
•Prevention of Epileptic Seizures
•Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)
Like other cruciferous vegetables, brussels sprouts are thought to help prevent cancer and heart disease.
*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Brussels Sprouts, and may not necessarily be related to Brussels Sprouts.
Natural vitmains, minerals, and nutrients found in Brussels Sprouts: Vitamin A | Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) | Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin B9 (Folate, Folic Acid) | Vitamin C | Calcium | Magnesium | Phosphorus | Manganese | Iron | Potassium |

Written by: Louise Hayes
April 21, 2013Song

Population Control

Population Control

Hi, you great human. If you read yesterday’s post on water, you’ll understand the population dilema. Where will we live and what will we eat? That awesome mountain is not aerable land and neither is the forest. Don’t bother planting crops there. The growing season is short and frost comes early.

In this great nation, there is very little land suitable for crops and our population is already 34 million +. Is this all that we can support? This huge, immense country, one of the largest in the world, with one of the smallest populations. Are we at our maximum already?

We truck produce from other countries because we don’t have enough agricultural land to sustain us and the food product that we bring in is already low in vitamin content because it was harvested too early. Hense, the daily vitamin suppliment.

Some of our international negotiations are to feed us. Will we survive with that? The population of the world is at 7 billion people. How will they feed themselves? visit

The deforestration of world forests proves that mankind has populated the earth beyond its sustainable ability. The forests are being plundered for agricultural land. But is this a falacy? Our own forests grow in soil that is not suitable for crops and at elevations where the growing season is too short for crops. People frequently develop agricultural land so the land available for food production declines with housing and urban sprawl.

We are a recreational country. Full of the wonders of the natural world. We’re a country full of sports and adventure. It’s a fabulous life for that awesome man, the courageous adventurer who lives for the thrill of it. That indomitable spirit of the human.

How will we save ourselves? Our international relations won’t help us if those nations can’t feed themselves. Our reliance on food product from other lands blinds us to the needs of our own people. We expect our negotiations to take care of us.

What about crop failure? The change in weather patterns last year resulted in the loss of the entire apple crop in Ontario for the 2012 season. Climate change and global warming are interfering with food production. Can we count on the weather?

In this fabulous great north, where we love the land so much. Can we count on it to feed us?

There are ways. There are ways to feed ourselves without killing our forests and without destroying our agricultural land. Irrigation alone depleats the water table and redirects water for crop nourishment. Hunting and fishing interferes with the wild populations and is an unfeasable method of self sustainment for 34 million people. Farming and farmland is diminishing and people are choosing farming less often as a business than they used to. More people are gravitating to the cities and leaving behind the farm. The density of city population is increasing.

With fewer people farming, less food production is occuring in this country. Mega farms of the past have resulted in some forms of animal cruelty that is objected to by many conscientious citizens.

Your call to action: share this post. Also visit for the latest information and to share your views.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 6, 2013




It snowed! That is water! That beautiful layer of snow protects the earth in winter. It covers the ground with a soft, moist layer that sustains the soil. That great glacier is the source of rivers. The cold winter and abundance of snow are life giving sources of clean, pure water.

But what’s in it for you, oh great human? What does it do for you? The rivers flow in the summer. Who needs the iceage?

Rejoice, great human. Play! Snow is a life giving source of water, but those of us, so fortunate as to inhabit northern climates, have a source of recreation as well. Play! The snow provides a winter wonderland of tranquil beauty. The forest becomes a land of perpetual quiet. A new partnership awaits us. A new negotiation unfolds.

Now, we play, on sleds, sleighs, snow shoes, dog sleds, skiis, skates, building snowmen, building snowforts, icesculptures. Oh the joys of the winter, where the Earth gives us a fresh approach. A new perspective of the great landscape. The frozen waters offer another recreational persuit. The fun of it, the beauty of it, the wonder of it.

You, you mighty human, have harnessed your own magnificent powers. That majestic mountain, so wild and unscaleale. You, the immortal man, the daring, the adventurer, the unfathomable. What is your awesome life, great human. Who are you, this indomitable creature, with unlimited ability, courage, skill. The unstoppable, indomitable spirit of man. Go to and view the trailer of extreme downhill mountain skiing.

This is the human who we have become. The mighty man who knows no boundaries, sets no limits, conquers all, the heavens, the earth, the depths of the sea. Whose only rival on the planet is perhaps, the changeable weather.

The landscapes yeild to our unstoppable quest for adventure, for daring, for challenges, for a new awakening of the soul. The spirit sings, Thank you Planet Earth, for giving us this awesome day. Thank you planet Earth, for the human comes from your dust and your waters. We belong to you.

Thank you for the mighty mountains, the turbulent waters, the icecaps, for all of it. This is our joy, our life blood, our healing. The strength of our bodies and the strength of our minds give us perpetual life.

We live forever. Forever in that untouched snowcap, in the depths of those dark seas. Forever in the immagination, the creation and the daring of the minds eversearching for new, indomitable challenge.

You mankind, lucky you, to be a creature of this great planet. Lucky you, to be a human.

Awe inspiring planet Earth, with its winter icefalls and summer waterfalls. The seasonal changes that refresh and revitalize our lives. We live forever.

Your call to action. Share this blog. Investigate water relief programs at home and abroad. For an international initiative on disease free water go to
For water healthy hair products go to
To join a water conservatonist group on Earth day, visit
written by: Louise Hayes
April 6, 2013m>

Population density

Population density

Population Density

Good day, you great, almighty human! You’ve risen for another day to accomplish great and wonderful things! Praises to you for your brilliant minds. For your great achievments, for thousands of years of human occupation on this planet prove your superiority.
Look at your fabulous civilizations, your immense creations. You, who are cast in the image of the Almighty! You with the power to build and create. You, with that immense brain!

Oh, this great human being, who walks so proudly, taming animals, harvesting crops, building empires. Productivity, education. All individually, all united, all of one mind, all of one species, all over the world. So much the same.

Here, you peacekeepers, the differences are zero. Look over there! That magnificent monument, so perfect, such geatness to behold, it fills the world with generations of wonder.

Those are the people that the Earth put in that place. Encourage them to stay in their own nation. Help them to rebuild.

The indiginous peoples of each nation control their own populations, they build their own nations, they farm their own crops. Don`t encourage them to leave. Help the Earth to save them. Replantings of trees and shrubs along the waterways, helps to prevent soil erosion.

As the soil erodes and fills the waterways with dirt and chemical waste, the aquatic populations choke and suffocate in the murky waters. They can`t breathe. They can`t see. The dirt and grime prevents sunlight from reaching the bottom of the waterway, where plants and food sources survive. As the food source starts to die, so does the aquatic life that it supports.

Another dead waterway.

The soil, as it erodes, depleates the life sustaining shore. The plant life hangs on by a thread if it can. Pollutants from the shoreline wash into the water. Death and decay, fills our water supply with toxic waste and disease.

Brilliant mankind, live forever!

That one piece of garbage on the ground, or carelessly thrown into a stream can have dire effects. The pollution index skyrockets. Toxic waste fills the soil and contaminates the water. Environmental disease runs rampant through our lands. We die.

Who owns this planet. Who cast that bomb there. Who contaminated the air so that no one can breathe and no one can see. Who contaminated the soil so that our crops don`t grow. Who dumped all of that waste into the water so that now we can`t drink it, fish from it or play in it.

Was that you, brilliant mankind. Almighty human! You who are entrusted with the salavtion of this great planet. You, who walk in holy ways and are created in the image of the Almighty himself.

The Earth sighs, thank you mankind, for owr enduring relationship. Thank you mankind, for the peacekeeping that saves us. Thank you for pollution controls that clean the air, the water, the soil. Thank you for saving the forest so that I can breathe. No constuction, no development, no farming these lands.

The Earth sighs, it`s own needs are immense. Thank you mankind, I live for another day.

Your call to action, share this post. Join and make donations to an environmental organization. Get involved. Your conservation efforts are desperately needed. Here`s one organization

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written by: Louise Hayes
April 4, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, on this fabulous day, to celebrate the creation of this awesome, almighty planet. Planet Earth.
This day, created to celebrate the joy of living, of joy of creation, the joy being. Being human, being alive, belonging to this world.
Hear us, great planet, we save you!
One marvelous creation, cast into the universe, by the Almighty. One fabulous creation, the gift of the magnificent, the awesome, the powerful, the life-giving planet, planet Earth.
Only one gift, one life, one world, one beginning, life never ending. Our salvation in the void of the universe, only one. Greatness. Creation. Planet Earth.
Hear us great planet. You save us! Praises, great planet. We save you!
On this wonderous day, created just for you, we sing your praises, great, illustrious, all inspiring, all encompasing, all creating, greatness. With gratitude we praise you, great planet Earth.
Hear our songs, great planet, as the voices of your creatures rise from the deeps of the massive oceans. The heavens and the earth sound with the songs of glory. The birds sing, the ponds sing, the oceans sing, the world sings. It is Earth Day! Rejoice! It is a day to sing about.
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The Earth sends us the joyous songs of it’s creatures, its forests, its oceans. The whole world sings earth songs.
The nurturing great planet, gives us medicines to heal our wounds, foods full of nutrients to keep us healthy, landscapes full of challenges for us to explore, with our minds and our bodies, for health, recreation, sport, curiosity and wonder.
For us, this great oasis is a joy, a bountiful wonder of creation and awe.
Lucky are we to be the chosen ones. The ones entrusted with this great gift. This almighty planet. This great good Earth.
Here, you awesome, so ever inspiring planet. Hear our song. Today we sing for you!
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This song for the Earth. Praises to this fabulous, marvelous oasis of ours.
Praises to the continuing creation, to the lasting negotiation, to the contract with the planet and between each other that is our lasting salvation. Praises almighty man for saving this one and only Earth. Praises to the Earth for its endless creation, its endless powers, its endless nurturing, its endless care. Praises to the Earth for life everlasting, world without end.
The great planet continues to rise above all war, all famine, all destruction.
On this special day, praises to the Earth.
We hear your call. You, mighty human, must save the planet. You mighty human, must answer the call. You mighty human, must protect this special, sacred, awesome planet. A gift of life in a void of universe. One special place in a mass of a lifeless solar system.
You, almighty planet, are the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs, the water in our mouths, the food in our stomachs. You, almighty planet, are it all.
Your call to action on this great and glorious day. Share this post. Make a donation to causes that support the creatures of the Earth. Visit: and, for compasionate support of the life gifts of our amazing planet Earth.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 21, 2013