Good morning, brave hearts
What was all the fuss about? To practice a religion in a land of religious tolerance. To assume that there would be no objection to faith in the Lord, a Protestant Lord, a divinity known, just an interpretation.
The great minds of great philosophers call to the people. Listen to the word, listen to the teachings, pass it on, spread the scripture. So the dutiful head the call to worship and the obedient participate.
But who was this lofty disciple of such articulate words? A great mind, a noble character, a disciple of gospel and interpreter of scripture. Such a mind that stimulates others, such a mind that compels belief. Such a philosopher, an undisputed intellectual, a masterpiece of thinking and diagnosing. An interpretation of scripture to capture the imagination of the moral man. Great human, listen to these words. The words of John Calvin as it ignites the mind, the imagination and the intelligence of 16th century man.
A human of great force, for without a weapon except his words, he influenced the character of man and spread his worship throughout Europe. The lofty minded intellectual was at the heart and soul of the religious turmoil that the Pilgrims encountered.

So lofty bravehearts with great imagination. The world was such a small place. Only a boatride of a few short weeks to a world unknown and to perils unfortunate. The lives of a very small group of people who chose the destiny of the Almighty over the plight of constant comment.
To the Americas. To freedom! To grand ideas. To wholesome dignity and prosperity. To rule and not be ruled.
The Presbyterian founders of a colony of saved souls. Peace and agreement. Amen.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 27,2013

The landing

Good morning brave hearts

The voyage is long and the spirit becomes weary. The choice to venture forth into the unknown was a difficult one. The hardship obvious. The stalwarts of the new regime were pensive. What lies beyond?
A small group of people cast out from the shore. These waters have been charted before. Ships have crossed the oceans for hundreds of years, the path is straight. Straight to land hundreds of kilometers away. A large land mass that can’t be missed. Straight across!
In the looming doom of their choice, they cast off. Adrift now, unto the seas.
The choice was a perilous decision wrought from conflicts of ideology which couldn’t be resolved. Freedom called in their minds. Freedom to practice an ideology of their choice. Freedom from the constant explanation, the constant rebuke, the constant struggle. To worship in their own way in a land of freedom without discrimination. Yes, there is such a land and the heavy load of the high seas is upon them.
102 people set forth on that day in two vessels. Only one survived the voyage, only 65 people survived the first winter.

The good fortune of the pilgrims was to land in a continent of generous peoples. A peoples who generally accepted the tired outcasts. A peoples who allowed the landing of so few, who had starved and perished at sea, who’s numbers were cut in half, who arrived alone. Weary travellers in need of kindness.

The peoples of the new world made room for the new colonialists and participated in their survival. Oh fortunate travellers to encounter the compassionate, moral human, the peacemaker and the peacekeeper. A small group of weary adventurers, but strangers still.
Hail, almighty human, for the acts of kindness and caring. For only a few short years ago, your populations were devastated by disease from some of these same sorts of travellers. Weary and beleaguered they carried smallpox which spread amongst the natives and devastated their peoples. Death to many.
Still the courage to seek peaceful alliance runs strong in the mind and the will for a lasting peace encourages negotiation. Yes, there will be a negotiated peace. Yes, there will be survival and a colony in this new land.
Brave adventurers, whose toil and passions brought them to this end. New land, new peoples, new survival, new prosperity.
Hail to you, almighty human, for the great adventure of your lives. For dreams and for daring, you live forever!
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 25, 2013

Earth tranquility message

Greetings you awesome human.

Tread lightly on the great planet, it is a living organism. The soil beneath your feet is alive with microorganisms, earth dwelling creatures, roots and seeds. The soil is filled with life and the nutrients to create life. The great earth is alive!
The earth breathes the oxygen of the air that it creates from it’s splendid plant life and envelopes itself in a cover of protection called the ozone layer.
The water that we drink is full of nutrients. The water itself sustaining so much life. The life of oceans, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, forests and pasture. Water for life. Drink the pure water, it runs in our veins and keeps us alive. Us and the planet.
Breathe the fresh air. The necessary oxygen fills our lungs, our bodies and our minds. Fresh air for our brains and bodies. Fresh air for the living creatures of the planet and fresh air for the planet itself.
The earth breathes, through its thousands of trees, it’s lush forests and its innumerable plant life.
The living Earth with it’s life forms, sings the daily concerts of the joy of creation. Live, almighty human, calls the joyful planet. Hear us as we reach out to you. The crickets, the frogs, the birds the wolves. The call of the planet reaches to you, in the buzzing of bees, the whispers of the wind and the scented gardens of meadow flowers.
Hear us, oh great human, sighs the great planet, as it speaks to us through it’s wondrous creations. tranquility Earth message

The carpet of grass beneath your feet protects the rich soil from too much disturbance. The grasses as a home to many and a food source to many others. A simple life form, grass, so necessary, so commonplace. A cover of life, to protect another cover of life.
Soft grass to protect the soil from the scorching sun, the drenching rain and the drying wind. The soft grass beneath your feet, a carpet of green to play in.
The endless adventure of the earth.
It whispers to us in our minds. Here awesome human, come into my playground, sighs the great planet and feel the great joy of my living. Another step into adventure as the earth calls our names. Venture on, almighty man, into the brilliance of lush ecosystems, deep caves, ocean depths, skies and mountain tops. Come into the adventure, to awaken your senses. This I bring to you, oh great human, the adventure of your lives.
Don’t plunder, no war, no destruction. This perfect place, the unexplored spaces, for each of us, in every generation.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 23, 2013

The Pilgrims

Good day, you brilliant ones.
The feasting of Thanksgiving is passing, but as with all traditions and their historical significance, the celebration is only a reminder of the truth of its existence. To give thanks for life itself is the meaning of the day. The joy of sharing, the happiness of celebration and the relief of a bountiful harvest. Food. No hunger, no starvation, no more worry for the winter.
Traditions arise from many sources, but a holiday to give thanks for the bountiful harvest, which will provide for all during the long winter, was a holiday of feasting and sharing, a holiday of community and a time to end all suffering. No disputes amongst us on these special days. The days when the earth is praised for the abundance that it provides, the days when the Almighty is praised for salvation and the days when community is praised for peace amongst us and all of the benefits that peace brings to our lives.
Historically, the first Thanksgiving took place with the pilgrims in the 1600’s. The joy and relief of a season of toil, was gifted with a plentiful harvest which would last throughout the winter. The negotiated peace was honoured and a lasting peace was accomplished.
Relief. The joy of such a simple achievement. Food. A garden. A party. Prayers, praises, blessings and thanks. The joy of such a simple accomplishment. Food.
With this first Thanksgiving came the hope and dreams of years to come. Aspirations to build a community, a colony, perhaps a country. A home of freedom. The constant call of beleagured peoples. Freedom!
The natives were friendly. There was peace amongst us.

Now, from the first season of toil, comes the wealth of the land. Prosperity! With relief and gladness they sang their songs of praises, of worship, of joy. No more the suffering of distant disputes, the hardships of unrequieted trust. The loss of honour and dignity. No more the distant call of a distant drummer, to beat the path to their own self worth. Now, for this small group of people, in their own chosen world is a haven of safety for themselves.
The natives are friendly. They signed the contract. There will be peace amongst us. So much to give thanks for, so much to have joy for , so much to live for. Paths of their own choosing, a destiny of their own calling, an all encompassing grace.
Joy to you, almighty man, for the achievement of a great landing. Joy to you, you great negotiators, you great peacekeepers. Praises to you for the harvest and the crops and the food and for plenty. Plenty, for your survival, plenty for your daily bread, plenty to share and to plenty to give thanks for. With solemn prayers and joyful hearts, we hear you from your brilliant past.
Hail to you, almighty human, for the songs in your hearts, for the brilliance of your minds and for the skills of negotiation. The negotiated peace is prosperity, humanity and your heartfelt joy.
Praises for the ancient landing, praises for peace amongst us, praises for Thanksgiving and to all of you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 14, 2013


Good day you awesome human

This weekend is the celebration of all of our harvest. A happy time, a prosperous time and a time of thanksgiving. Thank you for the gifts of food, for the sharing and for the discovery of the new world. Thank you for peace amongst us, for family and for friends. Thank you for the harvest, for the good earth and for the land to call home.
This is a time of joy in our land, a time of feasting, to overcome the shadow of dark starvation, of poverty and of loss. The toil of the land produces plenty and the harvest yields another season of healthy wealth. Another season of joy as our larders fill with the crops, put down from this years bountiful growth. We are the lucky ones to live our lives in a land so abundant.
The catch of the day lies just off shore. The fishing vessels from far off places come to our coastlines to cast their nets. The hungry from their own nations call to be appeased. Their fishermen travel long distances to find a place where they can catch fish. The times are the 1600’s and the new world is attracting settlers, merchants and fishermen from Europe.
The pilgrims have landed on Plymouth Rock and are settling in America. The natives were congenial. They shared in the harvest and helped the new pilgrims to survive.

The newly found earth sighs as it gives up its harvest to the grateful pilgrims. They have escaped to a life of prosperity and health. The soil is nutritious the yield is high enough. No more the starving plight of impoverished families. Famine or pestilence has been left behind. The new world is a blessing to them and the friendly natives do them no harm.
A community of sharing unfolds as the blessing of food is gratefully accepted and peace amongst us is the order of the day. Peace to all of us, who have been so fortunate as to travel to this great land. To meet the people who now live close by, who share the land, the wealth of the land and the bountiful harvest.
Praises to the great Earth for the plentiful food. Praises to the almighty human for compassion and sharing. No starvation in this land and the food itself gives time for other pursuits. America becomes the land of plenty. The land of dreams, of opportunity. The land of prosperity. From an ancient landing a reputation is born. Come to America! You will live well here!
Come they did. Across the Atlantic in nervous anticipation of a new life with new meaning. The joy of freedom flows in their veins. The pride of achievement swells in their breasts. The joy of living is their daily bread. They sing the glad tidings of gratefulness and pray their prayers of joy and hope. Starvation is banished. Poverty recedes. The merciful almighty hears their prayers and blesses them with abundance.
Joy to you, oh fortunate human and praises to the peacekeepers. The start of a new world, a new nation, new lives, arising from the good fortune of the congenial gift of mutual sharing.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 9, 2013

Solar Energy

Good day you awesome human

Tread lightly on the fragile planet, it brings to us so much inspiration and joy. A day of living, of exploring, of companionship of interest. A day, so valuable and important. A day to accomplish yet another task, goal or project. A day to fulfil yet another dream, to pursue your quest to the maximum, to experience the rush of exhilaration from achievement and success.
This day, brought to you by fine technology, computers, cell phones, internet, social media and connectivity. This day, brought to you by brilliant minds, working for the advancement of civilization.
Hail to you Oh fine minds, the comfort and world wide interaction is a gift of your fine aptitudes.
In the warmth and security of homes and buildings, the cost of the exploitation of the planet is distant to us. The need for international and community communication is so high that other factors become lost to us. Yes, the cellphone is a personal safety device. The computer is an essential communication device. Our world has become a smaller place where great distances are easily surpassed by technology. It costs us little.
The inventor has come to us so many times to save us.
The fragile planet sighs, almighty human, it needs your fine minds to save it.
The greening of our communities becomes an essential part of building. Solar power for heat, well insulated homes, a change in thinking regarding housing. An investigation into alternative energy sources provides for a change of environment. The sources of energy for all of your increasing comfort and survival needs, brought to you by the sun, instead of the planet.

Simple, easily attainable devices such as outdoor solar lighting, help protect your property with no energy cost. Such a simple device for your home, might have an alternative for the community. Outdoor solar lighting has been available for years and streetlights can be solar powered as well. There are so many companies offering solar power products to reduce the high cost of energy to the consumer and to offset the detrimental aspect of energy consumption for the planet. More and more devices are becoming solar powered, more and more ingenuity in capturing the suns energy for our own good use.

The needs of the planet are high. Without our diligent efforts to save it, we will loose this great place of life and living. This awesome sphere of wonder and joy.
The high costs of solar power are no longer a concern. Many new products are available to the consumer at reasonable prices.

An investigation into alternative power sources reveals to us an increasing number of products to purchase which will reduce energy costs and provide power. Each effort, no matter how small, is a step to save the great planet and ourselves.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 7, 2013


Hail to you oh moral human.
Cast out the evil of insistent intruders, the interlopers who pry into your lives. Your own domain houses your privacy and only the chosen ones enter your lives. This place of peace and prosperity for you. Share it wisely.
The plunder of the planet is a constant concern. Another building constructed on green space, another housing development on acres of previously held farmland. More housing for the masses, less farmland for our crops. Oh feed us, almighty planet, from whatever nutricious soil is left.
The housing crisis is a serious detriment to the planet. One more apartment complex for the ever increasing numbers of single people. Single from divorce, from circumstance or from choice. The single population puts an unnecessary demand on the planet. Another home just for one, another apartment, just a bachelor, just for one. More and more space put aside for people who can’t, won’t or don’t want to share.
The rising cost of utilities to heat homes just for one. The rising cost of infrastructure to accommodate all of those buildings which have so many people living alone. Another apartment building with one bedroom and bachelor apartments, just for one, but the social and economic stress is high. All of that costly infrastructure, all of that costly development, all of that costly land put into apartments, condominiums and one bedroom bungalows, just for one person. Our taxation skyrockets to fulfill the requests of plunder. Our housing shortage is an artificial number. It’s contrived by the growing numbers of families ousted from housing by single people living alone.
Development becomes excessive. The family is abused by inappropriate housing. All that’s available is a one bedroom accommodation. All that’s available is a bachelor apartment. Where will they stay?
The demographic study shows more demand for housing. Complexes are built to fulfill needs to repair the costly demands of single people. All that space, all of that land, all of those utilities, to provide for the comfort of one person.
Price increases, taxation skyrockets, the land succumbs to yet another development, farming and farm land decreases, wild spaces vanish, the city encroaches. With yet another dwelling comes more shopping malls, more roads, more utility lines, more plunder and more crowding.
The large companies who house work crews have a genuine need for bachelor apartments. A person stationed in an area temporarily needs accommodation. The difference in value, between hotel living and providing an apartment is high in cost. The consumer pays the price. The value of commodities essential for living escalates to pay for housing for work crews who cannot find accommodation. Hotels welcome them, but society pays their wage. Every cost is returned to the consumer and housing costs for travelling crews is high.
Affordable housing becomes the demand of the day and another productive farm is overtaken by development. Where will our grocery come from? Our negotiations are stable, we can always purchase from abroad.
Almighty human, with the earth so fragile, each decision is an important one. Housing is always a crisis. Food and food production is always a crisis. The preservation of the environment is crucial.
Before you venture out on your own, think about the planet and your own safety. Your family and your roommates protect you and the social costs of people living alone is too high for our fragile environment to bear.
written by Dr Louise Hayes
October 6, 2013

Your castle

Hail to you brilliant mankind.

As you rest in the cozy shelter of your home, the palace of your own making, living with people you trust and people you love, your world of comfort and peace. The world spins by beside you and you turn to the quiet calm of your castle. Your fortitude from the elements, your privacy from passers by. This home, your perfect place, your solitude, your hospitality, your fortress and your wealth.
This living space, where you spend so much of your life is full of your character, full of your dreams, full of your creativity. Your possessions are an expression of your interests, your pursuits, your education, your creativity. This castle is about you. It shows us your culture, your good taste, your sense of style, your passions. It also shows us your congenialities, your hospitality, your affections and your personality.
Your home is the place of the passions of your mind, your heart and your soul.
Praises to you, oh brilliant mankind, for the diversity of your lives and the individualistic reality of your pursuits. Praises to you for the cultures you present, the music, the song, the food, the nurturing. Praises to you for the protection of the planet.
As you close the doors and shut the world out of your own quiet kingdom and recapture the world of your own fine mind, you find in your home, the peace and tranquility of your own making.
The people who you share this awesome space with are your closest allies. Your family, your friends. This is your grandeur. This is your place. This is your own negotiated peace.
Hail to you, mankind for the negotiated peace of our forefathers. For the wisdom to negotiate, to enter into agreements, contract and alliances. This great peace is the foundation of our country, our society and our lives. Here is the quiet castle of your home,is the grand human of moral society.. A society build on a structure of cultural exchange, of adventure, of trust without contempt, of peace amongst us. The peace remains amongst us still. A fight worth fighting for. The multicultural nation, the exchange of matrimonial ties, the births, the lives, the blessing of prosperity.
Here is your own wonderful domain, you enrich your lives with the presence of your past, your inspiring present and your great future.
Reconnect to your society, oh moral human. To the wonderful aspiration of multiculturalism. A nation built on the compassion of the people. No plunder, no war. Only the insistent call of adventure, the call of the land and the call of good fortune. Moral human, who was saved by the wisdom of cultural exchange, it saves us still.
Praises to you.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 2,2013

You precious divas

Good morning you awesome divas
In a world of change you must change yourselves. In a world of increasing violence you must protect yourselves.
Beware the opportunist, the predator who lurks in wait for you, has a mind you don’t understand. Think clearly you precious ones, don’t be out too late, don’t be the last one to leave.
Violence is all around us. It breathes to us scandals of victims to come, a con of criminals relentless and desperate. They breathe in our ears of persons of ill repute. It is all about all of you. A stalker so stealthy, they pursue and divide.
Victims galore,unsuspectingly led, a false step without fear with a person of casual acquaintance. Beware you beauties, all of your friendliness, all of your polite conversation, all in good will, all in courtesy, all for naught if it leads to you.
You, darlings, be careful. Go home with the crowds, on well lit streets, with people still walking in the busy hours. As the crowds thin, you should be safe at home. The night life is for occasions with companions, never alone, never to meet people, always to be safe with people you trust.
Your car is parked at the door of your business. Your flashlight with your keys in hand and a cellphone companion to talk to while you unlock your car door and get inside. Safe. Your doors are locked and no stranger is with you.
Strangers. People you don’t know.
Cast out your safety nets, protect who you can.
The long road to equality rights, can’t end in despair. The history of sisterhood, can’t end in treachery. The
freedom to choose, to become an individual, to be the gift of the human that you are. These are the issues that were fought for, that were previously won. The rights to self improvement, to success, to personal achievement, to enter into the domains of work where only men hold rights. The pioneering women who came forward to boost the moral and achievement of women, can’t loose their hard fought lives to violence.
Caution, divas. You must take care.
Your home is your sanctuary. Your safe place. You need a witness to your return, you need an alibi and you need a soulmate. Don’t live alone. To venture out into the world alone is a precarious adventure. Who will protect you? Who will notice that you’re not there?
Cellphones and taxis offer some protection. That small investment for a life worth while.
The dark streets are never really safe. Dark parking lots are dangerous and predators are opportunists. We can’t loose you divas. Not you, not your children.
Society needs your survival. It needs your intelligence, your fine mind, your fine being and it needs your children. You, precious ones, must keep society safe. It’s your civic responsibility to keep yourselves safe.
No daring, late night encounters. No dare! No whims. Only the constant conscious of personal security, personal safety. You have won your rights, but you’re losing your freedoms.
Take back the streets was a message in vain. Take back the night was a message of danger.
You, divas, don’t know who lurks in the dark. Friend or foe it’s too much of a chance to take.
Take back your freedoms, oh wondrous ones. Be safe, not alone.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 1, 2013