To a new land

Hail Brave hearts!

Brilliant mankind, the oasis of a new world calls to you. Venture for, almighty human. Cross the land bridge to the new world.
The age of discovery is always upon us. A new world, just to explore. The ability to survive in worlds unknown is the aptitude of the adventurer.
Brave hearts, calls the great planet, venture forth and thousands of years ago, they did. Into the wild unknown of a land of Alaska, a small group of people lived for thousands of years before the glaciers melted enough for them to move onward.
Human habitation of the far north of continental North America occurred thousands of years prior to the discovery of land beneath the ice and snow of the last great glacial period. Canada was virtually covered in ice and human habitation was impossible.
The far north, where it all began.

As the icecaps melted and receded, the path to lands further south opened to their eyes. Follow, calls the great planet, come to explore and almighty man, the human, travels further into the continent. Further into the unknown, further away from the ancestral lands of their heritage. Following the paths of wild animals, hunting and building and discovering the new world.
The human of post glacial times is the mankind of our world today. Whatever drives mankind to explore, to venture forth, to enhance their skills, to found new nations, is the same mankind that travelled by foot, or perhaps by boat, down coastal North America, to conquer a brave new world.
Travel and exploration, for curiosity, for their governments, for plunder. The continent of the Americas 20000 years ago was as remote to humans as the ocean depths.
Still, the exploration is necessary. Bravehearts, you must go. You must colonize the new world. Take with you all of your skills, your fine aptitudes, your belongings, your philosophies, your peoples. Follow the path to your dreams!
Along the way, these brave new settlers encountered a different land. Their perspectives changed, they developed new theories, new culture, new philosophy. The land was immense. There was plenty. Plenty to adapt to, plenty to think about, plenty to inspire and to challenge their resourcefulness. Brilliant mankind of ancient past, you are always with us. You are with us in this new world, in your discovery, in your skills and fine minds.
The adventurer of the past left it all behind, for whatever reason, known only to them, to push forth as the ancient Vikings did, as the Europeans did, as the Pilgrims did.
The human, you awesome mankind, open doors for yourselves.
The path to prosperity leads you onward. Travel south to more land, more wealth, lives of your own making.
As the glaciers receded what did they leave behind? Typically glacial moraine, rivers, crevases, valleys, waterfalls. A harsh climate for a braveheart, but travel and settle, they did. Onward, almighty man. To your own conquest, to your own challenge, to your own peace.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
November 2, 2013

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