Snowball battle

When all that life is, is just to survive, what do you do for PLAY!

Good day to you all you bravehearts

The great Canadian winter is upon us. The great Earth has changed her coat and warms herself beneath a layer of fresh, soft snow. The winter foliage darkens to the deep, dark greens of winter sleep and the air chills to a fresh -C.
Flocks of overwintering birds swirl around the sky and the restful quiet is upon us. A different world awakens us each day. The morning sounds turn to warming engines and the scraping of snow shovels on the sidewalk. Winter brings it’s new delights and winter play is one of our finest hours.
Sport, you awesome human is the name of the day. The abundance of winter activity is the joy of northern living. No shut ins here. The deep freeze of a cold winters day is only a change of clothing, only another layer, a hard fought for Canadian tradition.
Sport presents itself in all of it’s grand variety. = snowball fight

As the snow drifts across the path and shovelling piles a mountain beside the walkway, imagination takes hold. A fort, a castle, a moat, a wall. A fortress to defend and the fight is on.
A snowball thrown at a lucky culprit who now has to enter the fight. Accept the challenge of winter fun and join the game! Winter is a fine time of play and sport and snow ball fights occur. A once childish game of play has become organised winter sport, with several regions competing to be the nations snowball champions.

It’s just another game to play in a nation of rich winter sporting traditions.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
November 23, 2013

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