New Found Land

Hail Bravehearts.
To visions of grandeur and to the thrill of victory, the passionate human, arrived to the call of the land. Courageous human, to venture forth into the high seas, for a life of adventure and discovery, to the land called the new world, the land that was also called new found land.
A small ship sets forth from Bristol England in 1497, to capture a new title of exploration across the Atlantic. John Cabot was the master of this vessel, with his small crew of twenty people and a daunting voyage of 30 days of ocean travel. The perils of the high seas were know to this man. His past was brilliant and his experience was superb. The feats of ocean travel were difficult and required specialized skills. This one small ship, with it’s one small crew, were courageous people, skilled and daring.
What lies beyond the horizon and across the huge ocean, was a land worth exploring, worth the money, the time, the extravegance of the venture. A land of unusual wealth, riches in food, raw materials, a different kind of money.
For twenty people to choose to embark on such a journey, cast alone into the high seas, proves their capable experience, congeniality and self confidence. Brave human. The call of the land whistles in your ears and the wind pushes you onward to a destiny of true brilliance. The land, the new found land! Full of promise and enterprise. Here is the opportunity of lifetime. As perilous as the journey is, this opportunity cannot be passed by. To take a ship and traverse the ocean, to navigate the high seas and to return victorious, unscathed by the adventure, instead, proud and accomplished and famous.
Such a fate followed John Cabot as he and his crew left England and surpassed their own previous accomplishments. They landed on the shores of New Found Land and found some articles proving human occupation of the land, but no encounter with the inhabitants. They laid claim to the land for the King of England and established a route to prosperity in the land of plenty, across the high seas.
Now, to venture forth again, with more ships and more intention of discovery. The mighty human rises to the call of the unknown and reaches a destiny of triumph. The land, a new land. The discovery of Newfoundland.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes,
September 28, 2014

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