Trees and the Earth

Trees and the Earth
Praises Mankind!  Praises to you, for you, the human, are the greatest of all of the Earths creatures.  Praises to you for the gift of this great planet Earth! You, the human, are the ones chosen to care for this great planet.  You are entrusted with the salvation of all of the creatures, all plants, all landscapes, all waters, even the air we breathe.  You, the human, are the mightiest of all creation.Care for creation, care for the Earth, share the planet.  The protection of a great landscape, that protected wild place, the enduring negotiation between mankind and this great Earth.  It’s obvious, clean air, clean water, pure minds.The powers of the planet are immense.  Have gratitude mankind.  Have gratitude for the Earth.  For the Earth speaks a message of ageless wisdom.
Thank you mankind, sighs the great  planet Earth.  You’ve planted another tree, I live for another day.  With this tree, I can clean your air.  Thank you for fertilizing my soil, so that I can grow a great garden to nourish you.  What about the beautiful flowers?  Do you like the beautiful flowers?
The Earth is devasted by natural and manmade destruction every year.  Forest fires devastate the land we loose so much of our natural enviroment this way.  Let the forest stand, so that the Earth can breathe.  Protect and leave untouched those great landscapes.  All of the Earths creatures need to live and the Earth needs those protected, untouched areas for clean water and clean air.
Mankind needs the fresh air as much as the Earth does. 
You need it for your own survival.  Clean air will prolong your life.  Polluted air causes many environmental illnesses that reduce life expectancy.  Clean water is essential for life.  Polluted water contains so many contaminants and water carrying disease that it is dangerous to consume and it is also dangerous to consume the life that it supports.

The great forests need to survive and so do all of the plant and animal life it contains.  The Earth chooses the creatures that inhabit its lands.  The Earth created them and the Earth sustains them.  Each ecosystem is filled with the plant and animal life that belong to that place.  Each ecosystem supports an immense variety of life that only the Earth can create.  Brilliant mankind, protect yourself.  Your plantings and nourishing of the Earth will help to save you.

No more war. Be careful where you build.  Our agricultural land is diminishing with development and how will we be able to feed ourselves?  The loss of forest and wild habitat does not necessarily increase farm land.  Building on prime agricultural land makes us more vulnerable to crop loss, low yield and starvation.  The strategies for human development need to address the obvious – with the loss of this agricultural land, where will our food come from?

Don’t count on the forest to feed you.  The forest is here so that you can breathe.  Don’t become confused.  We need the forest for clean air.
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written by:  Louise Hayes March 31, 2013

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