The Fishing Hole

Food. Fill your stomachs and ease the pangs of poverty. Cast your nets and fill your boats with the precious catch of the day.
For thousands of years the oceans have filled our plates with free food, a commodity of substance and wealth from the planet. The nets cast into the seas, to draw the needed food source from its home in the high water. The oceans provide and the human soars with the advantage of free food for the hungry. No starvation, no poverty. The seas give up their glorious catch and the evils of hunger subside.
An expectation of success fills our minds. The ocean has always provided for us, this is our right and our lifestyle. Our livelihood and our culture. Many nations survive from the oceans and the plunder of the deep waters reduces the catch to a fragment of what it once was. The crisis for the oceans rises and the plight of the wildlife within it, screams for the efforts of conservationist around the world. Oil spills, contamination, pollutants, over fishing. The perils of the oceans calls to us as the human mind reels in the wake of yet another catastrophe that leaves our planet dead. overfishing – the consequences.

The rights to fish the oceans have been undenied since mankind cast his nets and lines into the sea and returned triumphant with yet another tasty meal. So easy, so little effort, a hook, a line and bait and then to the fishing hole. Young and old remember their days, drifting in easy summer weather, with baited hook and happy smiles, as the waters reveal a dinner or two, to the patient fisherman. ending overfishing

Fishing the deep has been an easy joy for us. The lakes and oceans produce an amazing number of fish and other water inhabitants. Crustaceans and eels, fish and whale, shellfish and turtles. The water is fun and filled with life. For a day at the beach and a day on the water nurture us with sun and summer care. The carefree days of endless sunshine, the powerful waves as they crest and splash and entice us into the water for summer play. The life and the living that the oceans bring us, not only back from the brink of starvation, but to a new purpose in sport, leisure, games and holidaying. The oceans and lakes give us undeniable joy.
Bountiful great waters, our cups overflow with gladness, for the discovery of the mysteries of the deep. Ocean songs and ocean conquest, ships and adventure, the great seas call to all of us as sailors and fishermen and the marvel of our days on the decks of sailboats, casting our lines and unfurling the sails, gives us freedom and the thrill of adventure.
Four hundred years ago, at the dawn of European time in Canada, came an expedition to the coast of Canada, to fish the great waters of the grand banks of Newfoundland.  The fishing was superb!  Cast your nets and take home a catch of fishes to save the starving peasants back home.  Cast your nets and be saved.  The catch is your income, your food source, your work and your daily bread. The fishing was superb and from this came the endless voyages of fishermen bound for a harvest of ocean gold.  Food!  Made from the planet, where no one shall starve. 
7 billion. 
To traverse the great Atlantic ocean in search of a food source out fished in Europe, was the means to an end of hunger and poverty.  400  years ago the population of Europe was substantially smaller, but the need to traverse the ocean for food was already a pressing concern.  Feed the hungry.  The ocean is called upon to provide.  Fishes for the ever climbing hungry of the world.  Food.
Still the demand is upon the ocean, to fill the needs of the hungry as our population climbs and soars. Still, the ocean, with it’s free and bountiful harvest of fish. Still the human calls to the planet, feed us!
Written by Dr. Louise Hayes
June 21, 2014


Turquoise and Jewels

Good morning brave hearts.

The adventure of opening the great wild to tourism was a profound feat of national significance.  What lay at the heart of the lofty mountains was a prize of dollars and sense.  The magnificent wild opened an opportunity for the Canadians to explore the great land, with it’s unending beauty and prizes of health and fitness benefitting the soul, the body and the mind.  Unrivalled magnificence of stellar views, of grand landscapes with carpets of flowers, magnificent wild beasts, forest and birds and mile upon mile upon mile of exploration, adventure and discovery.  Another superb mountain pass, a glimpse into the unending mountain chain, life and travel, peace and rejuvenation.  The heart melts at the great beauty of the awesome great Earth, and the soul sings in praises of the almighty planet.
Joy!  Joy in the discovery of yet another crystal clear lake, the colour of emeralds and turquoise.  Jewels of the earth splashed onto the landscape with colour so rare and brilliant.  Waterfalls and great glaciers, rugged, uncompromising land.  The brave came forward for the thrill and excitement of discovery, to challenge their skills in the fabulous pursuit of mountain adventure.  To climb the highest peak, to paddle the turbulent waters, to conquer the rapids and to proclaim their triumphant success. The challenge was so exciting and the adventure was so grand, that a call was heard at the  highest office of the land.  “More!”  cries the spirit, as it soars with the eagles at the top of the mountain.  A unnamed peak, so cleverly climbed and an expedition that can see for miles.  “There’s more!  We want more!”
The persistent horseman had travelled into the frontier, exploring and cutting trails for business and curiosity.  Setting up camps  and marking routes,  their travels becoming documented feats of early exploration,  where  no man had gone before.  They were the first to travel into the heart of the mountains and with their discovery came reports of more and more and more.  Land for preservation, land for protection, land for tourism and business and wealth.  Properly protected, the land becomes a haven of international acclaim.  Mountain climbers and thrill seekers, artists and adventurers all swarm to the mountains to lay claim to their rights. To be the first to capture that title, to paint that view, to write that log and to name that peak.  The race was on!  To be the first, and with that title, to capture their place in the history of the nation.  To be the praises of that song, to be the heroes of the day, to be the champion of that title.  To carry gold in their pockets and bragging rights, forever!
The pastime of a pursuit of a new national dream, captured their imaginations, their hearts, their minds and their destiny. In 1886, awesome Yoho with it’s fossil find, and fabulous Glacier National Parks, in British Columbia were formed. In 1887 the boundaries of Banff National Park were expanded. Yoho National Park, British Columbia Glacier National Park, British Columbia

With the formation of these two new national parks, Canada was now pursuing a legacy of national wealth in the preservation of the great outdoors.  A conscience developing in the Canadian people, to marvel at the magnificence of the great land of Canada, to be the proud owners of special, protected places.  A step into the lives of the early explorers is to witness a life of thriving good health and fitness.  The dauntless being who returned victorious from that triumphant mountain expedition, reaches to us from the thriving brilliance of yesteryear.  The earth saves us, oh human, and our history still claims us.  The system of national parks is for environmental protection and for the health and vitality of the people.  The great land calls us and from our beginnings we search and protect those significant areas that demand preservation.
For us, in Canada, the great wild has always been the fortune of our existence. Fortunate us, to have the great land and it’s outstanding wild places and wild creatures, to call us to health, fortitude, adventure and freedom.  Yes, said the awesome great powers of the day.  We will give you these grand landscapes of freedom, forever, for you to enjoy, oh Canadians.  In health, in wellness, in joy.  The new national dream was secured.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
May 27, 2014

Tranquility message

Tranquility Message

Praises mankind! Praises to all of you! For you, the mighty human are cast in the image of the Almighty. You are the adored, the compassionate, the astounding, the moral person, the human being. You, the human are the greatest of all of the Earths creatures. Praises to you for the gift of this great planet Earth.

You, who listens and understands the will of the Almighty. You who are chosen to care for this great planet. You who are entrusted with the salvation of all of life on the Earth. You, the human, the mightiest of all creation. Care for creation, care for the Earth, share the planet, for pigmentation of skin is only sunscreen. Each and every one of you are from the same roots. Share and be prosperous. Each land to yourselves to build, to nurture, to protect. Spoil yourselves in the glory of your exceptional accomplishments. The protection of a great landscape, that protected wild place, the enduring negotiation.

Praises to you for the beauty of the Earth, the constant calm, the perpetual quiet, the meditative stillness. (for 10 min. forest tranquility)

The great, powerful planet Earth, full of the wonders of its own creation, thanks mankind for their kindness to the planet. The Earth sighs, I will feed you, clothe you, give you shelter, keep you warm. You are here to save planet Earth and in return the planet will save you. The enduring partnership will save us both and we will live forever.

Brilliant mankind, save this planet and we will live forever. (for 10 min. cherry blossom tranquility )

The Almighty creator cast the Earth into the universe. There, planet Earth, your powers are immense. Produce life forms from your fertile soils and from your life giving waters. The Earth sighs with the power of creation, so wondrous to behold. Be grateful, mankind. People were sent to the Earth to save it. Not to destroy. You are the great negotiator, the peacekeeper.

The Earth is our HOME. This is where we live. In this immense universe, only here. Save this great planet, so that it can save you.

Your call to action. Share this post. Join an enviromental protection agency. The TD Bank of Canada has an environmental site to investigate. Find it here at
The US government has and environmental protection agency. You can find it here at

If you are looking to purchase trees, plants and garden products, one online site to visit is

The planting of trees and shrubs will help to offset some of the devastating effects of forest loss. Take action, mankind. You are capable of changing the path of the destructive forces
that are destroying the planet. You, yourself, one by one can bring peace and salvation to this planet. Plant your seeds, the Earth welcomes and needs the soil protection. You, great human, need the food and shelter. You need the plantings to survive.
Nurseries and greenhouses are plentiful. One of the many to visit is
written by: Louise hayes
April 1, 2013

The Earth

The Earth

Hello everyone!

I’m so thrilled to be here and to share with you my passions about our quest to save the environment and this great planet Earth.

This great planet, full of wonder and mystery. Awesome planet Earth for its creative power and life full of beauty. This planet, the only one in the solar system with life giving forces. Fabulous planet Earth for live itself!

Brilliant mankind, for their immense aptitudes. For creativity, humanity, for the wondrous works of man on the planet. Brilliant mankind! Praises to all of you! For the beauty of the Earth is a wonder to behold and mankind himself saves it. No plunder, no destruction. The Earth itself needs all of the life forms that it creates and the Earth has put life on all of its surfaces. The Earth is constantly creating and needs the forests and the plants for its own survival. The Earth needs to breathe and cannot sustain itself without the help of you, brilliant mankind. For the Earth is dying. The deserts are increasing. Lakes and oceanic habitats are dead and dying. The planet reels from war, pestilence, poverty, starvation and strife. The planet needs our help. if we don’t save this planet, it won’t be able to save us.

The Earth needs plantings to protect its soil and to increase oxygen. It needs its wildlands to help clean the waters and clean the air. A high canopy of trees reduces pollution and the shade protects the vegetation from scorching sunlight that burns the vegetation and burns the soil.

The Earth has needs, it needs mankind to save it. With forest fires raging and pine beetle destroying the forest, habitat loss is increasing and reforestration efforts can’t keep up with the devastating habitat loss.

The Earth needs you, brilliant mankind. It needs the enduring partnership that will save us both.

The Earth with it’s spectacular scenery is an oasis in the universe for us. With its fertile soils, its untrod places, the bountiful harvest ,clean air and clean waters. The Earth itself will save us from starvation and from poverty. Let the forest stand so that the Earth can breathe. Protect and leave untouched those great landscapes. All of the Earths creatures need to live and the Earth needs those protected, untouched places for clean water and clean air. It needs to breathe. It needs its clean waters to support life. There is less oxygen in the air we breathe, so we need more plantings for more oxygenation. Another tree, another shrub, another flower, more grass, less pavement, more green spaces, more wilderness.

You, brilliant mankind, and only you, can change and support and restore the planet. You mankind, can plant a tree, share this post, join one or several of many conservation groups around the country and around the globe. There is so much to preserve and protect. The beautiful flowers, the singing birds, the fabulous and wonderful wildlife.

Spread the word, the world needs you. Share this blog or write your own. We need your passions, brilliant mankind.
written by: Louise Hayes
March 29, 2013

Trees and the Earth

Trees and the Earth
Praises Mankind!  Praises to you, for you, the human, are the greatest of all of the Earths creatures.  Praises to you for the gift of this great planet Earth! You, the human, are the ones chosen to care for this great planet.  You are entrusted with the salvation of all of the creatures, all plants, all landscapes, all waters, even the air we breathe.  You, the human, are the mightiest of all creation.Care for creation, care for the Earth, share the planet.  The protection of a great landscape, that protected wild place, the enduring negotiation between mankind and this great Earth.  It’s obvious, clean air, clean water, pure minds.The powers of the planet are immense.  Have gratitude mankind.  Have gratitude for the Earth.  For the Earth speaks a message of ageless wisdom.
Thank you mankind, sighs the great  planet Earth.  You’ve planted another tree, I live for another day.  With this tree, I can clean your air.  Thank you for fertilizing my soil, so that I can grow a great garden to nourish you.  What about the beautiful flowers?  Do you like the beautiful flowers?
The Earth is devasted by natural and manmade destruction every year.  Forest fires devastate the land we loose so much of our natural enviroment this way.  Let the forest stand, so that the Earth can breathe.  Protect and leave untouched those great landscapes.  All of the Earths creatures need to live and the Earth needs those protected, untouched areas for clean water and clean air.
Mankind needs the fresh air as much as the Earth does. 
You need it for your own survival.  Clean air will prolong your life.  Polluted air causes many environmental illnesses that reduce life expectancy.  Clean water is essential for life.  Polluted water contains so many contaminants and water carrying disease that it is dangerous to consume and it is also dangerous to consume the life that it supports.

The great forests need to survive and so do all of the plant and animal life it contains.  The Earth chooses the creatures that inhabit its lands.  The Earth created them and the Earth sustains them.  Each ecosystem is filled with the plant and animal life that belong to that place.  Each ecosystem supports an immense variety of life that only the Earth can create.  Brilliant mankind, protect yourself.  Your plantings and nourishing of the Earth will help to save you.

No more war. Be careful where you build.  Our agricultural land is diminishing with development and how will we be able to feed ourselves?  The loss of forest and wild habitat does not necessarily increase farm land.  Building on prime agricultural land makes us more vulnerable to crop loss, low yield and starvation.  The strategies for human development need to address the obvious – with the loss of this agricultural land, where will our food come from?

Don’t count on the forest to feed you.  The forest is here so that you can breathe.  Don’t become confused.  We need the forest for clean air.
How can we help?  Share this post, take courses ie and join conservation groups, such as
written by:  Louise Hayes March 31, 2013

Let me introduce myself

I’m Louise Hayes.  Welcome to my blog!
If you’ve viewed any of my posts you can see what my passions are.  This great, good Earth! I’m an employee of the Department of the Environment, Parks Canada.  I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  UNESCO world heritage site, Jasper National Park at
To view some of the footage of these special protected places, go to
These are the Canadian National Parks-  some of the most beautiful places in the world.
It is our personal responsibility to protect these fabulous places.  These are the areas that keep the Earth alive!  This is where nature reigns!  The protected landscapes, the wildlife, the ecosystems, the forests, the waters.  Clean air, clean water, pure minds.  This is for us, to behold and enjoy.  The breathtaking wonder of this fabulous planet Earth, preseved in these unnique examples of the glory of the world. Visit us, we would love to see you. If you would like to join one of our support members, go here, to
See you on the trails.
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