Population Control

Population Control

Hi, you great human. If you read yesterday’s post on water, you’ll understand the population dilema. Where will we live and what will we eat? That awesome mountain is not aerable land and neither is the forest. Don’t bother planting crops there. The growing season is short and frost comes early.

In this great nation, there is very little land suitable for crops and our population is already 34 million +. Is this all that we can support? This huge, immense country, one of the largest in the world, with one of the smallest populations. Are we at our maximum already?

We truck produce from other countries because we don’t have enough agricultural land to sustain us and the food product that we bring in is already low in vitamin content because it was harvested too early. Hense, the daily vitamin suppliment.

Some of our international negotiations are to feed us. Will we survive with that? The population of the world is at 7 billion people. How will they feed themselves? visit http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/7billion

The deforestration of world forests proves that mankind has populated the earth beyond its sustainable ability. The forests are being plundered for agricultural land. But is this a falacy? Our own forests grow in soil that is not suitable for crops and at elevations where the growing season is too short for crops. People frequently develop agricultural land so the land available for food production declines with housing and urban sprawl.

We are a recreational country. Full of the wonders of the natural world. We’re a country full of sports and adventure. It’s a fabulous life for that awesome man, the courageous adventurer who lives for the thrill of it. That indomitable spirit of the human.

How will we save ourselves? Our international relations won’t help us if those nations can’t feed themselves. Our reliance on food product from other lands blinds us to the needs of our own people. We expect our negotiations to take care of us.

What about crop failure? The change in weather patterns last year resulted in the loss of the entire apple crop in Ontario for the 2012 season. Climate change and global warming are interfering with food production. Can we count on the weather?

In this fabulous great north, where we love the land so much. Can we count on it to feed us?
visit: http://foodsecurecanada.org
and: http://peoplesfoodpolicy.ca

There are ways. There are ways to feed ourselves without killing our forests and without destroying our agricultural land. Irrigation alone depleats the water table and redirects water for crop nourishment. Hunting and fishing interferes with the wild populations and is an unfeasable method of self sustainment for 34 million people. Farming and farmland is diminishing and people are choosing farming less often as a business than they used to. More people are gravitating to the cities and leaving behind the farm. The density of city population is increasing.

With fewer people farming, less food production is occuring in this country. Mega farms of the past have resulted in some forms of animal cruelty that is objected to by many conscientious citizens.

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written by: Louise Hayes
April 6, 2013

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