It snowed! That is water! That beautiful layer of snow protects the earth in winter. It covers the ground with a soft, moist layer that sustains the soil. That great glacier is the source of rivers. The cold winter and abundance of snow are life giving sources of clean, pure water.

But what’s in it for you, oh great human? What does it do for you? The rivers flow in the summer. Who needs the iceage?

Rejoice, great human. Play! Snow is a life giving source of water, but those of us, so fortunate as to inhabit northern climates, have a source of recreation as well. Play! The snow provides a winter wonderland of tranquil beauty. The forest becomes a land of perpetual quiet. A new partnership awaits us. A new negotiation unfolds.

Now, we play, on sleds, sleighs, snow shoes, dog sleds, skiis, skates, building snowmen, building snowforts, icesculptures. Oh the joys of the winter, where the Earth gives us a fresh approach. A new perspective of the great landscape. The frozen waters offer another recreational persuit. The fun of it, the beauty of it, the wonder of it.

You, you mighty human, have harnessed your own magnificent powers. That majestic mountain, so wild and unscaleale. You, the immortal man, the daring, the adventurer, the unfathomable. What is your awesome life, great human. Who are you, this indomitable creature, with unlimited ability, courage, skill. The unstoppable, indomitable spirit of man. Go to http://www.x-tremevideo.com and view the trailer of extreme downhill mountain skiing.

This is the human who we have become. The mighty man who knows no boundaries, sets no limits, conquers all, the heavens, the earth, the depths of the sea. Whose only rival on the planet is perhaps, the changeable weather.

The landscapes yeild to our unstoppable quest for adventure, for daring, for challenges, for a new awakening of the soul. The spirit sings, Thank you Planet Earth, for giving us this awesome day. Thank you planet Earth, for the human comes from your dust and your waters. We belong to you.

Thank you for the mighty mountains, the turbulent waters, the icecaps, for all of it. This is our joy, our life blood, our healing. The strength of our bodies and the strength of our minds give us perpetual life.

We live forever. Forever in that untouched snowcap, in the depths of those dark seas. Forever in the immagination, the creation and the daring of the minds eversearching for new, indomitable challenge.

You mankind, lucky you, to be a creature of this great planet. Lucky you, to be a human.

Awe inspiring planet Earth, with its winter icefalls and summer waterfalls. The seasonal changes that refresh and revitalize our lives. We live forever.

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To join a water conservatonist group on Earth day, visit http://www.iwalkforwater.ca.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 6, 2013m>

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