Good morning, bravehearts. Another fabulous day, you daring, you courageous, you infathomable being. Good day, you awesome creation.
You, who know no boundaries in your quest for excellence. Stretch your bodies and you have wings. Stretch your minds and you have unlimited curiosity and knowledge.
This is who you are, you fabulous creation. Visit, and pick your favourite extreme sport from the selection of sporting videos.
This is who we are. That immensely talented, athletic, enthusiastic hero, who challenges himself to stretch his limits, his mind, his body, his soul.
Brilliant mankind, this is You!
It’s awesome and isn’t it fun? All of this world, just for you.
So you, you daring expert, how do we save you?
The Earth,created just for us.
Beware fabulous human, you awesome athelete. You brilliant mind, you creative being. The world is your oasis in this void of universe. Beware mankind of the insructions to the Earth. The Earth has gifts of creation and instructions to cover all of its surfaces with life forms. The fabulous good Earth has always complied. It brings nutrition and that is good health, it brings oil and gas for warmth, it brings energy for fuel and forest and wildlife for its own sustenance.
Beware, you almighty, fabulous human! You wonder of creation! The Earth has to survive and the forest, waters,air and wildlife help the Earth to breathe and regenereate itself.
Beware, you fabulous creation! This awesome playground has to be shared with all of the Earths creation for the survival of all of us.
The Earth covers its surfaces with life, for its own survival. The Earth needs its own creation to survive.
Fabulous expert, marvelous mankind, brilliant mind, who will save this great planet Earth?
Only you. Only you. Only you.
Please visit: and read an article on environmental protection.
There are other aspects to your brilliant mind, but the Earth chooses those enchanted places, the oasis of its own creation, the birds, the fishes the much trodden landscape, the wildlife that needs to survive there.
Lucky are we to be the coveted and cared for species, the species of man, with no natural enemies. Mankind, who is the ruler here.
Beware, you awesome creation, you fabulous man. Beware.
All of creation, all of life forces, all of abundance and glory will follow you to the end of time. Immortal time, oh lofty being?
Our population is at 7 billion, who on Earth can save us? No plunder. No war. No destruction.
The Earth needs its wild landscapes and its wild creatures for it’s own survival. Survive we must, you awesome being. The heavens and the earth created just for you.
Care, you awesome conqueror, you extreme adventurer. Don’t stifle this great planet. There’s nowhere else to go.
The Earth filled its oceans with sealife and its skies with flying creatures. The desserts are filled with plant and animal life and so are all of the ecosystems of the world. Life everywhere! The Earth fills this globe with everything that it needs for its own survival. You too, oh almighty one, needs these life forms also. Forests for clean air, watersheds for clean water, uncontaminated lands to prevent disease.
Take charge, you awesome wonder. With you, brilliant mankind. Only with you, can we change the destructive path to planetary starvation. The last stand of the Amazon rainforest could be our own last breath, the depleated boreal forest could suffocate all of us, the destruction of the Congo could just asphixiate us. The forest is needed just to breathe.
Breathe mankind. All of the world needs the forest just to breathe.
Save us, you awesome wonder. Breathe.
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Written by Louise Hayes
April 25, 2013

Health Benefits of Red Currants: •Increased Immune Function
•Reduced Risk of Colon Cancer
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention
•Antioxidant Protection
•Prevention of Epileptic Seizures
•Prevention of Alopecia (Spot Baldness)

Health Benefits of Apples: •Increased Immune Function
•Protection Against Heart Disease
•Alleviation of Cardiovascular Disease
•Alleviation of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
•Osteoporosis Protection
•Stroke Prevention

*Some of these health benefits are due to the nutrients highly concentrated in Apples, and may not necessarily be related to Apples.
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