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Dr Louise Hayes,
March 12, 2013
Praises humankind! Praises to all of your nations! Beauty surrounds you. It is beauty that we crave and beauty itself is a luxury to behold. Praises you great nations. Praises great planet Earth!
Luxury is required to prevent people from poverty. If the impoverished state has never existed, people can’t be returned to it. No more slaves, no more poor. Everyone is from affluence.
For you, the mighty human, have earned your luxury. Be it the beautiful landscape, the well prepared meal, the beauty of the Earth. For the great, good Earth provides all things to people and all things to the creatures of the planet. Poverty is an evil to avoid.
Choose your leaders wisely, or they will choose themselves. Follow the member of your family with the highest leadership and education.  This can be anyone in your families history.  This is the person who’s character and intellect is esteemed.  Follow their path, they know the way.
The intelligent person is not a dropout. Don’t be naive, education is necessary. Pursue your education to the highest attainable level. To prove IQ the educated level needs to match the IQ level claimed. This is to reduce intellectual theft. No vouching, only what can be proven. We do what realities are.
A high school education is one aptitude and a 115 IQ. A diploma is two aptitudes and an IQ of 116 to 119. A degree is three aptitudes and an IQ of 120 to 124. A masters degree and some doctorates is four aptitudes and an IQ of 125 to 129. All other doctorates are five aptitudes and an IQ of 130+. Choose an educational level or IQ level that you won’t drop below.  If your family is currently all at the degree level, you might decide not to drop below a 120 IQ, so that you will always remain at the degree level.  If you choose to try to advance to further education, you might decide to try to find spouses with the same IQ.  This will help your family progress more quickly and you might move from diplomas to degrees in one generation.  Degrees to Master, Masters to Doctorates.  Avoid incest, it will ruin the process, since incest causes intellectual decline and can lead to disabilities.  With incest you can loose all of your hard work to advance yourselves in one generation.
All aptitudes are good aptitudes. Nurture all of them, each is a gift with its own reward. Choose people with your aptitudes to help you along.  A larger circle of like minded comrades can help you to work wonders in your chosen field.  You can choose to elect your own leaders to represent you and help you to lobby for your political rights.

Look into your mind. What do you see? Your journey awaits you there. Is it nature? Natural science? The peoples of the Earth? A building? What is your own journey? This is the adventure of your life! Your aptitude awaits you in your deep, mysterious mind. Look there. All of your life awaits you there!
Now choose your destination. For some, it’s chosen for you, for others, there are choices to be made. Pick a nation, where you’re aptitude applies. You will do a cultural exchange. Befriend them. Be kind. Don’t criticize. All of the world is full of great nations, future, present and past. All of the world’s people have brilliant stories to tell, their current world, their past, their future, their ancient peoples, landscapes and their beautiful country, their aspirations, their joys, their needs. Don’t destroy or belittle. They built their great nations from what the Earth gave them, help the Earth to give it back to them. Some nations are devastated by war and natural disaster.
You are the peacekeepers, enter with gladness. Delve into their histories. The modern man is a presentation of thousands of years of the souls of his ancestors. What a fabulous story to tell! Each one is a worthwhile being. All of the culture and all of the beauty of the world, forever into the past and future it goes.
All of the world’s peoples are created for the landscapes they inhabit. They share their habitat with the creatures and ecosystems of the Earth. Don’t plunder. Plunder is not wealth. Plunder is greed. We live forever, nurture and care.
The Earth chooses the natural inhabitants of each landscape, each nation, each continent. The Earth needs what it creates to survive. The human being, in their moral and humane way, saves the Earth and all of what the Earth provides.
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