The Unconquered Land

The Unconquered Land

Good Day all of You.  Welcome to National Preservation month.

This month we celebrate the great nation that we are.  This is a nation of prosperity, of grandeur, of negotiation, of peace!  Look around yourselves!  This great land given to us by the Almighty!  This land, this great peace!  A nation founded on Love, adventure, compassion, sharing and caring. This land, in the immense universe.  This land on planet Earth.

The early explorers encountered a land of diversity.  Fabulous creation by the great planet!  A wealth of discovery to explore.  This land, cast by the hand of the Almighty.  Fabulous country.  Awesome mankind.  Who are we, but the daring adventurer.  The uncharted wilderness was only a dare, courageous human, to explore.  Courageous human to share.  Life everlasting.  No  mortal perish. One great nation, one unified force.  For preservation, for  humanity, the moral, courageous spirit of man.  Hail Braveheart.  Your bravery conquers all.

Here, the parklands preserve and protect, the immense uncharted wilderness.  Here, the indomitable predator saves that wilderness space.  It’s need to survive demands the compliance of the spirit of the moral man, who listens to the song of the planet.  Sing!  Awesome planet!  Sing the song of your brilliant inspiration.  Sing the song of life, liberty, freedom!  Sing from your heart, your mind and sing from your soul!  The fabulous great Earth sings from the being of its creatures.  It sings with the wind, the howls of wolves, the song of the loon, the hoot of the owls and the buzzing of bees.  The Earth sings and it sings with glory!  Almighty mankind sing the praises of this great planet.  Sing with the Earth.  Sing with the great Forest, the tumbling waters, the gentle breezes.  Sing with the giants of the planet as they play and dance in freedom.  Sing for another protected place, another surviving ecosystem an0ther warm and endearing heart, another day.

Mighty human, who encountered no adversity here, praises.  The guiding light that shone for you centuries ago, is still the guiding light of this nation.  No plunder here.  No war.  A nation at peace with its peoples.  A nation where it’s multicultural people experience that direct acceptance.  That direct kinship.  That direct connection to place.  visit:  for national historic sites

It is wilderness, full of the beauty of the creation of the Earth.  The birds fly in multitudes,  the mighty beasts fill the lands and the ocean brims with creatures aquatic.  This is the land that the Almighty gave us and this is the land we share.

Early man, who married the indigenous people and lived.  Clever human, to   share so wisely.  To care so deeply.  To love so unconditionally.  Clever human, to build this great land.  To protect.   To preserve.  Clever human, to save the forest so the earth can breathe, to save the watershed so that the earth can cleanse itself, to save the animals so that the earth can create another miracle of an ecosystem, a miracle of life, a miracle of love.  The gift of the Almighty, to the human, was the great planet Earth, with all of the magnificence that  the Earth can create.  Lucky human, to share such a tremendous creation as the great planet Earth.

The Earth sighs,  thank you, almighty human, for protecting all of my creation.  The needs of the planet are high.

Thank you almighty human for saving the great oceans and all of the aquatic life within.  Thank you great human, for the protected airways, the protected landscapes and the protected ecosystem.

I am the great planet Earth.  Your holy ways of peace and acceptance, great human, thrive with me and we live for another day.  I am the great planet Earth, awesome mankind.  Sing with me and we express our joy, dance with me and we move in harmony.  Share with me and we dine in abundance.  Drink the waters of my pure unpolluted waterways.  Heal with me and we rid the pain.  Listen to me, almighty human.  I am the great planet Earth.  All of my creation is for the joy, the love of my being.  Care for it, great human.

I am all that you have.

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Written by:   Louise Hayes

May 4, 2103




Imagine the homestead to be a self sustaining property. The house and grounds were all that this family needed to survive. On a lot size of 100’x100′ there is room for various plantings and livestock as well.
This particular homesteader divided her lot in half. 50’x100′ was set aside for her livestock. The animals included 6 turkeys, for eggs and meat, 1 goat for mild, cheese, yogurt, butter,ice cream and cottage cheese. One sheep for wool and meat.
Goats produce approximately 3 litres of milk a day, so one goat provides enough milk for this family. One sheep produces 15 lbs. of wool a year. This wool yields 7.5 lbs of spinned yarn. This is enough yarn to kit sweaters, hats, mits and scarves for the family. The sheep, goat and turkeys will be pastured on one half of the property. The other half of the property consists of the house, a shed and the orchard and garden.
In the first year, the work is hard. She has to turn the soil to plant her gardens and this is back breaking, tiresome, work. She has to haul logs for her fire and to keep her animals healthy. The work is constant, but so is the reward. There is a daily supply of milk, eggs and meat. She has to churn butter and make cheese and yogurt, but she also has milk for ice cream and when the berries come, that adds to her luxury.
In the first year the homesteader planted red and black currants and raspberries. There is also rhubarb and an apple tree on her property. This provides enough fruit for her to sustain herself during the winter. She can dry her fruit and if there is a need, she can make pemican as supplies run out. She has also planted potatoes as a main crop which she can store in the cellar.
As the years go by, the homesteader becomes more affluent. Life is easier, since her primary needs of shelter, food, cloghing and warmth are easily met. There is less toil, so with more leisure, she becomes more adventurous. She plants two plums, a cherry, a hazelnut, a peach and an apricot tree. She transplants some of the raspberries to provide a privacy screen and to increase her yield. She plants one more of each of red and black currant and introduces white currant. Her berry production is high and her varieties with her enthusiasm. Two black lace elderberry, two gooseberry, two valiant grapes, three kiwi, two black raspberry, three lingonberry, a high bush and a creeping cranberry, plus blueberry. The exotics add to the wealth of the land, providing greater interest and nutritional value. The understory of the trees is planted with strawberry and herbs. Oregano, thyme, savor and sage are incorporated into her landscape for warmth for the trees and to savour her meats and cheeses and add additional flavour to her meals.
Lavendar, lily of the valley and roses provide scent for perfumes and soap. There are other flowers and flowering shrubs interspersed int the landscape to attract butterflies and bees.
Rhubarb and potato, plus carrots and other vegetables all produce food for her on this small plot of land.
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written by: Louise Hayes
April 7, 2013