The People

Good morning, mankind. Good morning, brave new world.

Ours is a world of adventure, built from a society of healthy, adapted people who met the challenge of life in the unchartered wilderness. A society of people who greeted the wild landscape with awe and inspiration. These peoples who followed the wildlife as hunters, who listened to the song of the Earth with gladness. The migrating birds filled their lives with prosperity, the lakes and oceans filled their stomachs with nutritious food, the forest plants provided berries and fruit. This is a land of plenty, to the daring adventurer whose heart sang at the challenge of living.

And what is it to live? Is it merely to survive?  visit : and view a video of one of the latest extreme sports. The daring adventurer lives for the joy of climbing the mountain, swimming the lakes, canoeing the rivers, hiking and hunting and dreaming the dreams of life everlasting. Praises to the great planet! Praises for the abundance of harvest! Praises for the joy of living! This amazing ancestor had all of the necessities of life. Clean air from uncut forests, clean water from unpolluted streams, food in abundance from a land of plenty, medicines from herbal remedies available from plants. The early human was an indomitable being, strong and courageous with a will to survive and live in prosperity.   This human was a genius at survival, able to craft tools, hunt, fish and play.  This human, who dressed in skins and furs.  The civilized man who lived in settlements and built communities.

This  civilized human who had so much luxury, they could share.   Furs for clothing, furs for bedding.  Skins for clothing and  skins for furnishings.  They had so much, that they would trade and share.

Share, the land, share their prosperity, share their wealth.  They would give their children in marriage, share their culture, share their knowledge, share their wisdom of the earth.  All who were so fortunate as to befriend them would live in safety and kinship and compassion.  Share this great land.  There was plenty for all.

Plenty of land, plenty of food, plenty of resources.  Not only for the human, but for the wildlife as well.  The land was filled with wild life and the lakes and oceans were filled with aquatic species.  So  much abundance from the Earth.  No hunger to the skillful hunter.

Our fortunate ancestors came to a land of humanity.  The people had luxury and leisure.  The trade in beads for artwork was an addition to the already bountiful life of the indigenous peoples.  They had time to spare and time to work on their great works of art.  Beads were in addition to their already well developed dyes for painting, feathers, bone and skin that were used constantly in art and apparel.

The people lived in developed settlements all across the country.  A civilization of unique people with culture derived from the abundance of the Earth.

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written by Louise Hayes

May 8, 2013

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