The birthing grounds

Hear us! Calls the great wild! In your mind, in your conscience, we are yours. Hear us, almighty human, our mutual support protects this planet and together we are one.
We are your ancestors, your soul, your protection, your survival and your adventure. What great landscape thrives without us. Devoid of song, only the wind and the creaking trees, the rushing meditative sounds of streams and rivers, but no other life. No bird songs, no love calls, no chance for a glimpse of that animal majesty. No thrill of wonder at the beautiful creature. The docile doe and her shy fawn, the immense bear and her tiny cub. The howl of wolves and the chorus of coyotes. Not a sound.
The quiet rings with its earie silence. The showy flowers dazzle with brilliant colour. We are alone. Alone in the great wild, alone on the planet. Plunder no more, it`s gone forever.
The earth song of the creatures of the night has vanished. The daily sightings of wildlife is a memory of the aged mind. Imagination.
Lost to traffic, environmental damage, habitat loss, global warming, plunder and greed. The small fish flee from the nets cast out and squirm and wriggle to be free. Still the catch is plenty, but the tiny ones are gone. Too small and delicate for the harsh handling. A life too difficult to conquer.
The plunder of the birthing grounds is a challenge too great to bear.
Here, sighs the great planet. Your stomachs are full. Full of the offspring of adults long gone. A last birthing place, now silent. For you mankind long for the setting sun and the endless restful waves. The constant splashing and rocking, the peace, the tranquility, the calm. Your minds are clear and peace becomes you. The ocean fills you with meditative peace.
Gone are the voices of the disturbing birds, the call of their insistent racket. They steal your prey and fly off with your catch. The mighty whale sinks to the ocean floor, his food source vanished and love song dies.
Here! Almighty human, we know your name! cries the great planet. The creatures don’t please you. Only the wind, the rain, the storm, that’s all you want, that’s all that there will be. The birthing ground is plundered and no life will be saved.
EAT! Your stomachs will be full! EAT!

There is plenty, groans the planet. There is plenty.
The wild creatures hear your command, oh great mankind. You are the master, you are the champion, you are supreme. For you we vanish, we die, we perish. For you we stop breading, we stop eating, we stop being. For you are the master and we are nothing. We will stop eating your daily catch, stop intruding your playful waters, stop singing our songs of joy.
We loved the planet. We lived and played here, but now we are gone.

We beg no more. You almighty man have conquered and the great planet sighs and gives in. We are gone.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
August 27, 2013

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