walk the great wild

Good morning Bravehearts.

Another awesome day, just for you. The great planet brings forth another day, the sun shines, the world rejoices, the call of the planet becons us. Your rise to glory, to fulfil your duty, to learn, to explore, to achieve.
Here is your duty, oh brilliant mankind. To save the great planet, the great celestial birthing place. All the others, devoid of life. Only us, in this immense galaxy.
The birthing place.
Songs of joy ring out as parents greet their own newborn. Tiny, precious offspring of love and kindness. The joy of creation, of wonder, of hope and compassion. A child! A gift! Oh happy parents, a gift of great joy. Yours! This child is yours!
The watchful, protective parent draws the child close to it and the family unit is one.
Imagine, oh mankind, the whole world that way. The life force of the great planet provides it`s own creativity. Each land produces plant and animal life unique to that space. Unique ecosystems, landscapes, peoples, weather patterns, crops, wildlife and plant life. Unique challenges for all life to bear, but all necessary for the interactive survival of each one.
The food chain sustains us. We ourselves are the most aggressive predator. Our diet is the most diverse. We encompase the globe and have global curiosity and plunder.
The starving planet provides less and less as the human population explodes. 7 billion and rising and our food sources decline.
The wolf howls his distant call. Hear us! Oh great mother! Hear us, oh great planet! We starve! There will be no pups this year! No more the wild herds of caribou, the battling elk, the deer. Lost to us is our own food source. There will be no pups this year!
The great planet moans and sighs its own grief. The wolves are a creation and a creature of the immense landscape of wilderness. They are a necessary predator, who keeps populations healthy by culling the weak. They take the old, the sick, the lame, the weak and only reproduce according to their environments. If the environment is strong and the food source sustains them, there will be offspring. Otherwise not.


In the wild, this scenario is commonplace. If the animal isn’t healthy enough, the offspring won’t be born.
7 billion, oh great human, 7 billion almighty man.
One more brilliant child joins us on the planet. Who can deny you your birth right? Your right to be born, to live, to life, to liberty. Who can deny you your place on this earth? Who can accuse you? Who can challenge you? Who can say no. Dearly begotten and most loved child, you too are a creation of the Earth.
The Earth sighs, oh wondrous being, you are the great human. You are the superior being. You are the brilliant one. Peace to you and all of you. All over the world, your lives of daring adventure. Protect your landscapes and the great wild. The awesome ocean and the tangle of rain forest.
The Earth sighs. Protect me, almighty human. Protect my needs to create, to give life, to be free! Freedom to create new species, to save the ones I have. To create environments of clean air and clean water. To create environments of wildlife and beauty. Hear me, almighty human. I starve with the starving animals, the loss of habitat plunders my regions and destroys my health. I too, mankind, have become weak. I put another shoot of grain for you to eat as my own environments starve and vanish.
Hail mankind, for your brilliant mind, your curiosity, your bravery. Hail mankind, for the being that you are. Bold, brave, intelligent. Save us, mankind.

Written by Dr. Louise Hayes
September 2,2013



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