You precious divas

Good morning you awesome divas
In a world of change you must change yourselves. In a world of increasing violence you must protect yourselves.
Beware the opportunist, the predator who lurks in wait for you, has a mind you don’t understand. Think clearly you precious ones, don’t be out too late, don’t be the last one to leave.
Violence is all around us. It breathes to us scandals of victims to come, a con of criminals relentless and desperate. They breathe in our ears of persons of ill repute. It is all about all of you. A stalker so stealthy, they pursue and divide.
Victims galore,unsuspectingly led, a false step without fear with a person of casual acquaintance. Beware you beauties, all of your friendliness, all of your polite conversation, all in good will, all in courtesy, all for naught if it leads to you.
You, darlings, be careful. Go home with the crowds, on well lit streets, with people still walking in the busy hours. As the crowds thin, you should be safe at home. The night life is for occasions with companions, never alone, never to meet people, always to be safe with people you trust.
Your car is parked at the door of your business. Your flashlight with your keys in hand and a cellphone companion to talk to while you unlock your car door and get inside. Safe. Your doors are locked and no stranger is with you.
Strangers. People you don’t know.
Cast out your safety nets, protect who you can.
The long road to equality rights, can’t end in despair. The history of sisterhood, can’t end in treachery. The
freedom to choose, to become an individual, to be the gift of the human that you are. These are the issues that were fought for, that were previously won. The rights to self improvement, to success, to personal achievement, to enter into the domains of work where only men hold rights. The pioneering women who came forward to boost the moral and achievement of women, can’t loose their hard fought lives to violence.
Caution, divas. You must take care.
Your home is your sanctuary. Your safe place. You need a witness to your return, you need an alibi and you need a soulmate. Don’t live alone. To venture out into the world alone is a precarious adventure. Who will protect you? Who will notice that you’re not there?
Cellphones and taxis offer some protection. That small investment for a life worth while.
The dark streets are never really safe. Dark parking lots are dangerous and predators are opportunists. We can’t loose you divas. Not you, not your children.
Society needs your survival. It needs your intelligence, your fine mind, your fine being and it needs your children. You, precious ones, must keep society safe. It’s your civic responsibility to keep yourselves safe.
No daring, late night encounters. No dare! No whims. Only the constant conscious of personal security, personal safety. You have won your rights, but you’re losing your freedoms.
Take back the streets was a message in vain. Take back the night was a message of danger.
You, divas, don’t know who lurks in the dark. Friend or foe it’s too much of a chance to take.
Take back your freedoms, oh wondrous ones. Be safe, not alone.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 1, 2013

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