Your castle

Hail to you brilliant mankind.

As you rest in the cozy shelter of your home, the palace of your own making, living with people you trust and people you love, your world of comfort and peace. The world spins by beside you and you turn to the quiet calm of your castle. Your fortitude from the elements, your privacy from passers by. This home, your perfect place, your solitude, your hospitality, your fortress and your wealth.
This living space, where you spend so much of your life is full of your character, full of your dreams, full of your creativity. Your possessions are an expression of your interests, your pursuits, your education, your creativity. This castle is about you. It shows us your culture, your good taste, your sense of style, your passions. It also shows us your congenialities, your hospitality, your affections and your personality.
Your home is the place of the passions of your mind, your heart and your soul.
Praises to you, oh brilliant mankind, for the diversity of your lives and the individualistic reality of your pursuits. Praises to you for the cultures you present, the music, the song, the food, the nurturing. Praises to you for the protection of the planet.
As you close the doors and shut the world out of your own quiet kingdom and recapture the world of your own fine mind, you find in your home, the peace and tranquility of your own making.
The people who you share this awesome space with are your closest allies. Your family, your friends. This is your grandeur. This is your place. This is your own negotiated peace.
Hail to you, mankind for the negotiated peace of our forefathers. For the wisdom to negotiate, to enter into agreements, contract and alliances. This great peace is the foundation of our country, our society and our lives. Here is the quiet castle of your home,is the grand human of moral society.. A society build on a structure of cultural exchange, of adventure, of trust without contempt, of peace amongst us. The peace remains amongst us still. A fight worth fighting for. The multicultural nation, the exchange of matrimonial ties, the births, the lives, the blessing of prosperity.
Here is your own wonderful domain, you enrich your lives with the presence of your past, your inspiring present and your great future.
Reconnect to your society, oh moral human. To the wonderful aspiration of multiculturalism. A nation built on the compassion of the people. No plunder, no war. Only the insistent call of adventure, the call of the land and the call of good fortune. Moral human, who was saved by the wisdom of cultural exchange, it saves us still.
Praises to you.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 2,2013

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