Solar Energy

Good day you awesome human

Tread lightly on the fragile planet, it brings to us so much inspiration and joy. A day of living, of exploring, of companionship of interest. A day, so valuable and important. A day to accomplish yet another task, goal or project. A day to fulfil yet another dream, to pursue your quest to the maximum, to experience the rush of exhilaration from achievement and success.
This day, brought to you by fine technology, computers, cell phones, internet, social media and connectivity. This day, brought to you by brilliant minds, working for the advancement of civilization.
Hail to you Oh fine minds, the comfort and world wide interaction is a gift of your fine aptitudes.
In the warmth and security of homes and buildings, the cost of the exploitation of the planet is distant to us. The need for international and community communication is so high that other factors become lost to us. Yes, the cellphone is a personal safety device. The computer is an essential communication device. Our world has become a smaller place where great distances are easily surpassed by technology. It costs us little.
The inventor has come to us so many times to save us.
The fragile planet sighs, almighty human, it needs your fine minds to save it.
The greening of our communities becomes an essential part of building. Solar power for heat, well insulated homes, a change in thinking regarding housing. An investigation into alternative energy sources provides for a change of environment. The sources of energy for all of your increasing comfort and survival needs, brought to you by the sun, instead of the planet.

Simple, easily attainable devices such as outdoor solar lighting, help protect your property with no energy cost. Such a simple device for your home, might have an alternative for the community. Outdoor solar lighting has been available for years and streetlights can be solar powered as well. There are so many companies offering solar power products to reduce the high cost of energy to the consumer and to offset the detrimental aspect of energy consumption for the planet. More and more devices are becoming solar powered, more and more ingenuity in capturing the suns energy for our own good use.

The needs of the planet are high. Without our diligent efforts to save it, we will loose this great place of life and living. This awesome sphere of wonder and joy.
The high costs of solar power are no longer a concern. Many new products are available to the consumer at reasonable prices.

An investigation into alternative power sources reveals to us an increasing number of products to purchase which will reduce energy costs and provide power. Each effort, no matter how small, is a step to save the great planet and ourselves.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 7, 2013

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