Hail to you oh moral human.
Cast out the evil of insistent intruders, the interlopers who pry into your lives. Your own domain houses your privacy and only the chosen ones enter your lives. This place of peace and prosperity for you. Share it wisely.
The plunder of the planet is a constant concern. Another building constructed on green space, another housing development on acres of previously held farmland. More housing for the masses, less farmland for our crops. Oh feed us, almighty planet, from whatever nutricious soil is left.
The housing crisis is a serious detriment to the planet. One more apartment complex for the ever increasing numbers of single people. Single from divorce, from circumstance or from choice. The single population puts an unnecessary demand on the planet. Another home just for one, another apartment, just a bachelor, just for one. More and more space put aside for people who can’t, won’t or don’t want to share.
The rising cost of utilities to heat homes just for one. The rising cost of infrastructure to accommodate all of those buildings which have so many people living alone. Another apartment building with one bedroom and bachelor apartments, just for one, but the social and economic stress is high. All of that costly infrastructure, all of that costly development, all of that costly land put into apartments, condominiums and one bedroom bungalows, just for one person. Our taxation skyrockets to fulfill the requests of plunder. Our housing shortage is an artificial number. It’s contrived by the growing numbers of families ousted from housing by single people living alone.
Development becomes excessive. The family is abused by inappropriate housing. All that’s available is a one bedroom accommodation. All that’s available is a bachelor apartment. Where will they stay?
The demographic study shows more demand for housing. Complexes are built to fulfill needs to repair the costly demands of single people. All that space, all of that land, all of those utilities, to provide for the comfort of one person.
Price increases, taxation skyrockets, the land succumbs to yet another development, farming and farm land decreases, wild spaces vanish, the city encroaches. With yet another dwelling comes more shopping malls, more roads, more utility lines, more plunder and more crowding.
The large companies who house work crews have a genuine need for bachelor apartments. A person stationed in an area temporarily needs accommodation. The difference in value, between hotel living and providing an apartment is high in cost. The consumer pays the price. The value of commodities essential for living escalates to pay for housing for work crews who cannot find accommodation. Hotels welcome them, but society pays their wage. Every cost is returned to the consumer and housing costs for travelling crews is high.
Affordable housing becomes the demand of the day and another productive farm is overtaken by development. Where will our grocery come from? Our negotiations are stable, we can always purchase from abroad.
Almighty human, with the earth so fragile, each decision is an important one. Housing is always a crisis. Food and food production is always a crisis. The preservation of the environment is crucial.
Before you venture out on your own, think about the planet and your own safety. Your family and your roommates protect you and the social costs of people living alone is too high for our fragile environment to bear.
written by Dr Louise Hayes
October 6, 2013

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