It Calls Us

Hail to the almighty human!

The awesome planet sings the praises of its being. The life springs forth from the rich earth and the world sings with the songs of spring. A paradise of co-habitation, plant, human, animal, contained in a small space of grand proportions. Life, live and joy in this great part of the earth, where all things live in the beauty of the great landscape. The majesty of the magnificent mountains, the lush, green forest, the sparkling waters and the clean, mountain air. This is the land of the almighty human, where athletes soar in competition and sport. A playground of adventure where the trails lead to precious views of unrivaled beauty, and the mountains dare the climbers to try them.
“Come!” calls the great planet. “Come to the joy of your being! the nation’s first National Park, Banff National Park, established in 1885

Test your strength oh brave hearts! Stretch your legs in the vast wilderness of parkland that entices you. Listen to the call of the wild, as it sweetly sings in your ears.
The birds call their courtship melody as we pass by their homes. Busy and intent, they build their private homes to protect the precious, demanding lives of their offspring. Soon there will be babies. Soon the roadsides will be bustling with delighted tourists, as they meet the wild and their wild new born. The brave bear with its tiny young, the sheep and goats with their nimble kids, and the deer and elk with their calves. Soon the wild will give birth, and the land will change to a robust new beginning.
The quiet of winter is past and for the next few months a new generation of life unfolds.
“Come to the wild!” calls the great planet. “Here the world of the daring adventure begins!”
Since the dawn of our beginning, the wild of the earth calls to us. The mighty oceans demand a crossing. The pinnacles of mountain tops, demand to be reached. The forest lures us to views, and challenges the senses with unknown obstacles.
“Reach for this height!” calls the mighty glacier, where the well waters of our rivers are born. Now, in the spring, when the world is divine, when the congenial planet warms us with warm, spring breezes and the deep chill of winter is past, now we venture forth into the land that was too precarious in the winter.
This is the land of the almighty human. The land, brought to us by the daring fur trader, the skilled negotiator and the kind and compassionate human who saves it. the bluest lakes on earth, by David Huting

The land whispers to us as we pass under the branches of the greening trees. Hail brave hearts, protect these great lands, for you and only you, can save it. The adventure of your lives has always been in the great forests, the great landscape and the great wild of this nation. The great peace is among us, the great negotiation of land and people, of adventure and fun, of wealth and beauty. Remember the past, oh brave hearts, the negotiation saves us still.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
May 13, 2014

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