Tranquility message

Tranquility Message

Praises mankind! Praises to all of you! For you, the mighty human are cast in the image of the Almighty. You are the adored, the compassionate, the astounding, the moral person, the human being. You, the human are the greatest of all of the Earths creatures. Praises to you for the gift of this great planet Earth.

You, who listens and understands the will of the Almighty. You who are chosen to care for this great planet. You who are entrusted with the salvation of all of life on the Earth. You, the human, the mightiest of all creation. Care for creation, care for the Earth, share the planet, for pigmentation of skin is only sunscreen. Each and every one of you are from the same roots. Share and be prosperous. Each land to yourselves to build, to nurture, to protect. Spoil yourselves in the glory of your exceptional accomplishments. The protection of a great landscape, that protected wild place, the enduring negotiation.

Praises to you for the beauty of the Earth, the constant calm, the perpetual quiet, the meditative stillness. (for 10 min. forest tranquility)

The great, powerful planet Earth, full of the wonders of its own creation, thanks mankind for their kindness to the planet. The Earth sighs, I will feed you, clothe you, give you shelter, keep you warm. You are here to save planet Earth and in return the planet will save you. The enduring partnership will save us both and we will live forever.

Brilliant mankind, save this planet and we will live forever. (for 10 min. cherry blossom tranquility )

The Almighty creator cast the Earth into the universe. There, planet Earth, your powers are immense. Produce life forms from your fertile soils and from your life giving waters. The Earth sighs with the power of creation, so wondrous to behold. Be grateful, mankind. People were sent to the Earth to save it. Not to destroy. You are the great negotiator, the peacekeeper.

The Earth is our HOME. This is where we live. In this immense universe, only here. Save this great planet, so that it can save you.

Your call to action. Share this post. Join an enviromental protection agency. The TD Bank of Canada has an environmental site to investigate. Find it here at
The US government has and environmental protection agency. You can find it here at

If you are looking to purchase trees, plants and garden products, one online site to visit is

The planting of trees and shrubs will help to offset some of the devastating effects of forest loss. Take action, mankind. You are capable of changing the path of the destructive forces
that are destroying the planet. You, yourself, one by one can bring peace and salvation to this planet. Plant your seeds, the Earth welcomes and needs the soil protection. You, great human, need the food and shelter. You need the plantings to survive.
Nurseries and greenhouses are plentiful. One of the many to visit is
written by: Louise hayes
April 1, 2013

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