Earth Day

Earth Day

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, on this fabulous day, to celebrate the creation of this awesome, almighty planet. Planet Earth.
This day, created to celebrate the joy of living, of joy of creation, the joy being. Being human, being alive, belonging to this world.
Hear us, great planet, we save you!
One marvelous creation, cast into the universe, by the Almighty. One fabulous creation, the gift of the magnificent, the awesome, the powerful, the life-giving planet, planet Earth.
Only one gift, one life, one world, one beginning, life never ending. Our salvation in the void of the universe, only one. Greatness. Creation. Planet Earth.
Hear us great planet. You save us! Praises, great planet. We save you!
On this wonderous day, created just for you, we sing your praises, great, illustrious, all inspiring, all encompasing, all creating, greatness. With gratitude we praise you, great planet Earth.
Hear our songs, great planet, as the voices of your creatures rise from the deeps of the massive oceans. The heavens and the earth sound with the songs of glory. The birds sing, the ponds sing, the oceans sing, the world sings. It is Earth Day! Rejoice! It is a day to sing about.
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The Earth sends us the joyous songs of it’s creatures, its forests, its oceans. The whole world sings earth songs.
The nurturing great planet, gives us medicines to heal our wounds, foods full of nutrients to keep us healthy, landscapes full of challenges for us to explore, with our minds and our bodies, for health, recreation, sport, curiosity and wonder.
For us, this great oasis is a joy, a bountiful wonder of creation and awe.
Lucky are we to be the chosen ones. The ones entrusted with this great gift. This almighty planet. This great good Earth.
Here, you awesome, so ever inspiring planet. Hear our song. Today we sing for you!
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This song for the Earth. Praises to this fabulous, marvelous oasis of ours.
Praises to the continuing creation, to the lasting negotiation, to the contract with the planet and between each other that is our lasting salvation. Praises almighty man for saving this one and only Earth. Praises to the Earth for its endless creation, its endless powers, its endless nurturing, its endless care. Praises to the Earth for life everlasting, world without end.
The great planet continues to rise above all war, all famine, all destruction.
On this special day, praises to the Earth.
We hear your call. You, mighty human, must save the planet. You mighty human, must answer the call. You mighty human, must protect this special, sacred, awesome planet. A gift of life in a void of universe. One special place in a mass of a lifeless solar system.
You, almighty planet, are the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs, the water in our mouths, the food in our stomachs. You, almighty planet, are it all.
Your call to action on this great and glorious day. Share this post. Make a donation to causes that support the creatures of the Earth. Visit: and, for compasionate support of the life gifts of our amazing planet Earth.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 21, 2013


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