Population density

Population Density

Good day, you great, almighty human! You’ve risen for another day to accomplish great and wonderful things! Praises to you for your brilliant minds. For your great achievments, for thousands of years of human occupation on this planet prove your superiority.
Look at your fabulous civilizations, your immense creations. You, who are cast in the image of the Almighty! You with the power to build and create. You, with that immense brain!

Oh, this great human being, who walks so proudly, taming animals, harvesting crops, building empires. Productivity, education. All individually, all united, all of one mind, all of one species, all over the world. So much the same.

Here, you peacekeepers, the differences are zero. Look over there! That magnificent monument, so perfect, such geatness to behold, it fills the world with generations of wonder.

Those are the people that the Earth put in that place. Encourage them to stay in their own nation. Help them to rebuild.

The indiginous peoples of each nation control their own populations, they build their own nations, they farm their own crops. Don`t encourage them to leave. Help the Earth to save them. Replantings of trees and shrubs along the waterways, helps to prevent soil erosion.

As the soil erodes and fills the waterways with dirt and chemical waste, the aquatic populations choke and suffocate in the murky waters. They can`t breathe. They can`t see. The dirt and grime prevents sunlight from reaching the bottom of the waterway, where plants and food sources survive. As the food source starts to die, so does the aquatic life that it supports.

Another dead waterway.

The soil, as it erodes, depleates the life sustaining shore. The plant life hangs on by a thread if it can. Pollutants from the shoreline wash into the water. Death and decay, fills our water supply with toxic waste and disease.

Brilliant mankind, live forever!

That one piece of garbage on the ground, or carelessly thrown into a stream can have dire effects. The pollution index skyrockets. Toxic waste fills the soil and contaminates the water. Environmental disease runs rampant through our lands. We die.

Who owns this planet. Who cast that bomb there. Who contaminated the air so that no one can breathe and no one can see. Who contaminated the soil so that our crops don`t grow. Who dumped all of that waste into the water so that now we can`t drink it, fish from it or play in it.

Was that you, brilliant mankind. Almighty human! You who are entrusted with the salavtion of this great planet. You, who walk in holy ways and are created in the image of the Almighty himself.

The Earth sighs, thank you mankind, for owr enduring relationship. Thank you mankind, for the peacekeeping that saves us. Thank you for pollution controls that clean the air, the water, the soil. Thank you for saving the forest so that I can breathe. No constuction, no development, no farming these lands.

The Earth sighs, it`s own needs are immense. Thank you mankind, I live for another day.

Your call to action, share this post. Join and make donations to an environmental organization. Get involved. Your conservation efforts are desperately needed. Here`s one organization http://www.forestethics.org/save-the-bou.

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written by: Louise Hayes
April 4, 2013

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