The Wolves of Yellowstone

Good morning Brave hearts!

The adventure begins, again! Lofty souls with high aspirations, lofty minds with virtuous goals. The spirit awakens to the joy of the day. A beautiful day, filled with the radiant beauty of the Earth.
Oh powerful orb of life in the universe. The creation of another day is the awakening of the dawn of life. Persistent animals and persistent plant life, thriving on a planet so amazing. The persistent planet, creating life, throwing more and more of its creation onto it’s surface. Live all creatures, sighs the great planet. Each and every one of you has it’s place on this great Earth.
The interconnection of ecosystems as they thrive in abundance, comes from the delicate balance of survival. The fittest are strong at each level of the food chain and the lush and nourishing environment survives.
A success story emerges, from a land of protected wilderness. The cry of the wolf as it sings its song to the Earth. It’s song of thanks and survival in a land of previous desolation to this wild animal. A land of previous culling and constant hunting and extermination. A land where the wild were no longer understood and the call of the wolf died in eerie silence. Gone from the land, gone from their lives and gone from the great wild.
Now the majestic beast has returned, reintroduced to a hostile and foreboding land of merciless hunting. Now protected instead of despised, the healthy hunter has regained the wild.
Hail, almighty human, for the understanding of the will of the great planet, for death no more to the mighty hunter, for research and experiments and environmental protection. The call of the wolf as it sings to you on this day. We are saved!
The experiment in Yellowstone National Park in the United States tells a tale of wildlife and landscape interconnection that hails of the virtues of this predator. The thriving, healthy population of the wolves has changed the land in Yellowstone and increased the beauty of the Earth in this park. The healthy predator, culling the week, preventing overpopulation of its prey, preventing over browsing of shrubs and trees and allowing the growth of saplings and regeneration of the forest.
An interesting experiment in wildlife interconnectivity. Why did the great Earth create the wolf? To sustain it’s environments, brave hearts, to send the predator into the wild, to protect the great landscape. To protect the forest and the other wild animals. The interconnection of life in the wild.
Hail, almighty human, for the wisdom of this fine and brilliant experiment. For the protection of the wild and the great beauty of the Earth. For the lives of the great hunters sing in joy and praises. We live! Our pups will be born this spring and we no longer starve!
Praises almighty human, you save us!

the wolves of Yellowstone – How Wolves change rivers

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
February 17, 2014

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