Valentine’s Day

Good day, you awesome human.

A morning of special delights, where the world calls you and you rise to the joy of another day of life well lived. A holiday. A day of love and kindness. A day to remember that special someone who makes the world a wonderful place. A day set aside to remember the joy of sharing, the compassion of each day, the companionship and the affection. The security in a world where love resides. Valentines Day in Jasper National Park

Great human, all of life needs your love. All of life, needs your attention, your affection, your nurturing and your caring. All of life needs your awareness and kindness. All of life calls to you and all of life craves your support.
Brave human, tread so softly on the great planet. That tiny, wounded life calls to your heart and your mind. Save us, almighty human! Don’t let us die!
The wondrous planet sends life to it’s surface for us to explore, to enjoy. That beautiful great land, with so much abundance of life, of love, of giving and sharing. The world, so full of awe and wonder. The world so full of life and adventure. The world of the creation of the Earth. Of splendor and glory and magnificence.
Plunder not, oh great human. This glorious great Earth is a masterpiece of life and living. The joy of creating, the duty of care.
Whose world is this, almighty human? Where you, almighty man, have gifts of emotion of happiness, of compassion, of kindness, of affection and of love.
See the world for the oasis of life that it is. One small planet in a galaxy of rock and dust, where no other humans can live. Here, on this tiny planet, where the Creator casts it’s mysterious spell and life forms thrive in abundance.
The Earth sings with the joy of the living planet. It sings with all of it’s heart for the love of living and the joy of their being. The tiny ones, obeying and dutiful to their call, the mighty ones, protecting their place and securing the destiny of the landscape.
They are the creation of the Earth, their rightful place is among us, with us, in our soul. Their presence makes us happy. Another awesome creature, a dutiful life with a deliberate purpose. It’s creation, to fulfill it’s own destiny in the landscape that it inhabits, like us, great human. A life of purpose, created to fulfill it’s own calling.
Hail, great almighty human, for you have loved and you have conquered. Your superior aptitudes and skills are proven. All others acknowledge your might.
Hear us, sing the Earths creations. The joy that our lives are. We too have a great gift to share, we too have a place on the great planet, we too have love and kindness. We too, have emotion and our lives are difficult.
You, great human, on this wonderful day of love and kindness, have peace between you. No wars are fought, no turmoil, no pain. The kindness of the day, for you and for us.
Happy Valentines Day.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
February 14, 2014

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