A Day for World Wildlife

Hail brave hearts
Peace amongst you on this day of celebration. A day for the earth to sing its songs of gladness and to fill our hearts with joy.
This is a day for us to take action against the plunder of the environment, against the devastation of habitat loss and against the vanishing land and the precious wild lives that it contains. The earth sings its songs of gladness for all of the lives it creates, for all of the creatures that inhabit this globe and live in the balance of the natural world. A predator, a prey, a tree or a flower, all are victims of habitat loss and environmental destruction. They are victims of pollution, of over development, of starvation and poaching. The wide variety of life forms becomes more and more limited as sensitive species perish from over harvesting, starvation, habitat loss and over development. They call out their names as they vanish into the archives. Lists of animals and plant life, gone forever into the unknown world of perished species.


Endangered wild life, rare species, animals struggling to survive in a world already so overpopulated with people that the sparse land can house no more.
Dead land, desert, rock, dead lakes, pollution, plastics, fuel, contaminants. Too much for the wild life of the world to bear. No where to find clean water to drink, no where to find fresh grass to eat. Insecticides, pesticides, poison. Contaminated food, contaminated soil, contaminated water. Forest fires, shale, rock and clearing. No where to find shelter, no where to birth this offspring. No where to live.
The sound of the earth mover rumbles in the distance. Run from the machinery of habitat destruction, fire and smoke, it sears our eyes and burns our lungs. The forest is gone, the thickets are cleared, our bellies are swollen from pregnancy, but where to go to birth this calf. What to eat, as the grasses die, where to lie down as there is no shade.
The tiny ones can run no more. Their new legs so awkward, struggle to move. Their tiny hearts and panting breath, they cannot take another step. Their weary bodies, from too much exertion, lie down and rest to sleep some more. Where to find that needed shelter, shrubs and thickets to curl up in. Hours old, the tiny ones can only rest. Run? They can’t run. Hide? Where can they hide. The warm thickets that protect their small bodies die of harvesting and disease and the babies have no where to go.
Tiny offspring, who struggle to survive, your lives are hard enough. The natural balance of predator and prey, fills your lives with fear and hardship. But now, where to birth that new offspring, where to protect that tiny life?
The starving mother lies in stillness as her body consumes that tiny embreo. No food for this offspring, it won’t be born.
One day to celebrate the salvation of the planet. A day for world wildlife and environmental protection. Hear us almighty human, as we raise our voices, for the call of the wild.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 3, 2014

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