To Be or Not To Be

Hail, brilliant mankind

Your worldly destiny awaits you. Your brilliant mind shows you your finest aptitude, it looms in your conscience, it directs your intellect. Your motivation comes from that fine image. The mind, conjuring a course of destiny for you. It’s ingrained in your being, it’s part of your living, it becons to you and persists. Listen to the call of your brilliant mind, oh wise ones. That fine image that’s conjured in your mind, is the aptitude of your finest being. This is where your life is, this is your goal, set out for you. Pursue this to fulfill the destiny of your genetics. Pursue this so that your mind tells you, this is being.
To live is to set your life in motion. Not the stagnant, I am , but the motion, I am being. I am being, who I am. Not who I will become, but who I am being.
Is it enough for your aptitude? When you say to yourself, I am being, does your mind respond favorably, or does your mind cringe. Do you have that positive support for your being, or do you need to revampt your skills, your social circles, your connections, your workplace, your goals. Do you need a change in lifestyles, a change in location, a change in connections? How to fulfill that pressing destiny, the inspired aptitude that haunts you. It creeps into your conscious and waves it’s hand. Brilliant mankind, follow me, to the path of your destiny. Cast out the evil that persists to topple you, the critics and the abusers. Their names are irrelevant. No more the harsh criticism that prevents your achievement, the harsh accusers that block your way. No more the bullies with no aptitudes. You choose the support, not the critics. The kind, not the callous. The ones that will help you to fulfill the persistent calling of your fine mind.
Cast out the evil in your life. Cast out the devil that intrudes and diminishes you. Your precious life is for being. Is your being enough? Does your mind respond with favour? Have you chosen properly?
Brilliant mankind, whose destiny calls to you from the finest source of your highest aptitude, follow the course set out by your fine mind. The achievement of your life awaits.
For the success of your living, to be is a verb, the constant action taking place. The like-mindedness is only professional, not for casual aquaintences, or casual relations. Your life is for you to live, not for the intrusions of the curious. Do you have time in your life for failure and despair. There will be some, but not of the kind of permanent failure. Save yourselves, oh brave hearts.
Regardless of everything, only bring the positive, kind and compassionate people into your lives. No deceit, no knives in your back, no maliciousness. Only the intelligent, life supporting people that help you find your way. That is the strength of your being, that is your mutual sharing, that is your life support system. These are your friends.
To your success, oh brilliant ones.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 6, 2014

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