Good morning, you brilliant ones.
The stars shine upon you and the sun casts it’s warmth to you and you are saved.
Hail, brave hearts, rise to the glory of this day, for this is a day for you, for your being, for adventure and play. Cast out the curse of the devil and the downtrodden, the debilitating foe of criticism and malice. The tormentor, whose evil plays on your self- esteem and discourages your ambition. Don’t take chances, whispers the devil, stay home, it says, don’t go out to play.
Sometimes, for your safety, those words are correct, but too often the fears of the devil make us weak. Too often that voice penetrates the mind and reduces enthusiasm or motivation. Too often the devil speaks with cunning, undermining criticism. Beware the devil, oh brilliant ones, he speaks to everyone and he speaks with abuse. To truly achieve, the devil must be silenced and the strong will of a determined mind, obeyed.
The devil will tell you to sleep in, that your body isn’t strong, that your mind is poor, that your destiny is shallow and eventually, that you are a slave.
Courage, oh brilliant ones. Stay on your course, no success was ever achieved by listening to the belittling remarks of the devil.
Sleep, oh dreamy heads, calls the devil. Eat and gorge yourselves, plunder and kill. For what is might but to be mighty. What is strength, but to be strong. To wield a weapon and to be feared.
The inner devil is a debilitating master. A foe of persistent and domineering presence who commands laziness, asks for cake, don’t run, only drive. Don’t recycle, says the devil, cast it on the ground. Let the earth clean itself, to the growing number of human inhabitants.
The devil tempts with short term gain, a treat for the taste buds, but a mind boggling danger to the body. Too much sugar, too much alcohol, too many vices. The body aches and grows old in weary intolerance of the growing number of contaminates the body consumes. Poor food quality, poor water quality, poor air quality. Plunder and abuse, the earth, the water, the animals and the humans. Fell the forest, burn it to the ground. Our common sense is confused by the contradictions of experts. Loss of property, loss of habitat, pollution, over development. Kill, says the devil, and down it comes. Murder, says the devil and plunder calls us. Death says the devil and society rocks in turmoil and crime.
Flea,says the devil, arm yourselves, the enemy is everywhere. Hysteria and hardship follow the devil and he speaks a language of destruction and despair. War to the planet, victims everywhere. No mercy, no life.
The brave will come forward and cast out the devil. Be strong, oh brave hearts, it persists everywhere. Take charge of your mind and overrule the persistent devil that entraps you into complacency and weakness. The devil, who wastes your days and fills your time with idleness. The devil, who ignores your health, who causes inferiority, who develops life reducing habits.
Silence the devil, oh brave hearts and build your strong and healthy lives.
To your success.
written by Dr. Louise Hayes
March 9, 2014

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