A Day for Planet Earth

A Day for Planet Earth

Hail Brave hearts

It’s still out there.  The adventure awaits.

April brings us warm, sunny weather.  A perfect day for a perfect outing.  Into the great wild we go.  The conditions are perfect for us today,  snow pack, snow bridges, flat trail.  The river crossings are easy and the destination is close by.  A mere 5 kilometers of snow covered terrain.

This is an easy destination for the adventurer, in a time when exploration of the area was crucial.  The need to know the area, so that the land is familiar and accessible.  The need to know every inch of the surroundings, so that we can travel safely, intelligently and explore the land.

We’re on a seldom used and little known trail.  Awesome!  Lucky for us, that we are the explorers of this day.  We travel easily. The terrain is flat and accessible, opening up to a world of stark beauty.  A flock of pretty robins flutter in the forest and run along the snow.  It’s a surprise to see them, especially in this location.  Then we spy it, our destination, the glacier.  The source of our water supply, the beginnings of the rivers.  Since it is a warm day, we watch avalanches slide off the glacier into the moraine below.  We are silent.  Only us, in this great wilderness place, all to ourselves, on this fine day.  Perhaps the crowds of tourists have come before us, but we know they haven’t.  There’s still some wilderness left in the great wild.

A few days later, we hang up our snowshoes and go crocus hunting.  It’s an unusually cold spring.  Global warming?  Climate change is a better phrase.  Sometimes we see these early spring flowers at the end of March.  This year, they’re still struggling to appear and it takes until mid April for these showy purple heads to blossom.  Once they start, they’ll carpet the fields and hillsides in glorious purple.  More wonders and beauty to behold, and so easy to find.

The protected wilderness areas are a significant contribution to our health and lifestyles.  A daily walk in the park to spectacular views,  precious wildlife, blooming wildflowers.  The joy of the living planet, giving us air, supporting our lives, giving us recreation and wonder.  It gives us peace and clears our minds to wander in the great wild.  Always a fantastic scene to behold, sometimes by accident, sometimes by creation.

This great day is Earth Day.  One day, for our awesome, awe inspiring planet?  Only one day to take a look at the marvelous creation of this great planet Earth.  This day is every day.  A day for the joy of your senses.  A day to breathe the fresh air and cleanse your soul in the beauty of the earth.  This adventure is not just for today, but for all of your time here.  Time to explore, time to live, time to enjoy the life on this Earth.

Lucky mortals, to be alive on this great planet.  Intelligent mortals, to save God’s great, good earth.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

Earth Day, 2021

I Walk for Water

I Walk for Water

Good morning Brave hearts.

The clean water, delivered to your home, provided by an intricate system of plumbing and waterworks. A modern invention of convenience and good health, that changed the lives of the developed world and brought relief from harsh living conditions. A feat of engineering, a marvel of advancement. Clean water brought into your homes and clean plumbing as well.
This fabulous technological improvement in our lives has saved thousands of people from water born disease. The convenience itself keeps us cleaner and healthier. More water to drink, for washing dishes, laundry, the shower and your home. This modern improvement has changed our lives. No more buckets of sparingly dispersed drinking water, of trips to the outhouse in the freezing cold. Modern plumbing, brought to our homes, keeps us cleaner and healthier.
The earth sighs from the weight of pollution. Dirty water is a killer to the earth as well. The clean, sparkling rivers and streams, the network of lakes and ponds, are life sustaining necessities of the planet. Clean water! The marvelous sight of waterfalls and tumbling rivers, of beaches for play and lakes for swimming. Playful past times of sport and leisure, through the abundant waterways of our country. The network of rivers for exploration, navigation and trade. Clean water, a necessity of life!
A primary component of the human body is water. Proper hydration keeps us alive. A dehydrated body functions poorly and dehydration can put the body into peril. Clean water, drinking water. A precious commodity of life giving sustance, water cannot be taken for granted.
All over the world, nations work to keep their waterways clean.
Sluggish, brown, dirty water is a peril to the planet and to our lives as well. Water pollution is a dreaded enemy, toxins and waste are killers. The mighty oceans die from oil spills and the rain hails down polluted drops.
Today, is just one day to remember to enjoy a glass of clean water for your health, to promote the benefits of the life giving force. This glass of water, now enjoyed at leisure, with no thought of the work and cost of this marvel in advancement. Filtration systems, wells, lagoons and piping, bringing fresh water and cleaning the contaminants. The average African woman walks six kilometers a day for water.
Today, I walk for water. A simple gesture on behalf of the planet and ourselves. A fundraiser for clean water. Water pollution is an all round killer that we have to constantly address.
With your support today, another water source could be saved. Please give generously. Your donations count.
http://www.iwalkforwater.ca/ Aveda, I walk for water campaign.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
April 22, 2014

National Oceans Day

National Oceans Day


Welcome, almighty human, to this day of salvation, memory and adventure.  Who are we, but the builder of ships, the sailor of the mighty seas, the adventurer of the ocean. To set sail, has been the adventure of our lives for thousands of years.  To set forth, to discover, to fish, to explore, to enjoy.  The oceans have always been a place for us and have always provided for us.

The vast seas with their immense variety of life forms, so many that we are still discovering them to this day.  The oceans, to their dark depths and to their far off horizon.  They compel mankind to discover.  They entice us.  What lies beneath the surface of these great waters.  Through our thousands of years of human history, the answer has always been, food!  Food for the hungry.  The oceans are plundered world wide for food.

The oceans give us plenty.  The fisherman casts his nets to save the starving world populace.  Food.

The ocean also gives us a play land of fun.  Large waves to surf in, warm beaches to lay upon, soft sand with interesting shells, warm water and curious creatures to watch.  The oceans, with their tides, the sunset, their beauty are another call to adventure for us.  Even if we are small, we still love the ocean.

There is another call to action, that the ocean brings to us.  The waste, the garbage, the  toxins, the pollution.


The garbage that ends up in the ocean, kills sealife world.  The oceans are becoming a dump of waste.  Plastics, which are recyclable and other waste are building up in the oceans and destroying water, the plant life, the reefs, the coral, the animal, the fish and the bird life.  The pristine beauty of the world, that we covet so much is vanishing to a view of discarded waste.   Plastic, paper, cans, bottles all being tossed into the water causes pollution that even this almighty planet Earth cannot control.

The awesome planet, with so much healing and creative power, can’t keep  up with the plunder, the reckless destruction, the habitat loss, the pollution, the oil spills.

Hail mankind!  As mighty as we are, we still turn to the planet to save us.  To save us from starvation, from cold, from poverty, even from despair.  We expect the awesome planet to regenerate itself, to heal and to cure itself, to replenish what we take and to repair the damage.  We assume that the awesome planet can recover and give it all back.

Not so.

The mighty planet needs help.  The mighty oceans can’t keep up with the fishing industry.  They can’t keep up with the discarded waste, they can’t keep up with the environmental damage.  They can’t keep up with the plunder.

Today is only one day.  World Oceans Day.  One day for environmental day, but this day, this one day, must last for the rest of our lives.  To  change the world takes one day and one day to last for all time.  The oceans and all of its creatures are needed for the survival of this planet.


Rejoice!  Today is the day for the Oceans.  Rejoice.  It is an awesome day.

Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

June 8, 2013


English: A picture of compost soil

English: A picture of compost soil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feel the earth under your feet.  The life producing quality of the soil.  Rich in nutrients for our harvest, the soil is key to our survival.  Healthy soil, healthy food.  No pollution or contaminants for the earth

Our land fills are overflowing with recyclable debris.  Recycling reduces waste and increases our productivity.  It increases our ability to make use of used products and to turn discards into useful products.  It helps us to use our imaginations in discovering a purpose for items that would otherwise have been discarded to the landfill.


The landfill is a nasty brew of toxins.  Although it may be possible to the cover mess with soil, burying toxins contaminates the soil and makes it dangerous for plantings.



Some of your recyclables are very good for the soil.  A composting bin where you can recycle vegetable food scraps, leaves, lawn cuttings and egg shells reduces itself to a highly nutricious black soil.  This soil is very beneficial to your garden and to the earth.  Even a small composter will help to reduce the amount of food waste that is dumped unnecessarily into our landfills.  Black earth is an expensive product to purchase.  That nutricious soil comes to you via your own discarded vegetable waste.

Since it is environment week, please consider the beneficial effects of recycling for yourselves and for the earth.  There are many products that can be recycled and reused.  A healthy, productive garden is only one of the many benefits of recycled materials.

Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

June 7, 2013

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day

Before the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, ...

Before the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, air pollution was not considered a national environmental problem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Save the forest!  Save the trees!  Plant a tree a shrub a bush a flower.  These plants are our salvation, they are our clean air.

Save me, sighs the great planet, I need the forest for my lungs.  I need that immense diversity of plant life so that I can breathe.  It’s not enough to clean the air with anti-pollution devices. Cleaning the air doesn’t create oxygen.  I need the mighty forest, the green earth to breathe.

Breathe mankind.  The clean air keeps you healthy.  No airborne diseases and pollution ridden skies.  The clean air is your health and your life.


Almighty human, with your immense mind, your brilliant aptitude, your compassion and nurturing.  Save us, calls the Earths creatures.  This is our home!


One more tree to plant, one more life to save.  There are 7 billion people on the planet and those people need air to breathe.  Clean air.  No pollution, no war, no more deforestration.  The deserts are increasing and the sand gives us nothing.  Nothing to eat, no shelter, no life forms, no oxygen to breathe, no plants to create oxygen.  The increasing desert brings death to the planet.  This fabulous oasis in the universe can’t sustain itself without the forest.


A small oasis in the desert, is like the Earth in the universe.  All of that vast, uninhabitable space, with a minute amount of life giving force.  That is the Earth in this solar system.  A small planet of life amongst a void of rock and gases.

We are alone in the solar system.

The life giving forces of the planet are strong.  The creative force that creates life is still giving. Human babies are being born every second.  The human population of the earth is constantly increasing and there is less oxygen in the air.  More lungs demanding air to breathe and less oxygen to fill them.  More bellies demanding food and less aerable land to produce it.  More bodies needing fresh drinking water and a water table diminishing.

The Earth still provides at the maximum capacity that it can, but it can’t create oxygen without it’s plant life.  Plants and trees are essential to the survival of the planet and to the survival of all animal life forms on the planet.

It is not enough to say, plant a tree, but it’s a start.  We need to start.  Planting a tree provides shelter for animals and birds, shade for your grass and for your comfort, sometimes food and healing products for your bodies.  Trees help to take pollutants out of the air, they provide oxygen to clean the air and oxygen for our lungs to breathe with.  The mighty planet provides all, but sustainability is not enough.  We are producing humans at an alarming rate and these people need to survive.

More lungs needing oxygen, more bellies needing food.  How will you save yourselves, almighty human.  The earth is stretched and provides what it can, but you, almighty mankind, must save yourselves.  A tree for the Earth is a tree for yourselves.  A forest to save the planet is a forest to save ourselves.  We need clean air to breathe.

Save our forests, plant more trees.  Even your shrubs and bushes will help.

Your call to action:  share this post.  Participate in Environment week.  It’s only one short week to remind us of the dying planet and the need to save it.  One ecosystem, one forest, one week of salvation.  Heed the call, your garden is needed.  One more tree, one more chance.


Written by: Dr Louise Hayes

June 5, 2013

Environment Week

Environment Week


Listen to the Earth song.  The rapture, the glory.  The song from the mighty planet, it fills our lives.  Hear the sounds of the planet, with joy, with gladness.  Great, bountiful Earth with songs of praises, songs of joy.


The brilliant, beautiful displays of colour.  All the hues of the forest, all the vibrance of the meadows,  all the showy flowers and the cascading waters.  The Earth.  So magnificent, so powerful.  All life comes  to us from this mighty planet.

Here, you awesome planet, the oasis for us.  We live our lives with gratitude, with compassion. For the world presents itself with boundless  discovery!  Each day gives us the opportunity for more knowledge, more sport, more information, more aptitude.  The mighty Earth with its seasons and  changes.  The great, good Earth, how to praise it.

This week, this short space in time, we contemplate the protection of the planet. How to save it, how to save ourselves.  One short week of sharing ideas, information and knowledge.  Too little.  To take a week out of our year to concentrate on environmental protection, is  not enough time.  In the lifespan of the mighty planet,  the needs for protection of the planet is constant.

Constant striving for zero pollution, constant striving for human population control, constant striving to reduce the impacts of development.

Environment week praises the planet for all of life.


Thank  you, sighs the great planet, Earth, for the protection of that ecosystem. for unpolluted waters, unpolluted skies, unpolluted soil.  Thank you for no plunder, all life survives.  Thank you, almighty human, for compassion, nurturing, reforestration.  Without the forest, the planet will suffocate, it will die.  Without oxygen in the mighty ocean, it will die.

The mighty planet sighs, with the burden of pollution.  Too much for its natural abilities to recover.  Too much waste, too much plunder.  Too much hardship for the great planet.  It’s immense variety of animal life is being destroyed, it’s wonderful  forests, for air to breathe are vanishing,  it’s mighty oceans are dying.

Brilliant mankind, sighs the great planet.  Thank you for your efforts.  Each ecosystem is fragile, each is needed, each is a creation of its own divinity.  Each is a refuge to a world of it’s own.

Brilliant mankind, sight the great planet.  Thank you for environment week, even this small gesture, is worthy of praises.

written by: Dr Louise Hayes

June 4, 2013

A Colony

A Colony

Good morning all you awesome beings.  It’s another day of creation and grandeur.  Another day of bold inspirations and  undertakings.

Hear the call, as the earth awakens.  It becons us.  Rise, mankind, your call to another fabulous day.

Here, sighs the great planet, as another morning approaches, another sun climbs into the sky, another day unfolds before us.  Here, almighty human, is another day, for you.  For your quest, for your courage, for your heart, for your adventure.  Inspired human, with such magnificent aptitude, leadership, knowledge, strength and skills.  You, who rise above the rest and say, follow me, follow me, follow me to the ends of the earth, to the end of time. Oh mortal man, with mortal life, follow me into the unknown.  Follow me into dread and peril.  Follow me into dark and danger.  Follow me, for I am the leader and you are my dutiful subjects.  Follow me.


Their greatly skilled leader chose a formidable route, through the high seas to lands of unpromising abundance.  Weather, snow, hardship and toil.  The lands were harsh, the landscape difficult, the weather unbearable, the oceans high and tumultuous, wind, current, rain.  Still to travel on, to voyage of discovery, to tales of heroic triumph, to be the unbeatable foe.  The quest was immense, the distance overwhelming, the hero an uncanny mortal man.

We’ll colonize here, demands the mighty leader and the deathly, dread of the dutiful subjects acknowledge their plight.  Yes, they will stay.  In this unknown place, their fate is sealed.


For a few spectacular years they foraged in the forest, built their small community, reaped a harvest and stayed in the strange, far off land of shrouded mystery.  Yes, these stalwarts survived.  The first landing, the first colony, the first nation to set foot on the land of plenty.  The colonization was successful.  They survived the  winter and the warm, vibrant summer.  They proved their strength, their superiority, their skills and their might.  These early inhabitants from the north sea proved their creative genius, their will to survive, their superior strength of mind and body.  They felt the swell of pride in their chests, the song of glory in their hearts.  Victory!  The thrill of achievement.  They were the almighty man!  The courageous adventurer, the indomitable foe!.

And then they left.

Home, cries the heart.  Home cries the soul.  Home cries the spirit and with the homesick heart of man, came the compelling urge to abandon.  They left.

400 years would pass before another from their continent would traverse the high seas to these far off lands.  The year is 1000 AD.  The people were farmers from the Scandinavian countries.  Farmers, who dared to be sailors.

Without their heroic leader, they no longer had the desire or the inclination to set their sights on destinies unknown.  No longer the urge to explore uncharted waters, to discover great continents.  No longer the will or the drive to mount an expedition of men to pursue the call to adventure.

Now, they were quiet.  The gift of that great spirit of man that moved them to acts of tremendous courage had parted.  They waited in quiet anticipation for another.  Who would lead them on?  Their memories of grandeur moved them.  Dare we?  Should we?  A leader was needed.  Their patience was uneasy.  The adventure was necessary.  A new leader was needed,  but the leader didn’t come.


Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 27, 2013







In celebration of the day of creation, a day for mothers.

What do we call you, oh wise one?  Where all of life comes from.  Do we call you mother Earth?  All of creation comes from your awesome powers.  The power to create, to bring life to the planet, to nurture and care. From the tiny seed of creation to the full magnificent adult, nurture and care.

The mothers responsibility is to nurture, to create, to protect, to love and to  care for the mortal life that it creates.  It’s a mother to us all.

The great creative force that produces life is a wonder, an inspiration, a blessing.  It is Awe!  To be so immense that life itself is the reason for its existence.  The existence of creation, of life.

The force of the great planet produces life in abundance and variety all throughout its landscapes.  It produces life and adapts life for existence in harsh landscapes and in bountiful, beautiful landscapes.  It produces life at the extremes of the planet, the cold far poles, the deep depths of the oceans, the high towering alpine.  All of creation must be inhabited somehow.  By a plant, an insect, an animal, a fish, a reptile, a human.  All of the Earth is covered with life forms.  If we can’t live there, we still go there.

Awesome planet, the seed of creation is yours.  Natural discovery can’t surpass you.  Exploration of all aptitudes can’t unravel the mighty, mysterious spark that ignites the seed and takes it from a sterile isolated self to a fertilized explosion of being.  A life!  Whatever it is.  As much as humanity delves into the mystery of creation, that spark is still the accepted unexplained.  Life itself is the accepted unexplained.

We, the mighty human are your creation.   The great planet Earth produces life according to the needs of the planet.  It needs all of its creation, like all mothers need all of their children.  All of the diverse ecosystems, all of the diverse climate, all of the diverse waterways, landscapes, animal life, plant life, airways, minerals and resources.  The great planet Earth produced it all and the great planet Earth needs it all in order to survive.

Unsurpassed human, the almighty man, on this great day of creation, praises!

Praises to the life giving force of creation, to the soul of mankind, to the immense aptitudes of brilliant minds and logical thinking.  Praises for life everlasting and to the eternal well being of the planet.  Save yourselves, oh  awesome human.  Treat your mother with care.  She can’t live without you.

Visit http://www.cwf-fcf.org for the salvation of the mothers of the Earth.  They so desperately need your compassion.

Of all of the forces that created one small infant, magnified a gazilion times, in so many ways.  Love of a human one to another.  A cherished gift of life itself.  A  human life, so precious.  Life itself.

Life, to the planet, is survival itself.  Creation of life forms is salvation to the planet.  It needs what it creates to survive.

What is the force that binds us, oh almighty human.  Is it characteristics, sharing an ecosystem, a development?  Or is it something more  profound.  Is it nurture and care, great human?  What sets us apart on  the planet also binds us to the planet.  The Earth is the mother of creation.   Care for our great mother and she will care for us.

Your call to action:  share this post.

Visit www.holesonline.comwww.chinookflorist.cawww.forestofflowers.com  for praises to your own mother.

Visit www.youtube.com/user/natureandwild?feature=mheeRELAX and click on a water meditation, for natural calming inspired by the great planet

The North

The North

This Earth of Mankind

This Earth of Mankind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings, you almighty one.  Praise this day!

It is a day for us!  A day to reflect on the awesome wisdom of the Almighty, the champion of mankind. A day for the praises of the Earth.  Preservation.

The national and provincial parks, the museums, the historic sites and monuments, the architecture and the culture, the wild lands and the arctic.  Preservation.  A word that is for all of us. Preserve the Earth, preserve the wildlife, preserve our history, preserve ourselves.  Save us!  That is what preservation does.

A look into our glorious past shows us a people of endurance.  Climb that mighty mountain, canoe the roaring river, travel the icecap.  All along the way, building a human of indomitable character.  The good Earth gave in abundance to the human who accessed these shores.  Here, mankind, the climate is harsh, but food is plentiful.  Here, mankind, your need to survive is high.  And the good Earth provides all.

The indigenous peoples of this country survive in one of the harshest climates in the world.  The arctic  with its 24 hour winter night and constant -zero temperature, with howling winds is a wasteland of snow and ice.  Yet here, in this frigid north is a population of daring adventurers.    The clever inventor who spied the wealth and prosperity of the snowbound land with its  summer herds of migrating caribou, the ocean filled with seal and walrus and the mighty whale.  Brilliant mankind, who noticed the abundance of the wild predator  and with the predator, there is always prey.  Wolves and polar bear thrive in these climates, with coats adapted to the cold.

But how you?  Oh ingenious one.  What genius adapted your shelter?  What specialized mind crafted your boats.  What powerful strength reals in the fish?  Almighty human, the specialist of the far northern lands.

The summer months brings a land of the tundra, roaring rivers, forests full of gullies.  The terrain is difficult.  But you, almighty man, are a specialist.  A being adapted to the natural force of this land dictated by harsh weather and irregular landscape.  You, the inventor, who created a culture in a land of adversity.  A land filled with natural opposition.  You, inspired human, who chose to inhabit this place and chose to live undaunted, your daring, adventurous life.

The people of the far north are the extreme adventurer.  The daring human, who lives with courage.  These humans, with their specialized aptitude, built a creative culture of an unusual, but brave existence in a vast land of challenge.

Awesome human!  Praises!

The  people of the far north are a unique adaptation of the inventive mind.  The specialist.  The  human who saw life there.  They saw with eyes for the beauty of the Earth.  With minds for creative adaptation.  They heard the Earth sing and listened to the wild calls of the animals.  They saw a land of plenty and greeted the day with gladness.

The great good Earth provides all.

Praises to you, mankind.

Your call to action:  share this post.  visit:  http://www.nunavuttourism.com for a view of the inuit people today.  visit: http://www.firstpeoplesofcanada.com for a look at the inuit life before contact.

Written by Louise Hayes

May 6, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, on this fabulous day, to celebrate the creation of this awesome, almighty planet. Planet Earth.
This day, created to celebrate the joy of living, of joy of creation, the joy being. Being human, being alive, belonging to this world.
Hear us, great planet, we save you!
One marvelous creation, cast into the universe, by the Almighty. One fabulous creation, the gift of the magnificent, the awesome, the powerful, the life-giving planet, planet Earth.
Only one gift, one life, one world, one beginning, life never ending. Our salvation in the void of the universe, only one. Greatness. Creation. Planet Earth.
Hear us great planet. You save us! Praises, great planet. We save you!
On this wonderous day, created just for you, we sing your praises, great, illustrious, all inspiring, all encompasing, all creating, greatness. With gratitude we praise you, great planet Earth.
Hear our songs, great planet, as the voices of your creatures rise from the deeps of the massive oceans. The heavens and the earth sound with the songs of glory. The birds sing, the ponds sing, the oceans sing, the world sings. It is Earth Day! Rejoice! It is a day to sing about.
visit: http://en.ecosounds.net and choose your relaxation sounds from the earth.
The Earth sends us the joyous songs of it’s creatures, its forests, its oceans. The whole world sings earth songs.
The nurturing great planet, gives us medicines to heal our wounds, foods full of nutrients to keep us healthy, landscapes full of challenges for us to explore, with our minds and our bodies, for health, recreation, sport, curiosity and wonder.
For us, this great oasis is a joy, a bountiful wonder of creation and awe.
Lucky are we to be the chosen ones. The ones entrusted with this great gift. This almighty planet. This great good Earth.
Here, you awesome, so ever inspiring planet. Hear our song. Today we sing for you!
Visit: http://www.reverbnation.com/kunda and click the video, “Only this love and here it shines”.
This song for the Earth. Praises to this fabulous, marvelous oasis of ours.
Praises to the continuing creation, to the lasting negotiation, to the contract with the planet and between each other that is our lasting salvation. Praises almighty man for saving this one and only Earth. Praises to the Earth for its endless creation, its endless powers, its endless nurturing, its endless care. Praises to the Earth for life everlasting, world without end.
The great planet continues to rise above all war, all famine, all destruction.
On this special day, praises to the Earth.
We hear your call. You, mighty human, must save the planet. You mighty human, must answer the call. You mighty human, must protect this special, sacred, awesome planet. A gift of life in a void of universe. One special place in a mass of a lifeless solar system.
You, almighty planet, are the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs, the water in our mouths, the food in our stomachs. You, almighty planet, are it all.
Your call to action on this great and glorious day. Share this post. Make a donation to causes that support the creatures of the Earth. Visit: http://www.cwf-fcf.org and http://iwalkforwater.ca, for compasionate support of the life gifts of our amazing planet Earth.
written by: Louise Hayes
April 21, 2013