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What can you learn about this ancient man. From what aspect will you explore, multi-faceted man?
Always, from your aptitude, adopt a nation, investigate their culture, food, music, art, dance, architecture, special and protected places. Their philosophies, civilizations and environments. Are they prosperous? Are they balanced? Population vs environment. Are they starving? Is the Earth able to provide for their needs? Do they need the Sustainability Plan for Food? If they do, help with gifts of seeds for their plantings. Are they able to save the Earth so that it can survive? All of the protected environments save the Earth. The Earth needs it space to breathe.
Strengthening international ties boosts morale, it excites new interests.
Share this culture with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and whoever else you can. Seek likeminded people in your own country to establish a strong network and to increase your exposure and support group. This will increase your international support and fellowship as well.
Don’t become distracted. The world needs your focused, intelligent mind. Don’t get caught up in scandals, scams or dare. Don’t allow prostitutes. No requests against us. Your peacekeeping efforts must reflect your goodwill at home and with the world beyond your doors.
The world is to be explored. Rejoice! Live your lives with great joy! Celebrate often. Share with your fellows. Even the joy of a birthday celebration, should be shared with as many as possible. Don’t overlook the opportunity for joy, fellowship and goodwill.
From your very best aptitude, research, explore and educate. What stories will they share? Learn and exchange. What lies beneath the surface of this modern man? What is this great place? How do we save these great landscapes, so the Earth won’t perish? We save the Earth, so that the Earth will save us. Is there pollution? Is there disease? These are also key areas to address.
Oh, this great human being, who walks so proudly, taming animals, harvesting crops , building empires. Productivity, education. All individually, all united, all of one mind, all of one species, all over the world. So much the same.
Here, you peacekeepers, the differences are zero. Adopt a culture, present your own.
Help them to rebuild in their own nation. Don`t encourage immigration. It is better for the world for each nation to cultivate their own civilization. Keep people in their own country so that there’s no inferiority, A wholesome exchange to increase prosperity without interfering with or becoming judgmental towards their culture. Perhaps they have a sustainable nation, without obvious displays of wealth, but not as much poverty either.
No man in isolation. Everyone has friends, family, connections The inter-connected world is a small, better understood and more harmonious world.
The land they live in belongs to them. The Earth helped these people create the country that they have. They are better off to try to thrive in the country that they live in, than to leave. Don’t encourage immigration.  Don`t criticize, help them to nurture their own world.
The sharing of cultures is a gift. From your aptitude learn from them, but share as well. Your goal is no more poverty, no more starvation, no slaves, save the environment. Don`t be judgmental. The cultural exchange is a nurturing process. It`s care. Care to build hope, care to follow through, care to develop and foster a kindred spirit that will light your life forever.
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written by Louise Hayes
March 12,

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