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From this special tie will rise the spirit of centuries old man. Brilliant humankind, those daring people. What was their brilliant past, this present, the awesome future. Their civilizations to build or rebuild and preserve.
Seek likeminded people in your chosen nation to befriend and they will help you live your great adventure. Seek professional contacts as well. You need to try to understand all of their society. The easiest way is to make connections in your own country first, then travel. Set up a support group of people who will help you, give you encouragement, help you with your presentations. You will become an expert. The world needs your wholesome, intelligent communications.
You can choose any culture you like. That is your constitutional right. You are not strictly obliged to your own ancestral roots. You don`t need to be confined to your ancestral cultural heritage, but it will increase your worldly experience if you have more to share and more that you understand.
Now, for your adventure, keep in mind, we are not the conqueror, no warfaring. This is all negotiation.
For instance, if you are a merchant, find a contact in your chosen country to be your international buyer. This provides employment in that nation. Specify, only the best. Your buyer knows where to purchase, what the proper prices are and when these products go on sale. As your employee, he is also your manager. Pay him according to his management level and expertise. He`s doing you a valuable service at a level that you might not be able to attain yourself. He will shop for you and make recommendations of what you should buy. You`ve developed an international allay. Teach him your own culture. Give him a gift of a book from your area and seeds for his garden. You`re mutual prosperity is in both of you`re best interests. If you have multiple displays, from different nations, for instance wool, help the people from these nations, to interconnect. They should know each other. Mutual sharing is for everyone.
Stock your shelves. Visit your friends in your chosen country. Make short videos to air on a screen in your store. A video of the factory where the product was made, or a video of the countryside to show off their national wealth. This introduces your clientele to the people and to the nation. Introduce the people in your video by name. They aren`t strangers, they are your friends. Your store becomes an educational facility as well. Your cultural exchange, not just the merchandise, helps your clientele explore your world. It encourages people to visit, increases world awareness, increases your own connections and helps other people become connected to that nation. Do disaster relief if you feel the need Change your videos from time to time to bring in more clientele.  They can`t possibly learn enough. Become allies in the name of peacekeeping, prosperity, growth and development.
Indulge yourselves in the bounties of your adopted land, the music, the dance, the food, the clothing, the furnishings, the way of life, the architecture, the fabulous good Earth. Show off the people, show off the land. Show off the country from your finest aptitude.
Show photos and slideshows. Educate as many people as you can. Find these people in your own nation to increase ties and international relations. There`s so much to do. Peace amongst us is imperative for the survival of the Earth. Knowing each other well dispels animosities and builds alliances. Focus on what realities are. Explore theories and confront issues.
Confront so that you know what realities are. Don`t be mislead. Bring witnesses. be careful, don`t abuse. Avoid conflict, but don`t walk away from it.
The acceptance and understanding of each others cultures is imperative. Each of you has a mission, to help to resolve world poverty and hunger. To help developing nations advance themselves according to their own brilliant ways. To free the planet of starvation. The Earth can`t sustain more war, it`s too small, too fragile. The Earth has needs. It needs seeds and the people need understanding.
Gifts of seeds, to replenish their gardens. Gifts of seeds for their harvest.
Social reform is a cultural exchange. Give a book about your country and seeds for the Earth.
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Written by Louise Hayes
March 12

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