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Dr Louise Hayes
May 12, 2013
Save Your Wealth!
The wealth building module is an initiative to increase the prosperity of the family. Keep the family intact. Keep your family size small. Know yourselves. The gossip doesn’t belong to you. Don’t let them drive you to distraction. Beware of the guilt of the sources, even if they are members of your own family.
Part of wealth building is the security of the property and the people who live on the premises. It is better for the entire family if the elderly members of the family reside with their children. Parents and grandparents together raising children, provide more support and protection for each other and the property, than if they become divided and live separately.
The support of the grandparents income also provides economic wealth, especially during times of hardship. The grandparent earns a pension which they can use to help to support the family income. Their own money belongs to them, but it is by far better for everyone, society included, for grandparents to live with their children and grandchildren.
Grandparents provide after school care for school age children and can provide childcare for younger children. This gives the family time to work and play together. Rather than pay for daycare, the grandparents can run small errands or watch the children while the parents run errands and buy groceries.
Grandparents at home, help to prevent theft and other property crimes. When children have someone to go home to, there’s less bullying and abuse of the children. This reduces the need for after school care, not just for young children, but for adolescents as well. The child and adolescent has someone at home who is watching out for them. They have a place to go while their parents are working. They can go home. There’s someone to help them and supervise with their homework, someone who can teach them how to cook, someone who can supervise them with their friends.
The involvement of the grandparent absolves society of the resposibility of providing after school care to children and adolescents.
We are constantly building, constantly destroying the land. More and more people are building residences for fewer and fewer people to live in. Family homes with only two people living in them is wasteful and society is pressured to provide larger and larger homes for fewer people to live in. The strain on our natural resources is high and prices are rising accordingly. More and more people are seeking additional avenues of wealth generation and income to support themselves while the easiest means of support is to invite the family to live together.
Parents are becoming workaholics, just to survive and purchase unnecessary square footage for prestige. Workaholism is a detriment to the family. Parents are forced to find childcare and forced to accept the involvement of third parties. The involvement of the grandparent allows for some leisure time, with time for activities other than work and for some people, leisure time is a luxury.
A lot of families are mortgaged to the banks. Where does the inheritace go? Does it go to the banks in unpaid mortgage or to seniors residences for the care of the elderly? Duplexes, fourplexes, attached dwellings, apartments and estates all allow for the family to integrate with each other. The entire family, brothers, sisters, grandparents and children can all share one dwelling or group of dwellings. If the family is large, they can purchase an apartment and renovate it to meet their requirements, or buy an estate and all share the fabulous property The surrounding grounds have enough land for the garden part, or all of the Sustainability Plan.
Smaller families can share duplexes, fourplexes or attached dwellings. They can renovate larger homes according to the needs of the family.
They can use the Sustainability Plan to help feed their families and offset some budget concerns.

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