Global Love Day

Good Day, you awesome human.  Today is a day created just for you!  Today is Global Love Day!  This is a day of celebration of the joy of being a human.  A day to rejoice the joy of living, of being happy, of having friends, family, companions, loved ones, associates and colleagues.  Today is a day, made just for us!

Today is a day to celebrate the people who you love and who love you.   You can include your fabulous pets, but it is a day for us.

When you reflect on the days gone by and the years that pass, who is it, you immortal, inspired being, who reaches out to you, lifts you up, gives you support and encouragement and changes your whole world into a world of joyous wellbeing.  Those are the ones you love.  This is that very special day, that was made just for us.

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When you pause to consider   what is love?  Is it a magic moment?  It is a special feeling?  Is it protection, comfort, warmth, security, responsibility, respect, kindness, courtesy, kinship, caring?  It is an all encompassing word meaning, something like awesome?

It is an immense word.  It’s a word that bonds us, it unites us.  We are the humans.  Our love know no bounds.  It reaches out to touch our hearts, our minds, our souls.  It shares knowledge, peace, happiness, prosperity.  It is what it is to be human.  To Love is to be Loved.  Love endures   all things and Love survives all.

In this great nation, we have an immense humanitarian history.  We have a history of love and love conquers all.  It is the history of the compassion of the brilliant peoples who inhabit our land.  It is the sharing, the courage, the saving, the helping, the teaching.  It is reaching out, hanging on and not letting go.

These people gave of themselves in a way that only love can give.  Here you bedraggled adventurer, you will die without us.  Here, you desperate human, we will give you life itself.  We will give you compassion, companionship, nurture and care.  We will give you our daughter in marriage.   She will teach you how to survive.  She will guide you through the forest, through the plains and through the mountains.  She will be your support, without her, you will surely die.  She will bear your children, make your clothes, cook and clean and with  her you will remain alive.  You will live.  Here, great adventurer, we give you the gift  of our cherished daughter.  Without her, you will surely die.

This was a common occurance in our great land.  The indigenous peoples protected the new strangers and kept them safe.  It was an act of compassion, kindness, sharing and love.  Our country is a nation built on Love.

It is a multicultural nation.  A nation built on acceptance.   It is the spirit of our forefathers to love and to be loved  It is the strength of the kindred spirit that lights our lives forever.  We, in this great nation, are the sons and daughters of courageous forefathers and courageous indigenous peoples who came forward embraced the newcomer.

Hail!  You awesome human, you mighty mankind.  Hail, you courageous peacekeeper.  Hail!

Your journey of love has built a great nation.  Peace to you almighty human.  Peace to you, you mighty nation. Hail, brilliant mankind.  Love is yours and love conquers all.

written by Louise Hayes

May 1, 2013 in celebration of Global Love Day

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