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Here is an example of how to relieve some of the stress of overspending. The Sustainability Plan will help with the food budget, but there are other budgets to help relieve debt.
For instance, the clothing budget should be limited to $500.00 per person, every six months. (cost of living is allowed) This prevents excessive time and expenditure on shopping, so that people will focus their minds on other activities. It also demands an expenditure on clothing, so that people will be properly attired.
Your clothing should last 3 years so that you don’t need to shop for the same items every year. For instance, one shopping trip will be 6 pairs of denim pants and 6 tops. The next purchase is 6 bottoms, 6 tops, one sweater or jacket and sandals/shoes. Year 2 is a jacket, 2 sweaters, a dress, shoes, boots, 2 winter skirts. For men, dress pants, jacket , dress shirts, shoes, boots. The following spring bathing suites, athletic wear, running shoes, hiking boots, all season jacket. Year 3, winter coat and accessories, winter pants. spring is shoes, accessories, bathing suit, towel, sweater, extra tops and bottoms.

Without excessive expenditures on food and clothing, the family can save for other important needs, such as courses and recreational activity.

Luxury is required as part of Social Reform.

Written by Louise Hayes

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