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This Earth of Mankind

This Earth of Mankind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings, you almighty one.  Praise this day!

It is a day for us!  A day to reflect on the awesome wisdom of the Almighty, the champion of mankind. A day for the praises of the Earth.  Preservation.

The national and provincial parks, the museums, the historic sites and monuments, the architecture and the culture, the wild lands and the arctic.  Preservation.  A word that is for all of us. Preserve the Earth, preserve the wildlife, preserve our history, preserve ourselves.  Save us!  That is what preservation does.

A look into our glorious past shows us a people of endurance.  Climb that mighty mountain, canoe the roaring river, travel the icecap.  All along the way, building a human of indomitable character.  The good Earth gave in abundance to the human who accessed these shores.  Here, mankind, the climate is harsh, but food is plentiful.  Here, mankind, your need to survive is high.  And the good Earth provides all.

The indigenous peoples of this country survive in one of the harshest climates in the world.  The arctic  with its 24 hour winter night and constant -zero temperature, with howling winds is a wasteland of snow and ice.  Yet here, in this frigid north is a population of daring adventurers.    The clever inventor who spied the wealth and prosperity of the snowbound land with its  summer herds of migrating caribou, the ocean filled with seal and walrus and the mighty whale.  Brilliant mankind, who noticed the abundance of the wild predator  and with the predator, there is always prey.  Wolves and polar bear thrive in these climates, with coats adapted to the cold.

But how you?  Oh ingenious one.  What genius adapted your shelter?  What specialized mind crafted your boats.  What powerful strength reals in the fish?  Almighty human, the specialist of the far northern lands.

The summer months brings a land of the tundra, roaring rivers, forests full of gullies.  The terrain is difficult.  But you, almighty man, are a specialist.  A being adapted to the natural force of this land dictated by harsh weather and irregular landscape.  You, the inventor, who created a culture in a land of adversity.  A land filled with natural opposition.  You, inspired human, who chose to inhabit this place and chose to live undaunted, your daring, adventurous life.

The people of the far north are the extreme adventurer.  The daring human, who lives with courage.  These humans, with their specialized aptitude, built a creative culture of an unusual, but brave existence in a vast land of challenge.

Awesome human!  Praises!

The  people of the far north are a unique adaptation of the inventive mind.  The specialist.  The  human who saw life there.  They saw with eyes for the beauty of the Earth.  With minds for creative adaptation.  They heard the Earth sing and listened to the wild calls of the animals.  They saw a land of plenty and greeted the day with gladness.

The great good Earth provides all.

Praises to you, mankind.

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Written by Louise Hayes

May 6, 2013

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