Endangered Species Day

Good morning, oh brilliant one.

This day is not a gesture, not a complacent whim of hope.  This day, May 17th is a day for the celebration of the creative powers of the Earth.  A day to notice and to communicate the awesome gift of the planet.

Fabulous planet, full of life and energy.  Ever creating, ever nurturing, always pursuing the dauntless challenge of filling the void with life, all life.  The cherished great planet fills all of its surfaces with life and places each life form in accordance with the environment that it belongs to.  The environment that it protects.

The national day for endangered species speaks to the topics of the health of the planet.  Why are they dying?  The planet needs what it creates to survive, almighty man and the planet creates an abundance of plant and animal life for the survival of all life on the planet.  Each and every species was created to survive.  The cunning specialist who’s adaptability places them in extreme conditions.  The constant cold, the constant heat, the constant wind, the constant rain, the snow, the perils of weather, habitat loss, hunger, predation and more.  Only the skillful creature, whose adaptability is strong will survive.

But is that all we are?  Survival of the fittest.  As the world changes, the need for our compassion increases.  As the forests shrink, so does our own human habitat.  Less air, less oxygen.  As these animals decline, so does the health of the planet.  How many environmental diseases spring up due to polluted waters, polluted air, less oxygen, more waste.

The natural world is a vital, healthy world.  A world full of drama as each being acts out its own role in creation.  Almighty human, where are we?

We are far beyond acting out our role in survival, but not beyond the perils of endangering ourselves.  Good health fails us as we struggle against pesticides, insecticides, emissions.  We are the mighty ones, we are in control.  The plight of the planet presents itself  in the peril of the endangered life forms.  It can’t replenish them as fast as they fail.

Another animal who suffers starvation due to habitat loss, another animal who won’t mate and reproduce due to hunger.  Another forest gone another waterway polluted.

visit;  http://www.earthsendangered.com/list.asp  for todays list of endangered species.

Almighty human, your common sense is the highest of all of creation.  The gift of the planet is magnificent.  The songs of the wildlife sings to you.  The gentle breezes play at your senses and the scent of the flowers fills your mind and soothes your soul with aromatherapy.  What dread befalls us without the creation of the Earth.  Dust to dust, we will follow them.

Hear their call, almighty human.  They need us for their own survival, but we need them as well.

Please visit

http://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/endangered-species-day/  and

http://www.nwf.org/what-we-do/protect-wildlife/endangered-species/endangered-species-day.aspx  for more information about the endangered species of the Earth.

written by

Dr. Louise Hayes

may 16, 2013

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