English: A map showing the location of the Nor...

English: A map showing the location of the Norwegian Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean with Irminger Sea Magyar: Térképvázlat a Norvég-tengerről és környezetéről (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The world awaits the dawning of the age of discovery.  Any age. Any time.  Brilliant mankind who’s inspiration is boundless, whose pursuits are limitless, whose energy is constant.  The imagination, the intelligence, the inspiration, the courage.  Nothing surpasses brilliant humankind.

The age of discovery presents itself in the unchartered waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Seafarers in worthy, well constructed craft voyaged for adventure, to discover, to appease their Gods of plenty.  Nothing is too great for this stalwart human, no challenge will beat them, no obstruction will stop them, only miracles and salvation will present themselves, only their lives of bold dignity will last.

Brilliant mankind, oh stalwart being, so bold and daring.  The Gods demand your might and dutiful acceptance of onward, northward passage.  To new lands, oh dauntless human, to new conquest, new soil, new discovery.  Oh, the immense mind of the mortal man, with so much daring.  To set sail for life unknown, to travel to destinations unpredicted.  To travel, travel, travel, to where?  Where do you go?  Oh, awesome human?  Where does your craft take you?

By fortunate miracles the landmass becomes visable.  Hail, mankind for a safe landing, for the discovery of an island so remote in the North Atlantic.  Brilliant mankind for the colonization of a land so remote.  This mighty island of glaciers and geothermal activity.  Even in those ancient days of yore, still to call it Iceland.  The land of unconquered beauty, with  no lasting settlement  there, only, perhaps the dutiful monks of Celtic origin, from Ireland, on seasonal migration.   To dare to be the inhabitant, the adventurer, the colonialist.  The  inspired mind of a willful, bold and courageous mind whose challenge on the planet, was to discover.

Hail, you mighty Norse man from the Scandinavian lands, who also took the British with you on your grand voyages of worldly conquest.  This proves the might of a seafaring nation.  The conquest of the North was yours.  The hundreds of  years of seafaring discovery, of travels in the far northerly reaches of the planet.  This was the home to the Viking.  The seas were plenty, the harvest was abundant, the skills were superior,  the trade was grand.

The life of the courageous conquerer, the adventurer.  To set sail with the inhabitants of a new land, to create a colony of humans which far surpasses the might and will of average.  The dauntless human, who goes where no one else has gone before.

Iceland.  Appropriately named for the great land mass that it is.   Iceland!  With glaciers and snow mass.  This wonderfully beautiful place.  This awesome grandeur of ice and snow.  The wild land, still abundant with life and plenty.

Hail, you almighty, ancient human.  You bold and daring, courageous human.  For life everlasting.  To live, only for this day, for this day and only for this day, always.

written by: Dr, Louise Hayes

June 2, 2013

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