Our Heritage

Almighty human, may the life force always shine in you.  May you be eternally blessed with the peaceful mind, the courageous spirit, the strong body, the intense will and the intuitive aptitude that has always given you skills,  wisdom and knowledge.

Brilliant mankind, may you always view this amazing great planet Earth as the cherished home of the creations of the Earth.  This unsurpassed globe of thriving lifeforms, always creating, always nurturing, always preserving.  The magnificent planet creates its own life forms with specialized characteristics for their own survival.  It creates landscapes and environments for the habitation of life.  All life.

The earth has created life forms to cover all of it’s surfaces.  It creates  an immense variety of diverse life, each specially adapted for its own unique survival.  Life thrives through the layers of soil, on the floors of rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and on the ground.  The amazing planet with boundless energy, continually produces life of all kinds.  Each and every one of these beings is a specialist of survival in its own territory.  It knows what to eat to remain healthy, it knows where to live to be safe.

The specialist survives and thrives in the environments that the earth creates.  The diverse landscapes create warmth, water, weather and the life forms that dwell there are adapted to the richness provided by the planet.  The whole world is filled with life.  It’s beauty surrounds us.

Amazing human, with such surprising ability.  The immense mind that continually unravels the secrets of the earth, the stars, the solar system and the universe.  Amazing human, whose aptitudes makes our lives easy.  Who lives with comfort, compassion, daring, courage, curiosity and adventure.  Brilliant mankind, who seeks to reinvent ourselves, from tiny molecules to recreating limbs.  All inspiration comes from the Almighty.

Almighty human, for all of the souls that were saved from starvation, from poverty, from freezing cold and biting wind, from suffering.   For all of the flooding rivers forged and the avalanche chutes crossed so carefully.   You were saved!

visit http://www3.sympatico.ca/goweezer/canada/can0000.htm for a brief history of the nation, early years.

You were saved by the compassionate will of a brilliant mind.  The humane humanitarian who could look no further than life itself and say, yes.  Yes to salvation, yes to life, yes to live, yes to end despair.  Yes, we will save you, almighty human and so you live today.

The great good Earth provides luxury, beauty, prosperity, abundance.  The great good Earth provides all to all of us and the great good Earth has needs.  The plunder of the Earth fills us with despair.  A land filled with life everlasting, plundered for shame.  No glory in waste.

Hail, almighty human.  You live today, from the compassionate goodwill of a human force of collective reasoning.  A human force of unconquered peoples.  A human force of deliberate adventurers who seek the daily challenge as a goal of healthy vitality.  Choose your adventure.  The unchartered wilderness awaits you.  The peoples of this great land  hear your call.    No plunder,  no shame.  Only the great, good Earth and all of what it provides.

visit http://www.seetorontonow.com/ for who we are now in our cities and www.pc.gc.ca for part of what we protect.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 13, 2013

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