Earth tranquility message

Greetings you awesome human.

Tread lightly on the great planet, it is a living organism. The soil beneath your feet is alive with microorganisms, earth dwelling creatures, roots and seeds. The soil is filled with life and the nutrients to create life. The great earth is alive!
The earth breathes the oxygen of the air that it creates from it’s splendid plant life and envelopes itself in a cover of protection called the ozone layer.
The water that we drink is full of nutrients. The water itself sustaining so much life. The life of oceans, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, forests and pasture. Water for life. Drink the pure water, it runs in our veins and keeps us alive. Us and the planet.
Breathe the fresh air. The necessary oxygen fills our lungs, our bodies and our minds. Fresh air for our brains and bodies. Fresh air for the living creatures of the planet and fresh air for the planet itself.
The earth breathes, through its thousands of trees, it’s lush forests and its innumerable plant life.
The living Earth with it’s life forms, sings the daily concerts of the joy of creation. Live, almighty human, calls the joyful planet. Hear us as we reach out to you. The crickets, the frogs, the birds the wolves. The call of the planet reaches to you, in the buzzing of bees, the whispers of the wind and the scented gardens of meadow flowers.
Hear us, oh great human, sighs the great planet, as it speaks to us through it’s wondrous creations. tranquility Earth message

The carpet of grass beneath your feet protects the rich soil from too much disturbance. The grasses as a home to many and a food source to many others. A simple life form, grass, so necessary, so commonplace. A cover of life, to protect another cover of life.
Soft grass to protect the soil from the scorching sun, the drenching rain and the drying wind. The soft grass beneath your feet, a carpet of green to play in.
The endless adventure of the earth.
It whispers to us in our minds. Here awesome human, come into my playground, sighs the great planet and feel the great joy of my living. Another step into adventure as the earth calls our names. Venture on, almighty man, into the brilliance of lush ecosystems, deep caves, ocean depths, skies and mountain tops. Come into the adventure, to awaken your senses. This I bring to you, oh great human, the adventure of your lives.
Don’t plunder, no war, no destruction. This perfect place, the unexplored spaces, for each of us, in every generation.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes
October 23, 2013

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity, May 22, 2013

Congratulations, you mighty human, this  is the day for the great planet Earth.   This is a day to celebrate the amazing powers of the planet.  A day for every living organism, every molecule, each plant, each animal, each species.  The great planet Earth, the wondrous creator presents it all.  All life forms belong to the great, good Earth and the great, good Earth continues to place life forms on the planet.  Fabulous good Earth with the creation of life and the mineral wealth as well.  Fabulous great Earth for biological diversity.

On this planet thrives a wealth of landscape, wildlife, plant life, sea life and human life.  On this planet  thrives a meca of diverse life forms of never ending wonder.  Into the brilliant past we go to discover the great days of dinosaurs.  Evolution unfolds with the passing of time.  How much time to discover the immense creation of the Earth.  How much time for the evolution of all species and the evolution of man.  The fabulous, great planet proves all.

Since time began, the Earth covers it’s surfaces with life.  All kinds of life.  All different environments, for each ecosystem to thrive in.  All kinds of different species, since the dawn of life began.

The lengthy age of dinosaur was a creation of an age of biodiversity by far different from what the planet provides today.  The lush, warm environment that kept the reptile population growing and expanding was by far a different world than the wonder of creation that the Earth is today.  The dinosaur era lasted for millions of years.  When the dinosaur ruled the Earth it had no opponents.

Listen mankind to the heart of the Earth, it breathes and beats so softly.  Millions of years for the immense reptile, to perish by climatic changes, ice age, flood, dropping temperatures.  What lived past that survives to the next millennium.  Evolution changes our structure and our minds.  We are no longer the ice age man, with caves to hide in.  Now mankind steps onto the planet with skills, tools and more aptitude.

The world changed.   A sea dried and its life forms perished.  The  shifting, upheaval of ground altered the direction of rivers, created new plateaus, new plains, new mountains.  The temperature dropped and ice formed.

Brilliant mankind, breathes the great planet,  the story of creation has been told.  What if life comes before the dinosaurs, that is a mystery to you.  The great planet breathes and life springs forth, regardless….regardless.

Now  the planet sings with life everlasting.  The immense array of beauty and intelligence.  The pond sings, the evening sings, the skies sing, the oceans sing.  They sing the song of perpetual life.  They sing the song of the joy of living.  These many million years of bountiful life.

Oh, great, good Earth, with the powers of biodiversity, we hear you.  We see the joy and beauty of your creation.  Lucky are we to be the almighty human.  To find, to explore, to investigate, to revel in the beauty, the luxury, the awesome, the divine.

Here, almighty human, sighs the great planet.  These are the days of the almighty human.

All of the Earths creations come forward and say “Save us”.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 23, 2013



From the eye of the artist, behold the splendor of the Earth.  The fabulous landscape, the brilliant colour, the diverse life forms.  All of the luxury of the world presented in a creative way, the impression of beauty by the skilled aptitude.  Skills in painting, skills in fabric, skills in woodworking, skills in colour, design, creativity.  The human mind aspires to create beauty, to achieve luxury, to behold and to be acknowledged for skills.  The  skill creates the beauty, the luxury.  The eye beholds the wonder of the earth and the skillful aptitude of the creative mind produces yet another inspired gift.  Be it craft, art, craftsmanship.

Mankind seeks dyes and paints from nature to reproduce the fabulous colour portrayed in his environment.  Adornment is essential.  Paint for faces, inks for tatoos

From time immortal, when the human was new, they communicated through art.  A hunting scene , a family group, a dwelling, a story.  History left behind for us to catch a view of the life of early man.  A man adapted to the land, to the gifts of the earth.  A man who was daring, skillful and adept at survival.  The human, who also knew leisure and how to devote their time to luxury.

A fabulous fur coat, a outfit made of skins. baskets made of reeds and sweet grass, headdresses  of feathers, baskets adorned with quills and moose hair tufted embroidery.  Lavish possessions from the earth.  The obvious life with all of this luxury comes from time.  A people who have plenty and who have time to devote to art.

Since 800 BC the Huron people farmed.  No longer tied to nomadic lifestyles, mankind now has settlements, community, harvest and time.  Time for inventions, time to sew, time to play, time to make canoes.  They had time to enjoy being human and time to pursue all aptitudes.  Time to sing, make an instrument, devote to sport, worship and cherish.  Time to form a culture, a lifestyle, cook and create.

The mind of the skilled cook becomes a chef, a skilled herbologist becomes medicine, a skilled sportsman becomes games, hunting and canoeing.  The people of the Americas were inspired by the landscape that surrounds them.  Great works of art depicting the wildlife they encountered.  Quillwork from porcupine quills that adorned baskets.  Later, beadwork became prevalent because it was easier to work with and more supple.  It could be incorporated into clothing, moccasins, purses, coats, headdresses and tools.  A simple small object with so much importance.  Beads replaced quills in some usage because it is more versatile.

What is art, but an expression of ourselves.  The artwork of our nations ancestors depicts a  human with time to enjoy the bountiful beauty of the Earth.

All of mankind pursues their aptitudes to the highest attainable level.  Ever into the past, the  highest attainable level  of thinking, for that brilliant human.  Ever into the future.   All across the world the human mind aspires to heights yet unaccomplished, feats dared but not tried.  The human pursues the dauntless challenge of courage.

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written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 18,2013

Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Almighty human, may the life force always shine in you.  May you be eternally blessed with the peaceful mind, the courageous spirit, the strong body, the intense will and the intuitive aptitude that has always given you skills,  wisdom and knowledge.

Brilliant mankind, may you always view this amazing great planet Earth as the cherished home of the creations of the Earth.  This unsurpassed globe of thriving lifeforms, always creating, always nurturing, always preserving.  The magnificent planet creates its own life forms with specialized characteristics for their own survival.  It creates landscapes and environments for the habitation of life.  All life.

The earth has created life forms to cover all of it’s surfaces.  It creates  an immense variety of diverse life, each specially adapted for its own unique survival.  Life thrives through the layers of soil, on the floors of rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and on the ground.  The amazing planet with boundless energy, continually produces life of all kinds.  Each and every one of these beings is a specialist of survival in its own territory.  It knows what to eat to remain healthy, it knows where to live to be safe.

The specialist survives and thrives in the environments that the earth creates.  The diverse landscapes create warmth, water, weather and the life forms that dwell there are adapted to the richness provided by the planet.  The whole world is filled with life.  It’s beauty surrounds us.

Amazing human, with such surprising ability.  The immense mind that continually unravels the secrets of the earth, the stars, the solar system and the universe.  Amazing human, whose aptitudes makes our lives easy.  Who lives with comfort, compassion, daring, courage, curiosity and adventure.  Brilliant mankind, who seeks to reinvent ourselves, from tiny molecules to recreating limbs.  All inspiration comes from the Almighty.

Almighty human, for all of the souls that were saved from starvation, from poverty, from freezing cold and biting wind, from suffering.   For all of the flooding rivers forged and the avalanche chutes crossed so carefully.   You were saved!

visit for a brief history of the nation, early years.

You were saved by the compassionate will of a brilliant mind.  The humane humanitarian who could look no further than life itself and say, yes.  Yes to salvation, yes to life, yes to live, yes to end despair.  Yes, we will save you, almighty human and so you live today.

The great good Earth provides luxury, beauty, prosperity, abundance.  The great good Earth provides all to all of us and the great good Earth has needs.  The plunder of the Earth fills us with despair.  A land filled with life everlasting, plundered for shame.  No glory in waste.

Hail, almighty human.  You live today, from the compassionate goodwill of a human force of collective reasoning.  A human force of unconquered peoples.  A human force of deliberate adventurers who seek the daily challenge as a goal of healthy vitality.  Choose your adventure.  The unchartered wilderness awaits you.  The peoples of this great land  hear your call.    No plunder,  no shame.  Only the great, good Earth and all of what it provides.

visit for who we are now in our cities and for part of what we protect.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 13, 2013




In celebration of the day of creation, a day for mothers.

What do we call you, oh wise one?  Where all of life comes from.  Do we call you mother Earth?  All of creation comes from your awesome powers.  The power to create, to bring life to the planet, to nurture and care. From the tiny seed of creation to the full magnificent adult, nurture and care.

The mothers responsibility is to nurture, to create, to protect, to love and to  care for the mortal life that it creates.  It’s a mother to us all.

The great creative force that produces life is a wonder, an inspiration, a blessing.  It is Awe!  To be so immense that life itself is the reason for its existence.  The existence of creation, of life.

The force of the great planet produces life in abundance and variety all throughout its landscapes.  It produces life and adapts life for existence in harsh landscapes and in bountiful, beautiful landscapes.  It produces life at the extremes of the planet, the cold far poles, the deep depths of the oceans, the high towering alpine.  All of creation must be inhabited somehow.  By a plant, an insect, an animal, a fish, a reptile, a human.  All of the Earth is covered with life forms.  If we can’t live there, we still go there.

Awesome planet, the seed of creation is yours.  Natural discovery can’t surpass you.  Exploration of all aptitudes can’t unravel the mighty, mysterious spark that ignites the seed and takes it from a sterile isolated self to a fertilized explosion of being.  A life!  Whatever it is.  As much as humanity delves into the mystery of creation, that spark is still the accepted unexplained.  Life itself is the accepted unexplained.

We, the mighty human are your creation.   The great planet Earth produces life according to the needs of the planet.  It needs all of its creation, like all mothers need all of their children.  All of the diverse ecosystems, all of the diverse climate, all of the diverse waterways, landscapes, animal life, plant life, airways, minerals and resources.  The great planet Earth produced it all and the great planet Earth needs it all in order to survive.

Unsurpassed human, the almighty man, on this great day of creation, praises!

Praises to the life giving force of creation, to the soul of mankind, to the immense aptitudes of brilliant minds and logical thinking.  Praises for life everlasting and to the eternal well being of the planet.  Save yourselves, oh  awesome human.  Treat your mother with care.  She can’t live without you.

Visit for the salvation of the mothers of the Earth.  They so desperately need your compassion.

Of all of the forces that created one small infant, magnified a gazilion times, in so many ways.  Love of a human one to another.  A cherished gift of life itself.  A  human life, so precious.  Life itself.

Life, to the planet, is survival itself.  Creation of life forms is salvation to the planet.  It needs what it creates to survive.

What is the force that binds us, oh almighty human.  Is it characteristics, sharing an ecosystem, a development?  Or is it something more  profound.  Is it nurture and care, great human?  What sets us apart on  the planet also binds us to the planet.  The Earth is the mother of creation.   Care for our great mother and she will care for us.

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Visit  for praises to your own mother.

Visit and click on a water meditation, for natural calming inspired by the great planet

Almighty Man

Almighty Man

Bonjour and Good Day!  You awesome human.

Yesterday, May 1,was the start of Preservation Month.  This is one of my favourites!

Brilliant mankind, this fabulous oasis , planet Earth, is the master of creation.  It’s the master of discovery.  It oozes life,  live, enjoy, create.  It shines with miracles.  This awesome wonder, this marvelous planet, this great good Earth, is ours to protect.

May 1 was Global Love Day.  The unfathomable Almighty cast this Earth, his own creation, into the universe.  It`s molded from particles, atoms, neurons, matter and molecules.  The Earth itself is life itself.  This is the undeniable Love.  Creation was and isn`t accidental.  It`s not a  coincidence. It`s a miracle.  Of all of the words that Love describes,  it describes miracles and Love itself is a miracle as well.

Brilliant mankind, Preservation Month is to save us.

Look into your fabulous history fabulous human.  Delve into the depths of ancient man.  The human has built his world from priceless inspiration.  Happy are we to be the adored, the much loved, the beauteous wonder of creation.  Look around you, mankind, an oasis for you.  Look into the wonder of the other awesome creation.  The much plundered oceans, with remarkable life forms, plants and animals alike.    The much plundered forest with colours, landscape, animal life so rare.  Precious are we to be the wholesome inheritors of these lands.

Our forefathers were congenial.  They were adventurous, no cowards there.  They came to this continent to build a great nation.  They found land, prosperity, love and peace.  This great nation, is a promised land.  This nation is not a conquered land, it is a nurtured land, built from peace, gratitude, sharing, compassion, kindness and love.  This great nation was built from the unity of the peoples with minds so clear, that the unity and blending of cultures melded the  peoples into one great land.  No more the tribal states, with territories defined.  No more the communication barrier from tribal dialect and language.  You, brilliant mankind, surpassed it all.  No war, no plunder, no starvation, no cowards there.  Only the bold, the daring, the sophisticated adventurer who could surpass it all.  This, you lucky great nation, is what Love builds.  This miracle of a common bond.  The bond is you.  Human.

Multiculturalism has always been our moral past, our accepted present and our cultured future.  The children of these cross cultural people are the blessing and the praises of humanitarian peoples who accepted the life bond that would save and heal and comfort and blend.  Cultures too compassionate for war.  WE the almighty human,  stood against the tidal wave of cynicism, poverty, starvation, war, rage and torment and Loved.

We are the great peoples of the Earth.  Hear us! The songs from the Earth sing, Praises mankind, you walk in holy ways.  No plunder.  No war.  Only Love in this great land.  These great people, this great gift, this great nation, built from kindness, without adversity.  Peoples who cared.  Peoples who wouldn’t let their fellow man die.  People who were human.

Brilliant mankind,  this is you.

All of the strength of your being comes to you and with it, you form nations.  You create civilization, no plunder, no war.  The immense beauty of a great landscape, a wondrous waterway, a star filled heaven.  The fabulous creatures, plants and landscapes protected by your strong arms, strong minds, strong will, strong compassion.

Brilliant mankind, you treat the planet with the love of your own companions.  Follow your awesome, never ending path.  Peace. Goodwill.  Prosperity and Love.  It conquers all.  visit for inspiration about our national treasures.

Your call to action:  share this post.  Delve into your brilliant multicultural heritage.  It is a joy of peaceful negotiation, compassion, humanitarianism and sharing.  Consider your own wealth and make a contribution to a charity such as for strategies to end world hunger.   Follow the well worn path of your ancestor into the life of the great unknown landscape.

Follow the path with courage and humanity, you daring human.  You must.

written by Louise Hayes

May 2, 2013