National Oceans Day

National Oceans Day

Welcome, almighty human, to this day of salvation, memory and adventure.  Who are we, but the builder of ships, the sailor of the mighty seas, the adventurer of the ocean. To set sail, has been the adventure of our lives for thousands of years.  To set forth, to discover, to fish, to explore, to enjoy.  The oceans have always been a place for us and have always provided for us.

The vast seas with their immense variety of life forms, so many that we are still discovering them to this day.  The oceans, to their dark depths and to their far off horizon.  They compel mankind to discover.  They entice us.  What lies beneath the surface of these great waters.  Through our thousands of years of human history, the answer has always been, food!  Food for the hungry.  The oceans are plundered world wide for food.

The oceans give us plenty.  The fisherman casts his nets to save the starving world populace.  Food.

The ocean also gives us a play land of fun.  Large waves to surf in, warm beaches to lay upon, soft sand with interesting shells, warm water and curious creatures to watch.  The oceans, with their tides, the sunset, their beauty are another call to adventure for us.  Even if we are small, we still love the ocean.

There is another call to action, that the ocean brings to us.  The waste, the garbage, the  toxins, the pollution.

The garbage that ends up in the ocean, kills sealife world.  The oceans are becoming a dump of waste.  Plastics, which are recyclable and other waste are building up in the oceans and destroying water, the plant life, the reefs, the coral, the animal, the fish and the bird life.  The pristine beauty of the world, that we covet so much is vanishing to a view of discarded waste.   Plastic, paper, cans, bottles all being tossed into the water causes pollution that even this almighty planet Earth cannot control.

The awesome planet, with so much healing and creative power, can’t keep  up with the plunder, the reckless destruction, the habitat loss, the pollution, the oil spills.

Hail mankind!  As mighty as we are, we still turn to the planet to save us.  To save us from starvation, from cold, from poverty, even from despair.  We expect the awesome planet to regenerate itself, to heal and to cure itself, to replenish what we take and to repair the damage.  We assume that the awesome planet can recover and give it all back.

Not so.

The mighty planet needs help.  The mighty oceans can’t keep up with the fishing industry.  They can’t keep up with the discarded waste, they can’t keep up with the environmental damage.  They can’t keep up with the plunder.

Today is only one day.  World Oceans Day.  One day for environmental day, but this day, this one day, must last for the rest of our lives.  To  change the world takes one day and one day to last for all time.  The oceans and all of its creatures are needed for the survival of this planet.

Rejoice!  Today is the day for the Oceans.  Rejoice.  It is an awesome day.

Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

June 8, 2013


English: A picture of compost soil

English: A picture of compost soil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feel the earth under your feet.  The life producing quality of the soil.  Rich in nutrients for our harvest, the soil is key to our survival.  Healthy soil, healthy food.  No pollution or contaminants for the earth

Our land fills are overflowing with recyclable debris.  Recycling reduces waste and increases our productivity.  It increases our ability to make use of used products and to turn discards into useful products.  It helps us to use our imaginations in discovering a purpose for items that would otherwise have been discarded to the landfill.

The landfill is a nasty brew of toxins.  Although it may be possible to the cover mess with soil, burying toxins contaminates the soil and makes it dangerous for plantings.

Some of your recyclables are very good for the soil.  A composting bin where you can recycle vegetable food scraps, leaves, lawn cuttings and egg shells reduces itself to a highly nutricious black soil.  This soil is very beneficial to your garden and to the earth.  Even a small composter will help to reduce the amount of food waste that is dumped unnecessarily into our landfills.  Black earth is an expensive product to purchase.  That nutricious soil comes to you via your own discarded vegetable waste.

Since it is environment week, please consider the beneficial effects of recycling for yourselves and for the earth.  There are many products that can be recycled and reused.  A healthy, productive garden is only one of the many benefits of recycled materials.

Written by Dr. Louise Hayes

June 7, 2013

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day

Before the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, ...

Before the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, air pollution was not considered a national environmental problem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Save the forest!  Save the trees!  Plant a tree a shrub a bush a flower.  These plants are our salvation, they are our clean air.

Save me, sighs the great planet, I need the forest for my lungs.  I need that immense diversity of plant life so that I can breathe.  It’s not enough to clean the air with anti-pollution devices. Cleaning the air doesn’t create oxygen.  I need the mighty forest, the green earth to breathe.

Breathe mankind.  The clean air keeps you healthy.  No airborne diseases and pollution ridden skies.  The clean air is your health and your life.

Almighty human, with your immense mind, your brilliant aptitude, your compassion and nurturing.  Save us, calls the Earths creatures.  This is our home!

One more tree to plant, one more life to save.  There are 7 billion people on the planet and those people need air to breathe.  Clean air.  No pollution, no war, no more deforestration.  The deserts are increasing and the sand gives us nothing.  Nothing to eat, no shelter, no life forms, no oxygen to breathe, no plants to create oxygen.  The increasing desert brings death to the planet.  This fabulous oasis in the universe can’t sustain itself without the forest.

A small oasis in the desert, is like the Earth in the universe.  All of that vast, uninhabitable space, with a minute amount of life giving force.  That is the Earth in this solar system.  A small planet of life amongst a void of rock and gases.

We are alone in the solar system.

The life giving forces of the planet are strong.  The creative force that creates life is still giving. Human babies are being born every second.  The human population of the earth is constantly increasing and there is less oxygen in the air.  More lungs demanding air to breathe and less oxygen to fill them.  More bellies demanding food and less aerable land to produce it.  More bodies needing fresh drinking water and a water table diminishing.

The Earth still provides at the maximum capacity that it can, but it can’t create oxygen without it’s plant life.  Plants and trees are essential to the survival of the planet and to the survival of all animal life forms on the planet.

It is not enough to say, plant a tree, but it’s a start.  We need to start.  Planting a tree provides shelter for animals and birds, shade for your grass and for your comfort, sometimes food and healing products for your bodies.  Trees help to take pollutants out of the air, they provide oxygen to clean the air and oxygen for our lungs to breathe with.  The mighty planet provides all, but sustainability is not enough.  We are producing humans at an alarming rate and these people need to survive.

More lungs needing oxygen, more bellies needing food.  How will you save yourselves, almighty human.  The earth is stretched and provides what it can, but you, almighty mankind, must save yourselves.  A tree for the Earth is a tree for yourselves.  A forest to save the planet is a forest to save ourselves.  We need clean air to breathe.

Save our forests, plant more trees.  Even your shrubs and bushes will help.

Your call to action:  share this post.  Participate in Environment week.  It’s only one short week to remind us of the dying planet and the need to save it.  One ecosystem, one forest, one week of salvation.  Heed the call, your garden is needed.  One more tree, one more chance.

Written by: Dr Louise Hayes

June 5, 2013



Good Day, You Awesome Human

Are you ready for this day?  This day is the start of the adventure of your life.  Look into your mind, almighty human, your destiny awaits you there.  An image will form, that presents itself to you.  This is your guide.  It will lead you in the direction of your calling.  Follow your guide.  Your guide will put you in the place, in the field of study and in your correct aptitude.  Your own brilliant mind will show you the way.  Follow.  This is your path, your calling.  This is your life.

Today is a day for the joy of living.  Stretch your legs and follow your path.  It calls to you endlessly.  Listen! calls your own brilliant mind.  I will show you the way.

Since the dawn of man, experts have arisen amongst us.  They’ve always known where their destiny lies, they’ve always followed a course somehow set in their minds, they’ve always known what to choose, where their place is, what environment to seek, which people to seek out, what  courses to take.   They take initiative and make their own decisions.  They follow that inner path that is so compelling.  It draws them.  It pulls them to achieve.  Listen to that call, it resides in your mind.

The dauntless human that carved his way through the landscape of this land, was called to adventure.  The life of the daring pioneer, who could surpass the obstacles of weather, crop failure, isolation, weakness and poor health.  A strong and mighty human, with will and courage.  This was the call to the new world.  It was a call of passion.  Come.  almighty human!  Come, you daring adventurer!

And come they did.  To the land of plenty.  A promise of sorts.  Land and prosperity.  Freedom.   This will be your great reward.  A whole new world, a whole new life, a new beginning.  Come, brilliant mankind, come to the adventure of your life.

The land was immense.  The forests, virtually untouched.  A rugged and sparsely populated land with dangers yet unknown.  The place was isolated, so, so very far from home.  Far from civilization as they knew it, far from friends, family, comfort, care.  Far away in a time of its own.  A far off place.  A proven point, now mute.  Who, but the most daring would set foot on this unknown land?

Come into the forest, calls the wild.  The mighty adventurer came ashore.

The oceans were filled with fishes.  Each cast of the nets were laden with fish.  Food.  Food for the hungry back home.  The land was filled with wildlife unheard of and previously unseen.  Meat and pelts  for markets back  home.  Home.  The lonely hearts of that daring man, turned their gaze back to the sea.  Home.  The strength of their own homeland compelled them and they re boarded their ships and sailed for  home.

Their journey of a lifetime left its mark on their brilliant minds.  Next time.  The land called to them, come again and in their minds they heard a voice.  Next time.  A relationships was near at hand between the mighty adventurer and the new, immense land.

They would come again.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 23, 2013




From the eye of the artist, behold the splendor of the Earth.  The fabulous landscape, the brilliant colour, the diverse life forms.  All of the luxury of the world presented in a creative way, the impression of beauty by the skilled aptitude.  Skills in painting, skills in fabric, skills in woodworking, skills in colour, design, creativity.  The human mind aspires to create beauty, to achieve luxury, to behold and to be acknowledged for skills.  The  skill creates the beauty, the luxury.  The eye beholds the wonder of the earth and the skillful aptitude of the creative mind produces yet another inspired gift.  Be it craft, art, craftsmanship.

Mankind seeks dyes and paints from nature to reproduce the fabulous colour portrayed in his environment.  Adornment is essential.  Paint for faces, inks for tatoos

From time immortal, when the human was new, they communicated through art.  A hunting scene , a family group, a dwelling, a story.  History left behind for us to catch a view of the life of early man.  A man adapted to the land, to the gifts of the earth.  A man who was daring, skillful and adept at survival.  The human, who also knew leisure and how to devote their time to luxury.

A fabulous fur coat, a outfit made of skins. baskets made of reeds and sweet grass, headdresses  of feathers, baskets adorned with quills and moose hair tufted embroidery.  Lavish possessions from the earth.  The obvious life with all of this luxury comes from time.  A people who have plenty and who have time to devote to art.

Since 800 BC the Huron people farmed.  No longer tied to nomadic lifestyles, mankind now has settlements, community, harvest and time.  Time for inventions, time to sew, time to play, time to make canoes.  They had time to enjoy being human and time to pursue all aptitudes.  Time to sing, make an instrument, devote to sport, worship and cherish.  Time to form a culture, a lifestyle, cook and create.

The mind of the skilled cook becomes a chef, a skilled herbologist becomes medicine, a skilled sportsman becomes games, hunting and canoeing.  The people of the Americas were inspired by the landscape that surrounds them.  Great works of art depicting the wildlife they encountered.  Quillwork from porcupine quills that adorned baskets.  Later, beadwork became prevalent because it was easier to work with and more supple.  It could be incorporated into clothing, moccasins, purses, coats, headdresses and tools.  A simple small object with so much importance.  Beads replaced quills in some usage because it is more versatile.

What is art, but an expression of ourselves.  The artwork of our nations ancestors depicts a  human with time to enjoy the bountiful beauty of the Earth.

All of mankind pursues their aptitudes to the highest attainable level.  Ever into the past, the  highest attainable level  of thinking, for that brilliant human.  Ever into the future.   All across the world the human mind aspires to heights yet unaccomplished, feats dared but not tried.  The human pursues the dauntless challenge of courage.

Your call to action:  share this post.  please visit for information about endangered species.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 18,2013

Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Almighty human, may the life force always shine in you.  May you be eternally blessed with the peaceful mind, the courageous spirit, the strong body, the intense will and the intuitive aptitude that has always given you skills,  wisdom and knowledge.

Brilliant mankind, may you always view this amazing great planet Earth as the cherished home of the creations of the Earth.  This unsurpassed globe of thriving lifeforms, always creating, always nurturing, always preserving.  The magnificent planet creates its own life forms with specialized characteristics for their own survival.  It creates landscapes and environments for the habitation of life.  All life.

The earth has created life forms to cover all of it’s surfaces.  It creates  an immense variety of diverse life, each specially adapted for its own unique survival.  Life thrives through the layers of soil, on the floors of rivers, lakes and oceans, in the air and on the ground.  The amazing planet with boundless energy, continually produces life of all kinds.  Each and every one of these beings is a specialist of survival in its own territory.  It knows what to eat to remain healthy, it knows where to live to be safe.

The specialist survives and thrives in the environments that the earth creates.  The diverse landscapes create warmth, water, weather and the life forms that dwell there are adapted to the richness provided by the planet.  The whole world is filled with life.  It’s beauty surrounds us.

Amazing human, with such surprising ability.  The immense mind that continually unravels the secrets of the earth, the stars, the solar system and the universe.  Amazing human, whose aptitudes makes our lives easy.  Who lives with comfort, compassion, daring, courage, curiosity and adventure.  Brilliant mankind, who seeks to reinvent ourselves, from tiny molecules to recreating limbs.  All inspiration comes from the Almighty.

Almighty human, for all of the souls that were saved from starvation, from poverty, from freezing cold and biting wind, from suffering.   For all of the flooding rivers forged and the avalanche chutes crossed so carefully.   You were saved!

visit for a brief history of the nation, early years.

You were saved by the compassionate will of a brilliant mind.  The humane humanitarian who could look no further than life itself and say, yes.  Yes to salvation, yes to life, yes to live, yes to end despair.  Yes, we will save you, almighty human and so you live today.

The great good Earth provides luxury, beauty, prosperity, abundance.  The great good Earth provides all to all of us and the great good Earth has needs.  The plunder of the Earth fills us with despair.  A land filled with life everlasting, plundered for shame.  No glory in waste.

Hail, almighty human.  You live today, from the compassionate goodwill of a human force of collective reasoning.  A human force of unconquered peoples.  A human force of deliberate adventurers who seek the daily challenge as a goal of healthy vitality.  Choose your adventure.  The unchartered wilderness awaits you.  The peoples of this great land  hear your call.    No plunder,  no shame.  Only the great, good Earth and all of what it provides.

visit for who we are now in our cities and for part of what we protect.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 13, 2013