International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity, May 22, 2013

Congratulations, you mighty human, this  is the day for the great planet Earth.   This is a day to celebrate the amazing powers of the planet.  A day for every living organism, every molecule, each plant, each animal, each species.  The great planet Earth, the wondrous creator presents it all.  All life forms belong to the great, good Earth and the great, good Earth continues to place life forms on the planet.  Fabulous good Earth with the creation of life and the mineral wealth as well.  Fabulous great Earth for biological diversity.

On this planet thrives a wealth of landscape, wildlife, plant life, sea life and human life.  On this planet  thrives a meca of diverse life forms of never ending wonder.  Into the brilliant past we go to discover the great days of dinosaurs.  Evolution unfolds with the passing of time.  How much time to discover the immense creation of the Earth.  How much time for the evolution of all species and the evolution of man.  The fabulous, great planet proves all.

Since time began, the Earth covers it’s surfaces with life.  All kinds of life.  All different environments, for each ecosystem to thrive in.  All kinds of different species, since the dawn of life began.

The lengthy age of dinosaur was a creation of an age of biodiversity by far different from what the planet provides today.  The lush, warm environment that kept the reptile population growing and expanding was by far a different world than the wonder of creation that the Earth is today.  The dinosaur era lasted for millions of years.  When the dinosaur ruled the Earth it had no opponents.

Listen mankind to the heart of the Earth, it breathes and beats so softly.  Millions of years for the immense reptile, to perish by climatic changes, ice age, flood, dropping temperatures.  What lived past that survives to the next millennium.  Evolution changes our structure and our minds.  We are no longer the ice age man, with caves to hide in.  Now mankind steps onto the planet with skills, tools and more aptitude.

The world changed.   A sea dried and its life forms perished.  The  shifting, upheaval of ground altered the direction of rivers, created new plateaus, new plains, new mountains.  The temperature dropped and ice formed.

Brilliant mankind, breathes the great planet,  the story of creation has been told.  What if life comes before the dinosaurs, that is a mystery to you.  The great planet breathes and life springs forth, regardless….regardless.

Now  the planet sings with life everlasting.  The immense array of beauty and intelligence.  The pond sings, the evening sings, the skies sing, the oceans sing.  They sing the song of perpetual life.  They sing the song of the joy of living.  These many million years of bountiful life.

Oh, great, good Earth, with the powers of biodiversity, we hear you.  We see the joy and beauty of your creation.  Lucky are we to be the almighty human.  To find, to explore, to investigate, to revel in the beauty, the luxury, the awesome, the divine.

Here, almighty human, sighs the great planet.  These are the days of the almighty human.

All of the Earths creations come forward and say “Save us”.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 23, 2013

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