Good Day, You Awesome Human

Are you ready for this day?  This day is the start of the adventure of your life.  Look into your mind, almighty human, your destiny awaits you there.  An image will form, that presents itself to you.  This is your guide.  It will lead you in the direction of your calling.  Follow your guide.  Your guide will put you in the place, in the field of study and in your correct aptitude.  Your own brilliant mind will show you the way.  Follow.  This is your path, your calling.  This is your life.

Today is a day for the joy of living.  Stretch your legs and follow your path.  It calls to you endlessly.  Listen! calls your own brilliant mind.  I will show you the way.

Since the dawn of man, experts have arisen amongst us.  They’ve always known where their destiny lies, they’ve always followed a course somehow set in their minds, they’ve always known what to choose, where their place is, what environment to seek, which people to seek out, what  courses to take.   They take initiative and make their own decisions.  They follow that inner path that is so compelling.  It draws them.  It pulls them to achieve.  Listen to that call, it resides in your mind.

The dauntless human that carved his way through the landscape of this land, was called to adventure.  The life of the daring pioneer, who could surpass the obstacles of weather, crop failure, isolation, weakness and poor health.  A strong and mighty human, with will and courage.  This was the call to the new world.  It was a call of passion.  Come.  almighty human!  Come, you daring adventurer!

And come they did.  To the land of plenty.  A promise of sorts.  Land and prosperity.  Freedom.   This will be your great reward.  A whole new world, a whole new life, a new beginning.  Come, brilliant mankind, come to the adventure of your life.

The land was immense.  The forests, virtually untouched.  A rugged and sparsely populated land with dangers yet unknown.  The place was isolated, so, so very far from home.  Far from civilization as they knew it, far from friends, family, comfort, care.  Far away in a time of its own.  A far off place.  A proven point, now mute.  Who, but the most daring would set foot on this unknown land?

Come into the forest, calls the wild.  The mighty adventurer came ashore.


The oceans were filled with fishes.  Each cast of the nets were laden with fish.  Food.  Food for the hungry back home.  The land was filled with wildlife unheard of and previously unseen.  Meat and pelts  for markets back  home.  Home.  The lonely hearts of that daring man, turned their gaze back to the sea.  Home.  The strength of their own homeland compelled them and they re boarded their ships and sailed for  home.

Their journey of a lifetime left its mark on their brilliant minds.  Next time.  The land called to them, come again and in their minds they heard a voice.  Next time.  A relationships was near at hand between the mighty adventurer and the new, immense land.


They would come again.

written by Dr. Louise Hayes

May 23, 2013


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