The Viking

  Hail Mankind.  This beautiful, bright day is upon us.

The shrouded mystery of centuries old man, sheds light on the brilliant aptitudes that surround us.  Where does he come from?  That leader of man. The compelling courage that draws us to the adventure, too difficult to be dared.  All faith and acceptance of an inspired human who has an unusual calling.  Come!  He becons and they rise with courage.  The challenge is worthwhile.  Yes, they will pursue the dream and live and die the dream, for only dreams are the reality of the adventurer.

Come, to the far off land and travel they did.  The voyage of discovery took them to Iceland, where their colony lasted.  It took them to Greenland where their colony lasted as well and it took them to the shores of Canada, where they stayed for a short few years then left.  The 300 years of Viking exploration and discovery, ended with a distraction of a new influence that changed their lives.  No longer the raiding parties of fierce combatants, they now settled into a quiet existence of a different mankind. No more the plunder, the destruction, the victorious wars.  No more the seafaring exploits to new lands and new promise.  No more the grand adventure to the continent of the Americas.  Now, the world has changed and the aggressive raiding war parties vanished.

Who were you, almighty man, with superior technology.  The navigational skills, the shipbuilding the technologies, the skills, the passion and the courage.  The life of these daring adventurer were mainly farmers.  After centuries of dauntless adventure, they returned to their homeland and the soil.

A new lord reigned and he commanded a different presence.  The serene life of tranquility and abundance from a god of a different countenance.  No more the war faring indulgence and exploits of courage.  Now, a different kind of courage.

It would be 400 years before the Europeans voyaged across the ocean again.

Still, in the minds of the voyageur, there is the skilled shipbuilder of the past.  The present casts its eyes on the whole world and travels the seas once more.  The adventure is still the calling, but the  craft and character has changed.  Now the plunder is in the eye of the beholder, in cameras and paintings and craft.  The shipbuilder of the past has become the streamliner of the present.  From travelling with slaves to sailing with dignitaries the ocean liner is now the fleet of the present human.

From ancient skills to modern vessels this ancient man has somehow remained.  The ocean still calls them, the high seas are still their home.  Come with us, they call us, be our guests.  Welcome.

The grandeur of the past presents itself in the glorious present.  The seas are our home. Join us.  This is who we are today.

written by:  Dr Louise Hayes

May 30, 2013

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